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Holding on to the Pieces of our Soul

March 2014 Newsletter 

As we move further into the bifurcation of time we are seeing more and more chaos all around us – people are acting out and clearly revealing the level of soul integration that they possess or in fact, do not possess. The breakdown that people are experiencing whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level is evidence of inner work not done and this can extend to many lifetimes beyond this current one. We are capable of healing all these parts of ourselves but it takes dedication and commitment and most importantly self-responsibility. Nobody can do this for us but we CAN do it for ourselves.

When a person has been subjected to challenging circumstances in their life naturally they will do whatever it takes to survive those experiences in the best way they can. It could be any type of abuse as a child or adult, neglect or abandonment, life threatening illness, accident or emergency, or war or planetary event such as earthquake, flood etc. that may be the trigger for their internal protection mechanism to be activated. It could also be an ongoing series of smaller events that trigger this mechanism. Events that on the surface may not appear as much, but together lead to the person living in a chronic state of stress/trauma over a long period of their lifetime. As well, trauma from other lifetimes can also play its part.

We all have varying abilities at dealing with stress and when a person reaches their individual breaking point the stress becomes toxic to their body and can trigger a “freeze” response. The vagus nerve activates a shut down response which protects us from feeling any more because any more would take us beyond that point – a point from which we may never fully recover, so as self-protection, much sensory ability is cut off from this point on. Ideally there would follow a release of the build up of this toxic stress but if this cannot occur for whatever reason and the stressful situations continue to occur, in essence, we believe that it becomes “unsafe” for us to feel and this can cause us to shut down all feelings – literally we lose the willingness and ability to feel. This can be exacerbated by the use of pharmaceutical drugs, antidepressants and the like that prevent us from feeling and also from releasing the build up. This creates a type of disconnection to our surroundings and as well can also be experienced as a disconnection from God (Source Light). There may still be some sort of feeling, though often it is of a cold, dark empty place inside, some say that to inner vision, their heart looks black.

In the healing of this “shut-down” we are required to allow ourselves to begin to feel again. This can be very frightening for people – to open up and express themselves fully again. When we have not felt our emotions to the full extent for a long time, when we have just felt the edge of it to the point that we shut down any deeper emotion, we can be mislead into thinking that there is nothing wrong with us. We think we are feeling and we can be completely unaware that we are actually not feeling at all, or perhaps we are just scratching the surface of a feeling but believing we are feeling fully.

When we are not fully feeling we are also incapable of fully healing and so at some point tunnelimage“a dark night of the soul” may appear on the horizon as a healing opportunity for us to feel the full extent of everything that has been suppressed within us. When we can go through the fear of feeling everything, without the need to shut it down again… from that space full healing can occur. This can be an ongoing process and something we must experience more times than just once, as mostly there are many layers of feeling that have been suppressed over time. If this is not understood properly, we may feel despondent and feel as if we are never getting anywhere in our healing process but this is not the case.

A dark night of the soul usually happens spontaneously. There is often a trigger event but most probably this “initiation” into the depths of our soul has been building for some time. It may have been felt as an internal pressure that could not quite be identified until everything seemed to explode from within! With practice, this internal pressure can be recognized as a signal from our soul that it’s time to sit quietly and get some inner work done. The trigger event then, is just “the straw that broke the camels back” or from another perspective “the magical key” that opened the door for the pain to be released and healing to occur. It depends which way we’d like to look at it…

Many people try to avoid a dark night of the soul. Admittedly, it’s not the most comfortable experience to go through but it does hold a magical quality to it and it is most definitely an enlightening experience. It is rather like going into a black hole but if one is able to remember that it is more similar to a tunnel on a railway line and that once you make it through the dark tunnel you are out into the light at the other end, then it becomes manageable. Unfortunately, due to lack of understanding, many people get lost in the darkness of their own tunnel, spiraling around in circles in panic and despair and it can seem as if they are in the tunnel for long periods of their life, afraid to fully face their fears and therefore unable to step into the light that is waiting for them. They do not see this as a journey, they think of it as their destination and it may become just too much for them to bear. Anti-depressant drugs can mask a dark night of the soul and people can “live” there for many years but at some point they will “wake up” and continue the journey towards the Light at the end of the tunnel. For some people, however, it will not be in this lifetime. This is the individual part of our path.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious. – Carl Jung

Many tools and techniques are available to assist people through this rite of passage. My first choice is meditation, or some type of mindfulness practice, along with self-enquiry work approached with truth and honesty. At this point, lying to oneself will not create a breakthrough, just more layers of work.

