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A wolf in sheep’s clothing

September 2013 Newsletter 

Timeline split

As expected and predicted many of us are now beginning to feel and experience in our physical day to day lives, the timeline split that will create our individual life experiences and future timelines. This is the next phase of our planetary Ascension cycle and this timeline split is happening initially in the planetary collective energy fields, in trans-dimensional space and time but then, as always it filters down through into our personal energy field and affects our physical reality.

As the extremes of polarity in the planetary field are amplified and the split occurs we can see a type of pulling apart or complete separation between the higher and lower frequencies with an amplification of the higher frequencies and an amplification of the lower frequencies pulling in opposite directions. From the viewpoint of our personal energy field this means that those of us holding a higher frequency in our energy field will experience an amplification of that frequency and we will be supported and assisted (perhaps even pushed) to raise our frequency even higher through the spiralling movement of energy, while those of us whose frequency is quite low will experience an amplification of our frequency in a pattern that sends us spiralling downwards. This, again, is a natural process of how energy moves through space and time and another component of this is how these two energies appear to repel each other (as they split apart). In real terms this means that it may become even more uncomfortable (actually unbearable) to be with people or in places and spaces that carry the opposite energy to that of our own.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

We know already, that things are not always as they appear on the surface and this is something that has been cropping up recently for a number of people so I’d like to bring it into awareness.

Often when we are working to prepare for a big project that requires 100% focus or when we are working to raise our frequency to the next level (through self development work like a meditation retreat or self-forgiveness work or personal activation work etc) we will experience a type of “interference”, or we might call it an obstacle. This could be seen as an initiation of sorts – “are you stable enough in your core to go to the next level?” – so we might experience some challenging situations, for example losing a job, relationship stress, family illness etc, we will be tested to see if we are strong enough to hold balance, get our personal work done and focus on our project and at the same time hold it all together internally and externally. Most of us, if not all of us, have experienced times like this. Just when we think we are getting ahead a whole load of perceived problems drop into our lap… but are they actually problems or is this like the end of year exams to check what we are capable of before we move to the next level? This is common and we’ll either move through it relatively smoothly and “ascend” to the next level, or we’ll go into a type of victim/victimizer programme and stay stuck there feeling aggrieved and blaming others for not being able to move on in our life… failing to see the empowerment opportunity that has been presented.

However, another scenario can also occur at these times of great focus and personal development and that is the one that I call “the wolf in sheep’s’ clothing”. (This same scenario can also occur seemingly at more random times too though there are usually a deeper reason behind it that reveals itself at a later date).

So this situation is trickier to deal with than the previous example, especially, if we don’t have the right training, and it can really have an impact on our peace of mind and ability to stay balanced and centred. I’m talking here on the subject of a visit by dark forces in the guise of someone we love and care about. That is to say that they have no awareness at all that they are being used as a portal for dark forces to work through but that is exactly what is happening as the dark force attempts to invade our personal home space or even our energy body.

The person being used as a portal of dark forces might come to stay at our home for a while or might offer us a great opportunity (financially) to help with their project or alternatively perhaps they may offer to help with our work (as they know we are very busy right now). Their visit or offer might sound extremely exciting and something that we would choose or we might feel that we have do it out of some unseen obligation (especially if it’s a family member). As soon as we have given permission then, this “force” just walks right in the door unhindered and it can be a bit of a shock to realise that we let our guard down and are now in extremely close contact with a dark force that does not have our best interests at heart. Once it’s in, it can be very difficult to contain and can wreak havoc at breath-taking speed. So surreal is this, that we would never suspect that it was our close friend or family member that brought it in the door so we usually don’t even look at them as being the carrier and the force gets to hang out in our field even longer as we try to work out what’s really going on. When exposed to this type of lower vibration, our etheric body gets impacted very quickly so we can feel sick, have trouble sleeping, have headaches, stomach or digestive issues and nausea. Our immune system can take a pounding and we can get chills, fevers, colds and flu. It can be difficult to think straight and get anything done other than literally just surviving day to day.

These dark portal family friends, visitors or colleagues are extremely high maintenance. We will be kept on our toes from noon to night babysitting them and pandering to their needs. If they are staying in our home they might leave their belongings everywhere (to keep up an energetic presence there) or they might move a piece of furniture eg a chair or sofa, so that they can “be more comfortable” and at the same time put the energy in that room “out of balance”. If they are not staying in our home, if it’s a working relationship, they will be in near constant contact with us by phone or messaging – getting right into our space in that way. The dark force operates through them with a particular scrambling type of frequency so we will feel that there is not a lot of room to move, either out of a conversation or even out of their physical vicinity. If we move away they will come to us to “check” that we are OK. This is actually so that they can control and dominate the space and hook us in again before we get a chance to get clear and get our bearings back. They also have the ability to open the doorway to a whole host of other astral beings so we can also find ourselves dealing with deceased family members, fragments of soul consciousness as well as strange creatures not commonly seen in this reality.

Sound like a dark onslaught? Yes, it is and it requires a toolbox full of dark arts training techniques, trying one thing then another to see what is effective in the moment as it could be constantly changing. For example the shielding, mirrors or containment fields used one day could be disassembled overnight and we will have to be build something freshly each morning in a different sequence to be effective – a full time job of being vigilant and paying attention to the current energetic terrain which is tiring, exhausting actually.

We must remember that our friend or family member is generally completely unaware of what is transpiring or that they are being “used” in this way therefore there can be great confusion when we don’t appear to be amenable to their desire to spend even more time together and it might appear to them as if we are detached and unresponsive. It can be tricky to fend off the dark force that is present and still be open and loving to our friend or family member, especially when we would prefer to ask them to leave… but at times like these there is often a particular timing involved. We often need to find a huge amount of patience to wait for the right moment to take action and playing the waiting game whilst in the middle of extreme chaos is both challenging and extremely uncomfortable however jumping in and acting too soon (or with anger) would unleash a whole other set of energy dynamics which would take things even further into the extreme. Remember that this dark force is there to rile us. It wants to throw us off balance and have us behaving badly. It wants us to lower our vibration through anger or fear so it is even more important that we hold our centre, stay balanced and witness what plays out (defending when required).

These dark forces will use whatever vehicle is available to them to interfere with a starseed or lightworker’s mission. It is often said in New Age teachings that once we reach the 5th dimension there will no longer be this darkness as it is all love and light. Some have even suggested calling upon AA Michael for assistance when we feel dark energy around us. In my personal experience and opinion this is a myth propagated by the Negative Alien Agenda and it is exactly how they lock people in to the False Ascension Matrix which keeps them disempowered and recycling here lifetime after lifetime. These dark forces can be dismantled and returned to Source Light but to do that we need to not be intimidated and not be in fear. 

Until next time,

Staying in the Light, Stay in Truth.




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