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Single Pointed Focus

June/July Newsletter

For those of us who are actively seeking out the Truth in all things, we may find that at this time we are being severely pushed in our ability to take on this flood of new information, assimilate it into our daily reality and still be able to hold our centre (and enjoy life) without our mind scattering into a million pieces. We are being bombarded with “the great reveal” and it is happening on a multitude of levels simultaneously. It’s way okay to admit that things are happening so fast that it makes your head spin – and if you are feeling this way, then it’s important to take some steps to integrate and re-balance yourself before moving forwards again or before looking for more or new information.

In the spiritual arena, so much information has been regurgitated over the years – balancing your chakras, working with your astrological birth sign, archetypes, inner child stuff, angel messages, channelling, etc… all may be valuable for learning at a certain time but for those of us that genuinely ask to know the Truth, we will be taken way beyond that type of information and deeply down the rabbit hole, and this is where things can get really funky.

Generally speaking this is “the road less travelled”. For those that choose this road, much of it literally is ground breaking work, we are the pathcutters and many of us are the prototypes for divine ascended human embodiment. We are on the Ascension path as opposed to the New Age path.

Many of us have asked God/Universe to show us “the Truth” or “to help us to remember” and when we ask something like this from the Universe genuinely and from our heart, it usually shows up – albeit that it may not arrive in quite the way we expected. Hence we can often not even recognise that what we asked for is actually there right in front of us. So for example, when I asked to see “the Truth” – what I actually got to see was everything around me that was “Untruth”. That was the beginning of my personal great reveal and the dismantling of my life so that it could be re-created in a different form. There were many things, people and situations in my life that I had to look at that revealed themselves to be untrue, full of lies or surrounded by deception. It was very painful for me to have to look at all of these things and it was only when I was truly willing to see and know the truth was I was even able to see things that had clearly been in front of me the whole time. Previously I had been unwilling to fully and completely face the Truth and had therefore subconsciously blocked myself from seeing it. What an amazing way to learn what Truth looks like and feels like! When you know untruth so personally that you can recognise it in every cell of your body, you then also know Truth because of it’s energetic signature. It resonates to the Truth vibration, that which you have aligned yourself to through your genuine commitment to be in Truth on every level of your life.

If you refuse to see the lies, how can you expect to see the Truth?

I believe that we all have an inbuilt survival instinct that can tell us when we are being lied to. Most of us have shut this down over time, but we can activate it again if we really want to – by choosing to live in Truth.

Everyone on this planet has experienced some level of betrayal – the adulterous spouse or partner, the parent that did not give us love or protection and who hurt us, or the invasion of our planet by a race of beings who forced themselves upon us and set about erasing our memory of that fact. All of this is recorded as cellular memory and it is written in our DNA. As we wake up and learn to trust our inner knowing again, more and more of these memories are revealed. Humanity’s hidden history is revealing itself now.

Psychologists use the term “Gaslighting” to describe “a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim”.

In actual fact, this is what has been done to humanity. We have been lied to, we have been deceived and we have been taught not to trust our own inner voice, so that we consistently override our inner knowing to believe what others tell us, be it governments, doctors or the masses. This seems particularly targeted towards the population of newly awakening starseed or indigo beings, purely because of who they are as it is preferred by the controllers that none of us wake up and become aware of what we really know and therefore particular constructs are put in place to thwart our awakening and remembering process. This can take the form of a frequency fence at the 4D/5D level, various implants in the mental/emotional/spiritual body and as well through interference in the planetary logos at a 7D level. We are able to be free of all of these “interferences” of course, though only when we are able to see them, recognize them and accept them and this is partly where we see a divide between the new agers and the hardcore ascension goers. It is not all love, light and unicorns… there is some serious work to be done as ascension is a commitment to your Inner Spirit, to your Inner Christ Light and quite honestly, it can be hard work, but… so very rewarding. I am at a loss to understand sometimes why someone would prefer to stay in the 5D New Age world when multidimensional/universal connection with God Source is offered as the highest potential for humanity.

While the population on planet earth still continues to believe that we came out of a swamp or evolved from apes, how could they believe that embodying the Christ could be a potential for them?

This is a great problem that we have on earth, because when any one of us tries to step forward and correct this Darwinian or evolutionist theory and bring the Truth into great reveal we are ridiculed, abused and laughed off the stage. The establishment sets about discrediting us and calling us a conspiracy theorist. (The new-agers attack us and call us negative or judgemental!)

Really… what will it take for people on this planet to wake up and look at the Truth?

We can appreciate how hard this could be for some people to accept… goodness knows even those of us searching for the Truth are sometimes so shocked or impacted by what we discover that it takes us a little while to integrate the knowledge and come back into balance again, but a Truth is a Truth, even though some of them are pretty shocking, scary or downright heartbreaking. It also doesn’t take away from the fact that “someone” decided to hide the Truth from us, from humanity, and that means that a major deception has occurred on this planet, is still occurring on this planet, and it has been done deliberately through governments, religions, military and more.

I recently heard a geologist speak about a “closed system” which prevents archeologists or scientists from publishing evidence that goes against the accepted version of evolution. At one time this lady was highly regarded as a geologist specializing in the study of volcanic ash she had an international reputation. NATO and the AAS would pay for her to travel and give talks, she was a Professor at a State University in Colorado and she had many high level credentials to her name. She spoke of an archeological discovery that she made with another colleague when they discovered an artifact that would date the existence of humans in the New World to 250,000 years ago. The “system” could not accept this information, as the accepted norm is that humans arrived there 10,000-20,000 years ago. Whilst both agreed on the accuracy of the research her colleague’s professor would not allow him to publish this information, so he decided to publish a lie and the lie was accepted. He is now a professor at a European University. By contrast she published the Truth – it was not accepted – and her whole life changed. As a result, she now does flowers to earn a living. She was discredited and lost her job and her reputation.

This is a perfect example of how “the system” will not allow the Truth to be revealed and how they believe they have the right to withhold certain information from the public. There is nothing new in me saying this, many of us know that this is how things work but the “hold” that this has over the general public is astounding and in part fits in with how the 7D logos* – the Planetary Brain – is manipulated and used to program humanity.

Again, we CAN break free of this program and activate our inner knowing and inner spirit but we must be strong and willing to swim upstream, for it will take all our strength at times to go against the grain. There are a growing number of us doing this now though and that is really good news!

THIS really is the truth of what is occurring on the planet in this ascension cycle. Bad things do exist here – we are working against dark forces. This is not a negative statement it is a Truthful statement though some may choose not to see it that way – and we wonder why it has take us 26,000 years to wake up!

But still we carry on our work, ever focused on what we as individuals and as a collective came here to do… and even though some days it may feel tough, there are so many successes and so much progress is being made that it really keeps us on the path with single pointed focus.

With love and blessings



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