In our healing, we are firstly addressing the issues that directly affect ourselves – our life, our personality and what we have experienced and this can extend to our other lifetimes too (although this must be approached from a grounded and emotionally stable place. Blaming other lifetimes for our dysfunctional life this time around is not helpful either). From there we may begin healing on a larger scale, our genetic and ancestral lines as well as healing the larger collective at global and planetary levels, to clear away collective karma, trauma and miasma. This “part of the piece” is individual to each of us, as to what is a part of our contract here but always the work starts within us, we must heal our own selves first and then we may be given the opportunity to observe how it affects the greater whole. Even if we are not aware of our “role” in the larger landscape we must still do our personal work first and foremost otherwise we may find that it is actually only our ego that is playing the role of the healer and we are actually not doing any work.

When emotional pain in our lives becomes too great we close down our feeling senses – it is a self-preservation mechanism but as we begin to do our inner work we must find ways to safely unlock these closed down parts within us. If we hold many “closed down” parts within our body, we cannot in all honesty think of ourselves as whole and complete and the longer these parts are closed off and sealed from feeling, the more fragmented we become. There is no life force flowing there. This is called soul fragmentation but our soul fragments can be collected and healed.

Fragmentation can occur instantly as a result of a single traumatic event (dissociation) or it can occur slowly over time. Soul fragmentation may also be due to a chronic conscious choice to refuse to feel. We may mistakenly think that we are proceeding through life without pain, that we’ve really got the hang of this and that we’re doing alright, whereas in fact we are proceeding through life without feeling and without love. When we shut down our feeling centres we are no longer able to feel love and we become disconnected from the love of self and others. We yearn to feel love and may still mistakenly search for it outside of ourselves when in truth it is right there inside of us all along, just covered up and buried a little deeper than we might have realised.

The more soul fragmented we become and the more damaged our energetic bodies become the more distorted our thoughts and behaviours become also. We may take on destructive behaviours such as addictions, perversions or a whole range of damaging and really distorted behaviour patterns that affect both ourselves and others around us. When we continue to be destructive in this way the layers of the soul matrix fragment and split and then we see a person exhibiting extreme behaviours such as schizophrenia, sociopathy, psychopathy, various personality disorders and a whole range of psychological disorders that may eventually lead to insanity. Insanity is a diseased mind, which comes from a diseased, or disconnected soul through choices made to continually cause harm to self and others. These choices are classified as spiritually abusive and if this behaviour is not stopped it can lead to full on possession of the person’s body by a satanic or luciferian spirit aligned to that same type of behaviour.

When one becomes soul disconnected they experience unstoppable desires (sex, drugs, alcohol etc), the darkest depression, deep pain and suffering. In fact the person experiences the hell realms on earth.

When we look at a full disconnection from God Source we may question if this can ever be healed in this person’s lifetime? Sadly, the answer for some may be No.

The worst thing a person could ever experience is a disconnection from Source Light and the prospect of forever lifetimes in darkness. It is extremely painful to witness a person who has become so disconnected from their heart that they do not feel any love or compassion for another living being, when they are so engrossed in their sense of self that they have no awareness of how their negative behaviour affects others or when their greed and need to acquire money and material possessions has taken over and disconnected them from feeling their soul.

But by far the deepest pain to witness is when a person has been spiritually and satanically abused and their soul effectively stolen from them and bound upon the earth grid, leaving them no possibility of returning home to God Source unless a benevolent force is able to locate them and release them from that binding. This is a true soul rescue mission. These situations do exist on this planet and a dedicated team of Starseeds and Indigos work fearlessly to retrieve lost souls and members of our star family from these forces of darkness and return them home to God. For us, this is our service mission; it is a part of what we came here to do.

Humanity as a people is so powerful in what we can achieve with our consciousness and through the alchemy that is created through our physical body. It is an absolute disaster that we have become so distracted away from ourselves by our 3D lives, that we have not been able to embody our soul, monadic or avatar consciousness as God intended. By design we should be fully soul embodied by 22 years of age and currently this rarely happens, in fact most often people are leaving this planet in old age still never having really touched into soul embodiment. This is tragic for humanity as a species and just points to how much work we each have to do to change this situation into what was intended for us.

With the work that we do now however, it is entirely possible to catch up and get some of this work on ourselves done so that we may experience soul, monadic or even avatar embodiment. This is the ascension cycle – exactly what this time was designed for however, for those who are not desiring to enter another 26,000 year planetary cycle of evolution, this is just a window of opportunity which exists for a short time and so we must proceed with haste towards making a regular commitment to develop oneself and to really focus towards the work of our own consciousness evolution. Really, that is why we are here on the planet at this time, nothing else matters…

Open your heart, face your fears and embrace the Light…

With love


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