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Creating a New Way of Living and Being in the World

Becoming Conscious October 2014 Newsletter

Embracing our True and Authentic Self

It can be difficult sometimes for us to look at ourselves and honestly say that we are living our true and authentic self. Sometimes the pieces of the inauthentic are cleverly hidden and disguised to appear to be pieces that we have “chosen” for ourselves. We wear them so well and so habitually that we may be unaware that some of these pieces have been placed upon us without our consent and authority and even against our will sometimes.

So much in our present 3D world is programmed into our consciousness, in terms of how we must act and behave, what is expected of us within a family setting, in society or the workplace and even in personal and intimate relationships there is usually some kind of expectations that go along with these roles we play in life.

If we are a wife and mother we are expected to behave in a certain way. If we are a husband and father there are things that are generally expected of us. If we are a son, daughter, single, married, Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc all of these “titles” carry some level of expectation of behaviour and responsibility with them. But are we really just that title? Is there not more to us than the part of ourselves that is projected into this physical reality?

When we look at family structures we often “think” that everyone should get along nicely because it is our mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, in-laws or whatever other position that is held within the family. But what if we can’t all get along nicely? What if certain members of our family are abusive or toxic? How do we remove ourselves from them so that their bad behaviour doesn’t impact us? Can we remove ourselves? Are we “allowed” to remove ourselves or do we dare not risk upsetting the family? Do we just have to suck it up and allow the bad behaviour to continue “because we are in that family”?

Certainly trying to navigate ourselves through these situations when we are learning to be true and authentic can be challenging and really gives us an emotional workout. When we are trying to break free of heavy or disempowering family binding, our family, rather than being happy for us and celebrating our desire to become all that we truly are, are usually the ones that try to pull us “back where we belong”. This can be both frustrating and painful for us, as a spiritual seeker, or seeker of our Spirit, and it is often a time of much rocking of the boat as everyone involved will go through a period of not really understanding what is happening to us or resisting the changing dynamics of the family unit. As well, sometimes our family members are genuinely concerned for us as they don’t understand our path and may be worried that we are about to run away and join a cult or something else that is strange and confusing to them. It is a strange type of paradox that the more we are willing to let go of all that we know, the more we begin to know ourselves. This is likely to be not understood by someone who is not walking this path with you.

If we refuse to spend time with an abusive family member we may be seen as being difficult or accused of being judgemental towards them, but really are we being judgemental or are we being discerning as to where and with whom we spend our time? Perhaps family members will just see us as downright “difficult” and we may feel some level of negative projection directed towards us for this. It’s not nice and it’s not fair but it happens when people are unable to be neutral, unwilling to allow another person the space to be who they want to be or when the projecting person is quashed in their ability to get their needs met.

When we begin to make changes in our lives we can more or less guarantee that there will be someone who is not happy about those changes – could be our partners, parents, children… Most likely it is because they have expectations of how we should live our lives and what we should do for them. When we make changes, they are also forced to make changes – to the plans that they had for us. Again… they have to make changes to the plans they had for us. Nowhere in those plans did they allow for us to live our lives and make our own free will choices, all they see is how they want it to look and how they want us to behave. No person should ever presume ownership rights over another person.

What often happens at a certain stage in our development, is that we look around us and realise that “this is not how I want it to be – I don’t want my life to look like this…” This may be seen as the start of our awakening process, though in actual fact that process has already begun and this is just another level of awareness of that fact or the realization that as much as we are changing or have changed on the inside that it is now time for this to be reflected on the outside. The proverbial micro to macro.

For some people what happens next is what creates a period of un-easiness, it can be turbulent and it can be painful and it is not unlike the process of birth – birthing not a child but the birth of the true and authentic part of yourself or the birth of your soul and in due course your monadic levels of consciousness will follow suit.

At this stage we are beginning to reclaim parts of our soul that have been disconnected, lost, stolen or usurped and then parts of our monad that have been disconnected, lost, stolen or usurped. It is hard to believe that we have these levels of Self that we have been completely unaware of and yet it is that very “unawareness” that has allowed these pieces to be taken from us. This is all part of the plan by the NA (negative aliens) to keep us from knowing our true origins and our true potential as humans. By keeping the true earth history hidden from us they have been successful at programming us to believe that our purpose for being here is to live, work, (pay taxes!), procreate, die and then you come back and do it all again. Of course this is looking at life simplistically and Buddhism and New Age teachings have introduced us to the idea of karma, growth in relationship and ascending to 5D, but this is only “permitted information” and there is Oh so much more that they are not telling us!

