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Mental Fragmentation

Becoming Conscious November 2014 Newsletter

We are in a time when we are surrounded by much chaotic energy and for many people the potential for complete mental fragmentation and psychotic breakdown is very real. Some years ago we were given advance warning of this time approaching and we were advised to remove ourselves from being overly governed by the mental mind and to build a strong emotional and spiritual body and core. Emotional balance and spiritual connection were going to be vitally important to get through the difficult times ahead, we were told.

Now that time is here and some of us may be experiencing the chaos on a personal level. If we have been doing our spiritual homework we would be less likely to be severely impacted in our own mind and body but even so this may still be a time for taking responsibility, healing and clearing certain behaviours or choices that we have made and that may bring some discomfort. We may also be witnessing this in others around us.

It seems that we are seeing a whole range of off the scale angry, distracted and totally disconnected people. A great many with their heads buried in the sand that don’t want to know anything about what is going on around them, in denial or in fear and just hoping that things will be ok. There is a feeling of helplessness in many people and they have given up trying to help themselves through lack of energy, resources or tools. It is very sad to witness this and we know that some people are choosing to leave now due to this feeling of helplessness which can be soul destroying.

Instinctively humans want to take control of their lives. This is not necessarily to be controlling per se (though for some that does exist as their choice) but more that we want to be free to make our own choices. When people see no way through the situations that they find themselves in, when life becomes too difficult or when they are holding a great amount of fear inside, many will simply “opt out” of life deciding that suicide is their only means of action or control over the situation that they find themselves in.

Sadly suicide rates are increasing and when we see the level of mental fragmentation that is occurring in the general public surely we must ask why is this happening? I have witnessed the despair that people feel when they look at how things are in the world around them. Young people have said to me that they may as well “party hard and have some fun because the world is doomed anyway so what’s the point?” Such is the level of pain and helplessness that humanity is suffering right now. Was it meant to be this way? I don’t think so but none the less this is currently what is happening on planet and we must weather this storm.

A great many people though ARE standing up and protesting the things that they are passionate about protecting and as we see this more and more we can take heart in that as it is only when we stand up in great numbers that we have the opportunity to make a difference. It is action that overrides helplessness. Action may be standing up and being counted, speaking up truthfully about something that you know is wrong, stepping in to help another that cannot help themselves or moving away from a situation that causes you pain.

As starseeds and indigos, we put our hands up to come here and do this work and to make a change now – I know that sounds very cliché, but it’s true. So much has been thrown at us to put us off track, we know for sure that it must be true as it is only when we are doing our work and creating that change that the other team are going to pull out everything they can to stop us and clearly we can see that this is what is currently going on as the levels of suppression, intimidation and control placed upon humanity are increasing constantly.

One of the saddest things I witness quite frequently though is a starseed/indigo who has lost their way and fallen into illusion… someone who thinks that just “being here” is enough and that they don’t have to do any work while they’re here. They may choose that if they wish – we cannot argue with their decision or attempt to superimpose our preferences upon them but if we listen inside to what our soul is trying to tell us we will constantly hear: “stay awake!” – we can’t afford to fall asleep on this job because each of us is valuable for the part that we play in this group/planetary project. When we fall asleep or are lulled into the false illusion that all is love and light here, we become susceptible to mind control – rather like being lulled to sleep on the couch every evening watching TV and not realizing that its’ subliminal messages and frequency are affecting the way we think.

Our job is to be vigilant, alert and connected. We cannot do this when we are affected by chemicals that create a mind altering affect on the brain, thought waves and frequencies that are not our own or engage in risky behaviour that aligns us to something that is destructive to our Soul.

Many people are in various stages of mental breakdown and fragmentation for which they seek help from a doctor. They do not realise that they are undergoing a spiritual crisis or dark night of the soul. Any long term serious spiritual seeker is no stranger to the dark night of the soul, but this is a subject that is not usually discussed at dinner parties or in pubs and clubs and is not commonly known about. A particular kind of support is needed by those experiencing spiritual crisis or dark night but a visit to the doctor would not provide that and therefore many people are left alone without the help that they so desperately need, in what appears to be a hostile world or certainly a world that they cannot understand from their present level of consciousness. It is no wonder that we see increasing numbers of mental illness and psychotic break.

Even though a dark night of the soul does not inherently mean that we are dabbling with the dark – the whole idea of anything involving the word “dark” is misunderstood and shunned in many spiritual groups – as if by the acknowledgement that something dark exists it will bring it in – a classic myth of the New Age world. We are living in polarity here… dark and light does exist and it is only by finding the neutrality in that, that we may enter the next level of consciousness expansion. If we cannot be open minded about what actually exists then we place a limitation on our expansion and we will not be able to break through to the next level. It is like trying to write a letter when you cannot get past “c” in the alphabet because that is all you know and all you are willing to accept.

Witnessing that the dark exists is not the same as embracing the dark, entering the dark or “being” dark – again a misunderstanding. It seems that people get caught up in the words when trying to understand such matters. In discussion with people, I have seen people visibly shut down at the mere mention of the word “entity” and yet in the next breath this person is telling me that they are neutral and embrace the dark. Confusing to say the least and at a certain point the conversation cannot continue because they have shut down so nothing can be learned as they are recoiling, usually through fear of the unknown. Hence the need “to know thyself” as this way we can remove fear.

