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Paying attention to energy flowing

August 2014 Newsletter

Recently I’ve been paying much more attention to where I put my energy and the outcome I get from it. I am in Energy Conservation Mode – choosing only to expend my energy on the things that are completely in alignment with my consciousness choices and I am training myself to be very focused in this – practicing focusing my mind, or being in control of my own mind really and not being distracted. For example, if I’m watching a movie – then I’m watching a movie. Not checking my emails or surfing the web on my laptop at the same time. If I’m taking my dog for a walk, then I’m walking and enjoying his company and engaging with his enjoyment of that walk. Not listening to music or lectures on my iPod at the same time. I don’t read things that pop up on my screen just for the sake of it anymore – I only read what I’m genuinely interested in, things that will increase my knowledge or understanding of something or that inspire me and bring me joy.

Of course I am not only focused on the positive and unwilling to look at anything perceived as negative… if we are choosing to participate with our Ascension process, then learning to be spiritually focused so that we are able to become the neutral witness is one of the keys that will assist us to remove ourselves from the mind matrix of the 3D earth and the False Ascension Matrix. As we learn to be neutral in order to gain an understanding of what really is the agenda here, we have to pay attention and learn to recognise what we need to be aware of and who or what our Authority is. We need to become aware of whether we are aligning to our God Self, or whether we are being influenced by and therefore aligning to something else that is external to ourselves such as a mind control program or negative authority.

Sometimes we need to become aware of a situation that may be viewed as “negative” or “dark” – we must be willing to look at it as it has come into our awareness for a specific reason but that doesn’t mean to say that we have to dwell in that negativity… we must just witness it. Only from a position of neutrality can we align to the Zero Point or Unity Field and move ourselves out of polarity – we cannot access that Field if we refuse to see one or other of the polarities that exists here. We also cannot access that Field if we choose to reside in one or the other. Only by accepting that both exist, seeing them, witnessing them and still remaining neutral and in non-judgement can we move beyond the frequency fences that exist here and free ourselves from its mind control.

We seem to be living in a society nowadays that has such a short attention span – or maybe we’re just very extremely time poor – that we are continuously multi-tasking. I used to think that this was a good thing and that I was very clever because I could do several things at one time – and thereby “save” time, but through developing my inner awareness of what my body is experiencing at any given moment, I realised that it was creating a great strain on my body and neurological system to be doing this all the time. I looked at this with great interest as I wanted to understand if this is just “my” response to this multi-tasking or if it was a general response experienced by others too and so I began to look out for signs of this in the people around me. I realised also that when are minds are constantly multi tasking in many different directions, we are less and less able to strongly focus on one thing and I suspect that this is one of the reasons why some people find it so difficult to sit quietly and meditate – because they have lost the ability to control their mind and focus it in one direction as they have become so used to being stimulated by impulses coming from many directions simultaneously.

When we are so heavily focused on our mental body – our thinking, doing, planning body – we can become disconnected from our higher mind and less able to hear/feel the impulses of our heart and soul. Our higher mind gives us multi-dimensional awareness whilst our lower mental mind gives us multi-tasking. Our higher mind takes its impulses from within; our mental mind takes its impulses from without (external impulses). Our higher mind gives us or guides us to information that is perfectly aligned to ourselves and our higher purpose whilst our lower mental mind, when left unchecked, bombards us with masses of random information, external stimuli and impulses from many different sources and directions. The information given to us via the mental mind may be confusing, contradictory, distracting, true or false and it is up to us to sift through all of it ourselves to find out what is relevant to us or not, whilst our higher mind being guided from within brings us exactly what we need to know, when we need to know it, we have just to surrender to the higher mind and genuinely inquire within to open the communication channel for it to happen this way.

When we are constantly multi tasking, we are sending many neurological messages in many different directions. The classic example might be when we try to pat our head and rub our tummy at the same time. This is a basic physical example and a more complex one might be when we are trying to send a text message while driving a car through town at 60kmp and at the same time handing a toy to a child in the back seat. Please don’t try this at home – I’ve witnessed someone doing it and it’s scary!

To do this, it is necessary to send a great many neurological messages simultaneously in to all different sensory systems of the body and due to the requirements of responding to the next unexpected thing that presents itself (for example a pedestrian unexpectedly crossing the road or a reply to your text message that you simply MUST read immediately!) there is only minimal recovery time between each “trigger”. We are constantly creating a “short” in the system because there are so many demands for our attention in all different directions and areas of focus that it doesn’t take a great deal to realise that we are creating an extremely stressful state within our body and at some point it will end badly. (I’ve seen parents so focused on their text messaging that they fail to see that their toddlers are in danger of running forwards into the road. That’s terrifying!)

When we become this scattered and mentally hyperactive, we may not have realized that we are actually living in a perpetual state of a “fight or flight” stress response. Our body and consciousness begins to experience fragmentation and disconnection. When we live in this state constantly it can have such an extremely detrimental effect on our health as to lead us to experience an emotional or nervous breakdown (or a spiritual disconnection/breakdown) but for many years prior we may also have been accumulating damage to our adrenals leading to chronic adrenal fatigue.

I have found that mostly people are unaware of the amount of stress that their body is under, probably because they are too busy to sit still and feel their body and dialogue with the body to find out how things are going in there. Often due to stress, our body senses shut down and we become unable to feel and therefore completely miss the signs of stress and the “Help!” signals that our body sends out. As well, due to the accumulation of emotional abuse and trauma that may people experience in their lives it can become just too much for them to “feel” again so they shut down those feelings and close down their heart in order to just exist. This makes it extremely difficult for them to feel any connection with their soul and attempts to expand their consciousness are completely stifled, although all of this can be overcome with a consistent and focused spiritual practice.