So as we move through the steps of waking up and wanting to live authentically we are given the choice of which path to follow next and for sure there are many pathways to God, but unfortunately quite a significant number of those pathways also lead us to a dead end of illusion where we think we are evolving and moving forwards where in actual fact we are just running around on a wheel like a hamster, albeit a new, different and interesting wheel, but a wheel none the less and we are in fact, still running around in circles. Have you ever felt like you’ve been on a spiritual path for a very long time but are actually getting nowhere? Are you perhaps stuck on a wheel and need to make some long overdue changes?

As we navigate our path of awakening it is important that we learn to become aware of our thoughts and of our feelings. So many times our true feelings are shut down and only acceptable feelings are allowed to be expressed and as well many times our thoughts are not even our own but are the thoughts fed to us through the planetary mind grid which is controlled. As we work to free ourselves of these controls we actually begin to touch into our truth and it is the consistent expression of our truth that helps to free us more and more from the control. Truth is very supportive to us in this way. (Although it is fair to say that there may be people who find it very uncomfortable to hear or know the truth).

Truth holds consciousness and consciousness holds frequency. You can’t have one without the other.

When attempting to change our lives, I have found that making many small changes and practicing them consistently makes life more comfortable and manageable as opposed to huge radical changes that are unrealistic and can’t be sustained. When we make small and consistent changes we begin to create new neural pathways in our brain, our responses to things that affect us change, our thought processes change and we create a new default behaviour pattern. We have to be amenable to our process of change and we have to actively be taking steps to change our reality, not just thinking about it and pretending both to ourselves and the outside world that we are engaged in our process of change when we are actually not. We have to be truthful with ourselves first and foremost.

If we can’t be true and authentic with our Self, how can we be true and authentic with others?

When we live in Truth, the world changes. We change.

Our spiritual homework ideally would include techniques for stress relief, release of painful emotions, negative ego release as well as meditations for developing mindfulness and neutrality. As always, the work of spiritual awakening is ours alone, nobody can do this for us and whilst we may prefer to float around in a state of spiritual bliss, this is just not practical or realistic and in most cases nor is it genuine. When we remove dark negativity, suppressed emotions and such like from within our body we are in basic terms removing the dark and allowing the light to enter in. Emotional release and negative ego work does this, it allows us to raise our consciousness, but we must be willing to look at ourselves truthfully in order to do this. Really, it is quite manageable and the awareness and consciousness expansion gained is the cherry on the cake!

Many of us came here with a specific purpose – to embody Christ Consciousness so that the Christ may return to earth. Therefore this work of clearing and healing that we do is because we are building a structure (or temple) within our body in which the Christ may dwell. We are building a very particular energetic structure within our body, in fact through some often intense processes of transmutation, this structure actually becomes our physical body and we become capable of holding the energy of the Christ within our body. We need to clear out old energy and anything that is not aligned to Christ. When we choose to align ourselves to God or Christ, the Spirit of Christ dwells within us and equally if we choose to align ourselves to anything that is not of Christ then these are the Spirits that will dwell within us. What has been hidden from us here is the full extent of what is anti-life/anti Christ – anything that is controlling, dominating and takes life or power away from another being versus what supports, loves, and gives life or empowerment to another being.

So at this time on planet, we are once again being asked to make choices as to which path we will walk upon. These choice points have been coming for a little while already, but we will see more and more of them coming in quick succession during this bifurcation process. Many of us as leaders or way-showers are quite some way along the path by now and we would never choose to go back. Many others are at various stages on these paths and as well there are still more people who are just in the very beginning stages and feeling quite unsure what this all means to them and if they will be able to successfully navigate this path and follow through with the changes that they will be required to make in their life. Everyone is being given this same opportunity to choose now, the support is there for all of us to become better versions of ourselves, but it does all come down to choice. If we choose a path of drugs, sex and rock and roll of course our outcome will be different from those who choose to seriously work on themselves to evolve and growth their Spirit and live in alignment with Christ principles. There are consequences to our choices and this will be seen in the quality of life and of love that may be experienced whilst on this earth as well as in our next level of experience after we drop our body.

These multiple intersections and choice points are offered as opportunities for everyone. It is a chance for everyone to make better choices and this is a Universal benevolent action. We, as members of the Christ family have said that no Soul who genuinely wishes to evolve will be left behind and this is the opportunity now being offered. Because of this many people are feeling a sense of urgency to clean up their spiritual house and come in to a sense of knowing themselves more deeply and becoming their true and authentic self.

It’s time to make a choice...

With love in my heart for all of us here doing this work.

Each one of us is valuable.





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