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Eyes Wide Shut

April 2014 Newsletter 

As the energies on planet are continuing to amplify with the position of various stellar bodies and astrological alignments, (such as the current Grand Cardinal Cross alignment*), we see more and more the effects of this time of bifurcation that we are moving through.

As mentioned before, those on an ascending path are experiencing more intensified opportunities for growth and awakening and those on a descending path are experiencing more intense periods of hardship, pain, confusion and opportunities for self destructive behaviour. In a strange way, we are all being treated fairly and equally with this amplified energetic support… we get to choose in which direction we will be propelled with greater speed. Some people will choose the path of spiritual growth and connection and others will choose the path of self-destruction and disconnection. This is the Universal Law of Free Will and Choice in action.

Who gets to decide which path we follow? We do…

Should anyone have the right to tell us what to believe and what is Truth? No…

We must make those decisions for ourselves and that’s exactly how it should be. We must develop the ability to trust our inner guidance and to discern for ourselves what resonates as Truth for us and what we believe is right or wrong. In order to do this though, we must recognize that there may be a significant number of layers of programming within us that must first be uncovered and dismantled and as well outmoded belief systems and societal structures that may make it very difficult to accept an alternative version of Truth or certainly one that differs from what we were brought up to believe. As well various false “frequency fences” exist in our lightbody that are specifically set up to stop us from raising our vibration into awareness and questioning the stories of how things are on this planet. The journey to find Truth is a journey that begins inside ourselves and it is often actually the journey to Untruth that we embark upon first, even though we didn’t expect it to be that way. It can be challenging to realise that we have been lied to our whole lives and that nothing here is what we thought it was.

This dismantling of belief can be too much for some people. The breaking down of the structures that they have built their whole life upon is quite literally too big a hurdle for them to jump and they choose to stay where they are and hold on to all that they have grown up with.

In many cases this may be people who have grown up with a strong focus upon one of the major religions on the planet. Moving away from religious belief systems (or religious ceremonies) that have played such a huge part in their life and their family life, is something unthinkable for many of them and so they may consciously begin to build separate compartments within their own mind which they believe will allow them to continue moving forward on their awakening path, without the need to look ever again at the question marks around the creation or origin of their religion. They may not realise that they are consciously choosing to allow the veil of illusion to remain in their life. This is not dissimilar to many of the New Age teachings which preach that all is love and light and that nothing dark exists or that if it does one must not look at it, even less talk about it, because if you do you are being negative and you might even draw it towards yourself.

A similar thing can also happen to those people with a very strong “faith” in the medical system or in those with very strong political leanings or scientific interests or basically anyone who is experiencing inattentional blindness, when someone’s mind is closed to unexpected external stimulus or when they are entrenched in group think to such a degree that their mind is closed to anything other than what the group agree upon as being normal or “the truth”. These are actually other descriptors for mind control.

When someone who is affected by mind control is challenged to open their mind and consider alternative viewpoints it can be deeply uncomfortable for them and they may adopt a defensive role as in the case of hostages displaying Stockholm syndrome. An interesting thought to ponder would be to ask ourselves that if Earth is a Prison Planet… how many humans are suffering from Stockholm syndrome? And how many are truly free and exploring options outside of the 3D Matrix?

