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Calling it as it is

July 2013 Newsletter 

Many people are now standing at a crossroads in their ascension process. Some are feeling that this process is too difficult or too confronting. They know that much of what has been hidden previously has now been revealed (they’ve weathered that storm!) but they also suspect that there is so much more yet to come and for some that thought is just too overwhelming right now. They want to opt out and have a “normal” life.

We have witnessed some absolute horrors coming up to be seen. For example, genetic manipulation, child abuse hidden by the catholic church, weather manipulation and poisoning of our air via chemtrails, toxins in the food we eat, destruction of our water supplies through fracking and on and on. It has been confronting and emotionally painful for us to see the suffering that our brothers and sisters here on planet have endured through history and also we have felt the pain of the animal and mineral kingdoms and of Mother Earth herself. I know that a great many people are wondering if “pulling the plug” on their spiritual ascension process might be an option for them.

On a higher consciousness level they know they would not choose this really but at a personality level, they are in pain from witnessing the atrocities that have occurred and still are occurring here – some of these people are not even aware that this is what they are feeling as these are often memories of a very distant earth history that has been hidden from humanity, but is now being felt on a cellular level and showing its repercussions on a physical level too. Many of the people feeling this way are the Lightworkers that have been consciously holding Love and Light on the planet for many years. Many have been holding this Light blindly, knowing that it was their job to just hold Love and they were happy doing that but at these end times, the revealing of what they were holding the Love as a counter-balance to has almost broken their hearts now that they see what was going on “behind the scenes”. I have talked with many people recently that wish they could retreat back into their quiet life, back to the way things were before they knew anything about this negative agenda or the controller races … but they can’t un-know what they already know, so they’re sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I’d like to acknowledge these beautiful souls, who are struggling and in pain and say Thank You for holding the Light so beautifully and for so long in the darkness. We are here with you.

The Light that is here now will continue to reveal all that is hidden and untrue and for those of us who are Truth Seekers it’s been a rough ride recently as we have been witnessing once again the satanic ritual and child abuse that is the annual trip to Bohemian Grove by the world’s leaders and power “elite” and also we’ve seen the uncovering of parasite entities in layers of the planetary lightbody and personal energy field.

When we open up to ourselves as a Multidimensional Being and we become aware of ourselves as so much more than “just a physical body” – it can take time to assimilate the awareness of that into our minds and into our physical lives. We can feel wobbly as we integrate that and try to bring everything into cohesion. How do we take that Multidimensional Being, that Infinite Consciousness and sit it down in an office from 9-5, 5 days a week and expect it to be all that it truly is? – How do we take it shopping in the supermarket and tell it to choose something that will nourish the physical vessel in which this Consciousness resides from a selection of food like products on the shelf? How can we balance that when the two realities seem so far apart? How can we make that work? Or when the laundry needs doing (and all we want to do is sit and meditate) or the baby is crying and the car breaks down in the rain… How do we make this spiritual awareness work in our physical day-to-day lives? It can be difficult at first, but it is possible to achieve a level of balance and stability where this can all come together within ourselves and we can continue to grow and evolve our spirit, purify and refine our ego, take control of our mental mind and safeguard against mind-slides and outside distractions so that we can nurture our connection with Spirit. This requires a regular spiritual practice and commitment to self and I have seen that this really is the only way we can find inner peace in these turbulent times.

We are also faced with many spiritual and ethical challenges as we move into this new age of transparency. How can we go to church on a Sunday knowing that the so-called leaders of this church deliberately hide and protect within it’s walls the men who sexually abuse and torture our children? This is not OK and whilst we realise that it may not be the priest personally that is standing before us that behaved in that way, do we not almost condone the behaviour when we sit there in church and allow these people (as a larger field) to lead us and pray for us…? Who stands up for the children? Who makes a stand against what is hidden within the church? How can that type of behaviour be “of God”? And how can we make the necessary changes in our culture and society so that these psychopaths and paedophiles are removed from power, so that they can no longer cause harm? We must not continue to hand over our power to the very people who are our abusers and go so strongly against Gods natural laws. These conflicts of conscience within us can cause confusion and disempowerment and leave us open to the negative influences of the archontic deceptions.

Ignorance is bliss they say, but is it really? Surely, in an unaware state it is so much easier to be “hoodwinked”. Goodness knows, that is why we have had the wool pulled over our eyes for so long already – how can we wish that upon ourselves yet again?

We know certain things, they resonate as a truth for us (sometimes it sickens us) but it all makes so much sense on a heart level. There is empowerment in knowing what we know, feeling into our heart and allowing our heart to guide us to make the right choices and yet, the thought of more revelation and going deeper at this time can invoke a feeling of fear within us.

This fear (of the unknown) has the ability to hold us completely paralysed and unable to move forward with our development if we are not able to override it. For some people it also pulls them away from any spiritual practise they formerly had, such as meditation or prayer, as they are in fear of what more will be revealed to them or they are feeling just so completely overwhelmed by life right now that they just can’t take anymore. They shut down.

The dissolution of one’s spiritual practise can gradually allow for the person to be more and more out of balance with their centre and in time the person will experience even deeper emotional pain and suffering. Often these feelings will come about purely because the person cannot understand why they are feeling this way and over time this may lead to a complete disconnection with Source, or their God Self, and soul fragmentation. When one has consciously and actively chosen to turn one’s back on their spiritual connection the effects are huge and life changing and I have personally witnessed a number of people become so lost and feel so abandoned by life itself that they chose to leave this life behind them. This is so very sad to witness.

We have known for many years now that these end times would be challenging. Let us not be naïve and say that we didn’t know or didn’t have time to prepare. This really is like those long hours of labour… we can’t change our mind, shocking things happen and it hurts but there really is only one effective way to do this and that is to go through it. Take some deep breathes, pant along the way and let’s get on with the job…

It is now time to develop both emotional and spiritual maturity. In the words of one of my favourite authors (Carolyn Myss) we need to develop “a strong spiritual backbone, not a wishbone”. She also pointed out that we have to sometimes look at the darkest most terrible things, we must not say “It’s too terrible, I can’t bear to look”. She asks… “If not you, then who should look…?”. We are the ones who are bringing all of this up in to the Light to be seen, witnessed and healed. If we are not willing to call this out, the abuse will continue and the victims of the abuse along with those who, through their willingness to ignore the behaviour allow it to continue, will experience soul fragmentation and destruction of their inner spiritual light.

This is the time to show our Spiritual Mastery – there is a battle raging all around us to take control of our consciousness so now is the perfect time (if you feel so called) to claim that your authority is with God. Reclaim your Divine Christ Mission upon this Earth through a personal declaration that aligns you personally with God.  eg:  "I dedicate myself to God and the Christ Light moves through me".

Together we can make the changes that will bring about healing and peace for all. We have only to look around us to see the many positive changes that are taking place and the sheer numbers of people who are beginning to stand together in Unity. I feel very positive about this, though I have no doubt that we have turbulent times to get through yet. 

For now and until next time though...

Stay True to your Heart, Share your Love and Care for each other.



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