As silly or simplistic as this may sound I have found that dialoguing with my body and asking what it needs and how I can help it, is THE most effective way of discovering what I need to do to feel better. Of course it is when we are way out of balance that our bodies begin to manifest illness or disease so the sooner we can become aware of imbalance, the easier it is to correct and therefore heal ourselves.

We are our own best healer!

Many of us have an inbuilt ego filter that springs in to action the moment someone asks us how we are. “I’m fine thank you”, or words to that effect, are its default answer. But are we really fine? Are we really tuned in to our body that well that we truly ARE fine or do we silently follow up that response with “at least I THINK I’m fine…?” Or worse ”my life is falling apart, I can’t sleep at night, I am sick with worry and I just want this all to go away…”. I have seen many people with deep sadness and emotional pain that they are unwilling or feel unable to face, will also say “I’m fine thank you” when asked, even though the weight of their pain is quite palpable to everyone around them. Do you ever worry that something is actually wrong with your body, mind or spirit but it’s so subtle that you can’t quite put your finger on it or know where to begin to find it…?

For me, if I have every felt this way, there is usually something there that I need to address and this has required me to commit to personal quiet time work, delving deeply into layers of my conscious, sub conscious mind or instinctual mind through a type of mindfulness meditation practice, personal healing work or even journaling. This is my work to do and nobody can do this for me or tell me the answers to this. This is my personal discovery work but certainly at the beginning I had guidance from a few trusted teachers as to exactly how to approach this and how to access these layers. If you feel that you need to do this but are unsure how to begin, it is definitely worth reaching out to somebody who can assist you to learn how to do this and it is also wise to seek professional medical advice if you feel that is what you really need. We should not try to do this completely alone if we are feeling overwhelmed or out of our depth – reach out and get some support!

Nowadays, as a Healer and Teacher, I recommend that everyone should be doing this personal work very regularly. I’d like to say daily, but when I suggest this to people they commonly say they are too busy and that they don’t have enough time to do this. I have even said this myself at various times in my life, but generally if I don’t do this I quite quickly become very depleted in my energy levels and soon become ill. Case proven. Checking in with my Self and my Spirit is my lifeline to my Source. In this way I have no need to source my energy from others or things external to myself.

Added Unseen Pressures and Stress in our Lives – Annual Peak Cycles and Mind Control

The planet has annual cycles where the waves of electrical and magnetic energy reach an apex wherein the energy is magnified and this allows greater movement (or manipulation) of energy. This energy can be directed and used in the manifestation of events to be created in the physical. The Electrical Peak is in May, usually around 8th – 13th and the Magnetic Peak is around August 8th – 13th. The negatives like to harness this energy and use it for their agenda, but equally it can also be used for a positive outcome too.  These peaks also create an amplification and magnification of the surrounding energies, so whatever energy is in the field at that time will be amplified. I believe that in this current cycle just ended the energy was being used globally to amplify aggression and fear and I saw that many people were being “sucked in” energetically to the Iraq/Iran, Israel/Gaza conflict situations.

Where we choose to focus our consciousness, where our spiritual self is aligning with the synchronicities that happen around us at these peak times and how these energies interact with our individual energy signature, will all be magnified at this time and this magnification of energy can often create some chaos in our life as things go through a type of natural sorting process – things coming and going, people leaving and transiting –as well all that is happening around us on the external too as we are being impacted by that as well, so it’s not just a personal thing, it is a planetary thing, although for the most part this amplification of energies external to ourselves is unseen and not well understood.

These magnetics affect mental thought forms and the mental body of planet earth as well as the mind control structure that exists there. Mind control is an actual architecture in the blueprint structure of our planet’s global brain that has been inserted (by the NAA) into the consciousness layers and it influences the mental bodies in certain ways. Mind control is an energy structure that has been overlaid or superimposed into the global brain or mental body of the planet and as we are intimately connected to the planet, it also has an impact on the human mind. It particularly affects those humans who are unconsciousness to the ascension evolution and how these forces of energy are used on the planet and those who are unaware that these types of overlays exist. These people are far more susceptible to mind control and the chaotic forces that are created in this way, as they are generally unaware which are their own thoughts and which thoughts are being impulsed at them from an external source. As well, their bodies become a conduit for this type of energy, which then also exacerbates the energy in the surrounding field. If we have a number of people all in one place, all being a conduit for mind controlled energy then this field that they create can become very uncomfortable for anyone awake and aware of what is occurring there.

As we come into self-mastery and have more awareness of own energy field, we can become aware of these forces and the effect on our body, mind and consciousness. Through self-mastery we can also remove ourselves from the influences of this mind control.

These mind control programs, whilst they exist constantly, they are heavily magnified at the time of the magnetic peak cycle and we can see this playing out in the unconscious, unaware people around us as erratic behaviour, frequent changes in behaviour – calm one minute, angry the next, argumentative, aggressive and sometimes even completely hostile and unapproachable. We can often witness the fragmentation of people when they are in this type of state of mind.

Self Mastery requires that we are able to hold stable even when those around us are losing control and in order to do this we must be paying attention. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by constant text messaging, TV “programs” and media diversions. We must be able to bring our focus in so that we can clearly see where we need to place our energy and attention.

If life on an Ascension Pathway consisted of walking a tightrope to safety, where would your attention be? Focused upon your path or multi-tasking the unimportant things and juggling your way through life?

At this time, it feels extremely necessary that we effectively simplify our lives and focus on what’s really important to us? As always, the choice of where we place our attention is ours. There is no value difference given in the path we choose or the choices we make. There is no judgement… just discernment to choose what is in alignment and what is not.

Stay focused upon your path and let your heart lead the way.
With love until next time.


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