Would it be too much for you to hear, if I just came straight out and said that all religion on this planet is part of a control system created by the Negative Alien Agenda and that governments, pharmaceutical companies and a great deal of scientific research is a part of this same agenda? People look at me as if to say: that’s ridiculous, what have aliens got to do with our human lives down here? – my answer is EVERYTHING. Until people are willing to accept that there is an alien agenda of enslavement going on here, we will never be able to dismantle the structures that enslave us. Until we are willing to see just “how deep the rabbit hole goes” we will never get to the bottom, or the root cause of what is in truth, an infection on this planet. This infection is called the “alien mind” – we can see connections here to the reptilian brain, that is no coincidence – and it is a “mind” or “way of thinking” that has been introduced into the human blueprint via implanted thought forms and distortions into the “planetary mind grid”. Much of the behaviour that we see on planet today, is not natural human behaviour, it is distorted mind controlled/alien behaviour. I find a tiny snippet of comfort in that fact to be honest – that humanity at its core is good – it’s just been messed with. This inhumane behaviour that we see all around us is actually derived from soul disconnection/fragmentation and genetic deterioration stemming from suppressed alien trauma memory from planetary invasion and from our own subsequent enslavement. When a soul becomes so disconnected and fragmented that it can no longer hold Light within it, then that soul is lost and it’s essence can be taken and used to further power the negative agenda. The body can be used to continue to spread the infection of the alien mindset. Truly, I know that sounds macabre and far fetched and it’s hardly surprising that people struggle to believe this (and it was deliberately designed that way) and yet I am not alone in being able to access this kind of information and as more and more of us reach levels of planetary awareness, so we are all able to tap into and read the energetic signatures that exist everywhere in everything, and as well to trace things back to their source, so whilst this may seem dark, in fact I feel quite blessed to know this Truth, as it is only by bringing things up into the Light of Truth that things can be changed, healed and cleared.

Have you not ever wondered for yourself, just why with all the millions of dollars that is poured into cancer research, diabetes, heart disease, and on and on, that nothing much ever really changes? Only when we can realise and acknowledge who runs the pharmaceutical companies and who stands to gain can we ever hope to dismantle the structures that enslave us, make us sick and even kills some of us!

This Cardinal Grand Cross under whose influence we currently are, will be a supporting force in the beginning of the dismantling of many of these structures of control, not least the dismantling of the cross that tortured and enslaved the body and soul of Jesus Christ which is actually a holographic representation of the torture and enslavement of the body and soul of humanity. Hardly a surprise that we have just passed through the time of Christ’s “death” and Resurrection into the Light and now we get this Cardinal Grand Cross to support our Ascension and awakening process (and kudos to the benevolent Universe for arranging that!). It was sad to witness though, that millions of people engaged with their “captors” to drink the blood and eat the flesh and participate in a ceremony that ensures their own enslavement over and over again. People in general have zero understanding of what the religious symbolism in which they take part, actually means and what it creates as a planetary and human blueprint structure. If people understood that when they pray to the virgin Mary that they are actually feeding their energy into a Black Heart system, or that when they pray to Jesus on the cross that they are energetically keeping him there as the human sacrifice in a satanic blood ritual, I wonder if they would change their mind.

This is a huge issue in terms of freedom of humanity. Until the time comes, that humanity can understand who they are, where they came from, what happened to them and what has happened to the planet, we will be in the same situation constantly, we will be going around in circles, maybe thinking that we’re moving but actually not going anywhere. Although it is painful to observe this level of mind control and ignorance in society it also gives many of us an indication of how blessed we are to have access to this information. The caveat to this however, is that “you can’t un-know what you already know” – and so at times we may be really pushed to hold stable with all that we see and know as this absolutely is the Ultimate in breaking down illusions and lifting the veil that we once maybe asked for in our early days of spiritual development. With all of the horrors that we have witnessed at the hands of the negative alien agenda and their satanic and luciferian forces on and off planet, and with even more that continues to reveal itself in time, one can never go back to ignorance once we become aware of these “crimes against humanity”. Is it a burden to carry this knowledge and awareness? Well, no, I would say for me personally, it is a blessing as my values are Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation for all of humanity and as more truth is uncovered, so we move forward towards Sovereignty and Liberation and the chains of bondage can be released. I find this very encouraging.

My prayer is to see the whole of humanity come into the Truth of the Light. To understand (without break down), all that has happened here and to come into the full understanding of all that they truly are and the power that is within them.

I pray that every Being on this planet may be freed from its enslavement.

At these times of deep pain and suffering on our planet, be gentle with yourself and kind to each other.

With love

* explanation of Grand Cardinal Cross –


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