An interesting phenomena that exists is that this mental rigidity makes us weak, whereas mental flexibility is actually what is required to be able to stand strong in these challenging times.

Be strong like a bamboo… as graceful as it is, it’s strength is in its flexibility, so with even the strongest wind it will bend but not loose it’s strong foundation.

A function of higher spiritual consciousness is about witnessing, the compassionate witness – when we learn to witness things neutrally. It does not mean that we have shut down our feelings or become zombified – it means that we have activated the compassionate witness within ourselves at that higher level of awareness of ourselves as a part of everything. Of course we feel things that we witness! When we are witnessing the pain of others, the pain of their disconnection, their illness, their distress we are feeling it – we are not robots – but we are not identifying with it, it does not become ours personally. The compassionate witness comes from a place of being connected to Unity Consciousness, Wholeness, Oneness and it gives us the capacity to hold a space of presence for another person or people.

As we expand and grow, we may access “memories” of other timelines where we were involved in some destructive actions, for example, at the time of Atlantis, but we must witness this from neutrality. If we take it on personally and identify with it, we step on to that timeline and our consciousness gets trapped there at that level. There can be no further expansion when we are stuck on a timeline. It is in the witnessing of something that the structure is changed – the timeline is moved or healed. The same applies for those memories of being a native American Indian, a healing woman, a warrior, a witch or whatever other memory we access. If we identify with it we get trapped on that timeline and we are unable to expand in to all things. This then is why we often see such rigidity within spiritual communities that identify with one thing. No new information can come through a rigid mind – it serves us better and the greater whole, if we are able to be the neutral witness.

At a certain level of our spiritual expansion, there is no identity, we are one with everything. A state of neutrality is important so that we can witness what is being shown and not harm ourselves by getting sucked into that timeline architecture by our ego. Equally if we are afraid of the dark it is impossible to be neutral as we are still in polarity so planetary work then becomes ineffective and as well the intensely strong energy that one is connecting to there serves to activate the lower ego to run rampant with glamorous claims of grandeur. Honestly, we are better off not being involved in planetary gridwork if we are at that level of polarity as there will be repercussions presented to us through the structures that govern Universal Law.

Life is just a game they say and you can experience it all – yes you can… you DO have free will and choice as to what it is that you choose to experience while you are down here. What is not commonly taught though is that every choice counts. For every time that you make a choice it moves you closer to a connection with God/Spirit or it moves you away from that connection. Every time you lie, cheat, steal, manipulate or dominate for personal gain or satisfaction you are aligning with the energy of lying, cheating, stealing, manipulation or domination – this is an anti-Krystic energy. Most people would not admit that, in fact most people would often not even see that in themselves. It is clear then that if we are lying, cheating and scheming and we are in alignment with that energy/frequency that it is completely impossible for us to have any kind of Krystic relationship – either with ourselves and God or with another person. One cannot be anti-Krystic and Krystic at the same time. Any relationship, contract or business that is created through lying and cheating holds that frequency as an energetic structure of that relationship, contract or business and it is very difficult to change that once it has been set in place. This is a very risky behaviour as Universal Law will bring this back upon us in order that we may learn from our choices and have an opportunity to correct our behaviour.

As well when we are lying to ourselves and others about what we are thinking and doing in our life we are also committing an act of self abuse. We are abusing ourselves if we are incongruent in our thoughts and actions – saying one thing and then doing another. This is being inauthentic and untrustworthy – if we want to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and others, this in-authenticity is like a continual disharmonious note in an otherwise beautiful piece of music. It is noticeable, we will be held accountable and it spoils the overall highest potential that we may reach.

We must be willing to examine ourselves and be scrupulous when checking for in-congruency. This can be hard work. It requires examining everything in our day to day lives, our past and our future choices as well as checking our motivations and this is sometimes not pretty for us to look at. When we come to the realization that we have lied or manipulated a person that we say we love, that we have stolen another person’s ideas and then rushed to use them first and taken them for personal gain or that we have engaged in behaviours that were not really of our choosing but we did it anyway through fear – fear of losing someone we think we love, fear of looking like the odd one out, fear of judgement, fear of being left alone… we must face ourselves.

It can be hard to look truthfully if we have behaved in these ways and yet if we are ever to bring peace and harmony back into our lives we must address this within ourselves.

So this is the energy that is currently surrounding us. It could be seen to be as if a giant mirror is being held up in front of us in order for us to look at ourselves and see ourselves clearly and honestly – a benevolent action. We will need a strong spiritual and emotional backbone to look honestly but this is also a great opportunity to shift up a level in our consciousness expansion, unplugging from the things that hold us back and upgrading on all levels if we are willing to put in the work. For some of us this may not be easy work as some changes may be required but this is really between ourselves and God and not for others to judge or to do for us. There may be those around us for whom this intense energy is just too much and they may be experiencing psychotic break, have manifested illnesses or they may choose to leave and drop the body at this time – for them our loving compassion is required not our judgement. We must understand that these times are challenging to navigate. We must not get caught up on another’s timeline but must face our own honestly and be willing to admit the choices we made that got us to where we are now and we also must not blame others for where we find ourselves. We must be open minded to see this, not closed minded or rigid in thinking. We must bend and be flexible to weather this storm and most importantly of all we must engage and be active in our own spiritual growth and connection with our God Self – if, that is indeed, what we truly want…

Peace can be found in our connection with God.

With love, until next time.


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