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A matter of Timing and Alignment

August 2013 Newsletter

Towards the end of July we again moved into a new timeline due to certain astrological events and so it’s once again time for shifts and changes. These new timelines always bring windows of opportunity and there is always a specific “best” time to move in and out of places, spaces, situations and relationships, so this particular window is open right now for those who are ready and willing to make a shift and it allows for a smooth transition from one place or space to another. This specific window will close again towards the end of August at which time we will move into another timeline opportunity. Each of these particular timelines are supported energetically to create specific outcomes as they are impulsed and affected by astrological alignments as well as stellar and galactic frequencies and various movements of major influencing planetary bodies and force fields. Remember that we are in a cycle of ascension right now so these movements are always good but sometimes the energies are more supportive in one particular direction over another.

The importance of timing cannot be underestimated. When “timing” is with us, there is almost an energetic force behind us that easily propels us forward and on to new pathways that open up. When the “timing” is off, there can be obstacles, confusion and chaos.

How do we know when the timing is right? Well, even when we know that there are supportive energies or astrological alignments in our favour, when we are the ones down here on the ground the most trusted thing we have to rely on is our own inner knowing. Once cultivated and developed this inner knowing is far more powerful and accurate than any reading we could have from anyone else, but it does take time and consistent practice before we may feel ready to hand over our personal destiny to our inner guidance (but really we should anyway!). The biggest fear is usually that we are unsure if we are hearing the voice of our inner guidance/heart or the voice of our ego. Until we have healed and cleared much of our personal emotional baggage it is mostly the ego’s voice that we hear but with a consistent spiritual practice we will become clearer and more still inside and then we will begin to hear the voice of our heart.

I loved Eckart Tolle’s description of the ego in A New Earth – what he wrote really spoke to me and helped me to identify the ego, both in myself and others, and I’d highly recommend reading that book.

At this time, I have witnessed in myself and others around me that there seems to be, almost a pause, something is about to happen even though we may not be quite sure what that something is. In this space though, some opportunists are jumping in. I’m seeing that as things are changing and we are being asked – or rather, pushed – to become self sovereign, inner sustained and energetically self sufficient, there are those for whom this is a very uncomfortable feeling and they are beginning to scramble around for an energy supply to grab hold of. In their desperation some are trying to create something new for themselves (project, job, relationship) which might be admirable, however mostly what these opportunists are doing is searching around for someone whose energy they can use to fuel the project for them. (Obviously this is not true in every case, with every person and every project at this time – you’ll need to practice discernment to work this out in each individual case.). This actually makes them a predator on some level. In truth, are these people really interested in You, or is it the energy that you will put into their project that they are really after? These people may be quite strong and forceful as they try to explain to you why this will be good for you and what they offer might sound tremendously appealing. There could be a subtle manipulation involved too, whereby you might begin to feel slightly stupid if you turn down their great offer or you might feel as if you could really lose out big time if you don’t get involved with them but the bottom line is if you are just not feeling right about it or if it leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling, then you are better to walk away. This situation could simply be a matter of the timing being off or it could be that something is not quite right with this relationship on an etheric level. Some opportunities that you may be offered can just seem “to good to be true” and many times they actually are!

Everything has a blueprint or energetic structure from the moment it is conceived in the mind. We then become the architect. We begin to put energy into this structure and it can be seen etherically before it materializes into the physical. When we are clearly aligned, the pieces come together nicely and the right people appear on the project. You can see the structure taking place and the pieces are “gifted” to you in Divine Timing and on a need-to-know basis. There is a strong element of trust, faith and guidance in this project. By contrast, if clear alignment is not there this project can become a major headache. There could be problems with signing paperwork, getting the project off the ground, getting people on board who think the same way and there could be misunderstandings and confusion between people involved possibly leading to ill feelings. If the architect is not clearly aligned and in mastery of his/her ego then the more difficult the project becomes the more the architect’s ego will want to step in and take control. To a person who has the ability to read or discern energy signatures it will be glaringly obvious that this blueprint or energetic structure is not aligned Krystic frequencies.

When we choose to become involved in a project that is run by another person there will always be an element of the “unknown” to it. If we do not know or cannot sense to whom the person is aligned we cannot fully know what forces are at play within this project. It can be difficult to know what stream of consciousness each individual person is running and in fact some people have multiple streams of consciousness running through them at any one time, which is why it can be very confusing for a beginner to decide if someone’s work is aligned for them or not. There is no value difference or judgement in this decision– no right or wrong – just an alignment of the frequency of a person’s work or project, with your own frequency – or not. We are all different and we all require different experiences upon our journey, what is right for one person may not be right for another.

The development of proper discernment takes practice and commitment. If we do not know ourselves well, if we do not know how it feels to be us, inside this body then it can be difficult to feel or know the impact that another person’s field is having upon us. We sometimes need to take the time to sit and feel into a situation, with no judgement or agenda, just as a neutral observer, to be able to sense if this person or situation is something we need to engage with or whether we need to let it pass by. There are also situations, which appear to carry a green light, and we move forward into them and then at a certain time, a red light appears and it is time to remove ourselves from them. There are many reasons why we sometimes need to be removed rather rapidly from a place or situation and we may not get all of the information about why that change of circumstance has occurred – sometimes we will, sometimes not but the key thing is that we follow the instructions that come through our heart.If it is a project or situation that is being run by another person changes may have been made in their consciousness stream or with the overall project on an etheric level and we may or may not be aware of this and yet we are being protected and supported by our guidance teams when they have us move out or remove ourselves from that situation. If our heart guidance says, “pull out” then we need to do so. If our head says “no hang in there, you have to stay here, it’ll be alright, you can’t leave yet etc.” then which guidance should we listen to? I tend to let my heart make my decisions for me – it always steers me in the right direction whereas my head has seen me make some rather dubious choices in the past…

I have seen how a person, project or situation can be fully and completely aligned at one point and then after even a short while they can begin to pull in a strange combination of forces into their work. This creates an energy signature that is quite difficult to read, or rather to untangle, as the consciousness stream that the person displays (or uses to create their project) becomes distorted. This can be through their own personal ego needs or due to manipulation by an external force, which has gained entry due to the person’s ego weakness. This explains why we can be excited to begin work with someone on a joint project, or to assist them with their project (for which they are responsible to hold the space for) and then all of a sudden find that the energy is falling flat very quickly.

The more we are aligned with our Spirit, then the more quickly we will feel the energy flatten if the project is not in alignment for us. This applies if the person/project is misaligned but also if the timing is not with the project or our part in it. There is really not much we can do about it then. There’s nothing we can do to push it… it is wise to listen to the timing as that is what gives us the energetic support to play our part. If it is not being supported spiritually and energetically then we just can’t go there – it just won’t work in the way that we wanted it to as this is not something we can or should control with our will, although we can see a great many people all around us that are doing just that. I feel a sense of sadness when I witness people scheming and manipulating situations in order to “have it their way”. This is a person who is in pain due to his or her own lack of personal development and ego refinement. I know that they are creating a type of karma for themselves and it will have to be addressed on some level. The energetic structures are just not on the planet any more to support this type of behaviour and therefore it is only a matter of time before these people will be receiving their corrections in the form of a “Universal kick in the butt” to get them back on track with their behaviour.

There are many forces at play here on planet and for the most part they are largely unseen by the majority of people. There is a certain skill required to read energy signatures and to feel into different timelines and time fields. It is a skill that I believe pretty much everyone can learn but initially we need to set the foundations for that by listening in and trusting our heart – not calling for external guidance from an unseen Being but by going inward into our own heart.

And so, at this time on planet, we are waiting for certain energetic templates and their structures to be fully completed and solidified. We will then start to see some of the changes on planet that we have been waiting for. In the meantime time though, this is not a time to sit back and do nothing. We must remain active in our commitment to develop ourselves, to truth, to love – whatever it is that is our personal particular area of focus – it still needs attention. If we do not make this choice of where to focus our attention, the decision will be made for us in the form of mind control, distraction, confusion, despondency etc. Energetic support is already there for many of us but we must realise that it may not look like we “thought” it would. We perhaps should reframe our expectations with a wider lens of perspective and see what is already around us in abundance.

So until next time, stay in the Light, stay in Love.




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