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Seeing beneath the Surface

Becoming Conscious – January 2015 Newsletter

Seeing beneath the Surface

With the new frequencies brought on to the planet through Ophichus last month (which I wrote about in my December newsletter), it is clear that we are in a completely new cycle of time. Many of us have visited into some really deep dark places within ourselves through December and the early part of January and some of us have struggled to stay centred and grounded during that time or have felt like we do not know ourselves or the people around us anymore – that everything has changed. Even our “who we are” seems to have slipped away and we almost have to create ourselves anew, something akin to a shamanic death or stripping away of the ego.

When we are being really pushed by external influences (incoming frequencies), it can be easy to lash out at those around us and see them as the source of our problems. Sometimes, in fact, most all the time, that feeling of being uncomfortable or unsettled with our life is actually stemming from within us. It is all too easy to blame our significant other, our kids or our jobs for the pressure we are feeling, but could it be that the pressure we are feeling is actually some level of inner spiritual self pushing us to step up to the next level of growth or self-mastery? Are we feeling pressured because we are entering another process of initiation that is pushing us to look within – something that we find uncomfortable and would rather avoid?

At this time in 2015, we have reached the mid-way point between 2012 – 2017. Towards the end of 2012 it was indicated to us that these next five years were to be extremely important years in terms of resonant frequency alignment so we can know from this that there will be no easing off of that energetic push just yet – in fact it will be quite the opposite.

Consciousness is a choice and we may choose spiritual ascension or not.

Spiritual Ascension means that as we work to expand (or elevate) our consciousness, at the same time we are descending our higher spiritual bodies into our physical body through the process of kundalini awakening. This can feel intensely uncomfortable and is associated with purification through the spiritual fire that burns within us. The death of the old and the birth of the new. The phoenix rising from the ashes.

The opportunity to shift into another reality is available to everyone on this planet at this time but not everyone will choose to participate with this process. Through their own choices and the alignment of the frequency of those choices they will experience a very different outcome from life than those on the ascension path.

For those of us that do choose to participate with our ascension process, we have the opportunity to elevate our consciousness through our own personal development work. This is not achievable through lip service alone and would likely involve committing to a spiritual practice – not a religion – but a spiritual practice that nurtures a direct communication with God. This requires no intermediary however sometimes we may look outside of ourselves for guidance upon our spiritual path albeit then only to take those tools and continue our inner personal work. Ultimately, the goal is to become self sustained through one’s own inner guidance and connection to God. The Light shines from within us.

Truthfully, in terms of our understanding of what has occurred here on planet, many of us have only looked at the visible part of what is like a massive iceberg. We cannot even fathom the magnitude of what lies beneath the surface out of sight. Unfortunately until we are willing to look at and accept our extra terrestrial origins and the hidden history of this planet it will be impossible for us to get a full understanding of what is truly happening, as the two go hand in hand. If we choose to turn away from this Truth then our consciousness expansion will become limited at that point. We will create our own frequency fence, which we will be unable to move beyond until we are willing to see what is actually holding us there.

The awareness that extra terrestrials walk amongst us even today can be hard for us to take. It may induce fear within us, because deep down we know this and our bodies remember the time of this alien invasion. For it was at this time, 5,500 years ago that our memories were erased and our DNA unplugged. This is what stopped our natural ascension process and shut down our communication with our star families and our clear connection with God. Through the blocking of the natural flow of kundalini in our body our endocrine system, our glands, shut down, imbalances occurred and the creation of disease states within the body began. The portal access gates in and out of the planet were dominated and controlled by the invading negative aliens and our ability to get out of here was also shut down. We became trapped here in this Universal structure and they created the re-incarnational wheel where they would re-cycle human souls through the astral plane at 4D, effectively setting up the enslavement process that has existed here ever since.

Currently, with the energy transmission of Ophichus taking us to new levels of awareness, many of us are beginning to uncover ancient memories. It is coming through at a cellular level as well as at a collective consciousness level. With no context for understanding all that has occurred on this planet, many people are feeling this as anger or rage – the great cosmic rage! It may be natural to be angry if we have just discovered that our race memory and history has been erased and taken from us as well as the fact that we have suffered genetic and DNA mutations at the hands of negative aliens, that we are enslaved – but most people don’t know that! They don’t know what they are feeling or where it is coming from and they are firing their rage all over the place in misplaced directions and this adds to the chaos that is present on the planet at this time.

In order to clear crucifixion implants from our body and the planet, some of us have also been revisiting the time on planet when they crucified the Christ – not just the man they called Jesus but a whole level of human consciousness that they symbolically nailed to the cross. This has brought up issues for people lately around betrayal, feeling helpless or powerless to change anything, feeling condemned or afraid to speak up. This has been created through what the Negative Agenda did to anyone who held Christ Consciousness within them.

Money as Energy

We could say that Ophichus is the great revealer as new depths are being opened up to even the most seasoned truthseekers. These current revelations are based around the mathematical coding that create the base structures upon which many of the Mystery School and New Age teachings have been built. Through the distortion of numerical coding, the Tree of Life, for example, which is a reflection of our own lightbody has been shut down and disconnected. The distortions we are seeing were brought through in the mathematical coding and Ancient Mystery Schools of Sumeria and Babylon and so of course, we are looking at Annunaki interference from all the way back then which is still alive and kicking on planet today.

The use and distortion of money has been connected to this and we can clearly see the divide between those who have and those who have not. The divide between the power elite and the working class man.

As the current banking system is preparing itself for some big changes, it’s interesting to note the timing of “this big reveal”, so that means that spaces are being created for witnessing and perhaps in due course some corrections can be made in the architecture that will release people from their enslavement through the money system. We have first to witness exactly how they created this architecture before we can begin to change it, so we are just entering the witnessing stage of this.

“Usury is the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender” ((

The extraction of usury is “one of the oldest professions of man.” (Forrest M. Smith, III, The Regulation of Interest: Practice and Procedure, 10 ST. MARY’S L. REV. 825, 1979). First came the Temple Priests, then the Goldsmiths and the commercial bankers of today. The first use of the fractional reserve system was in the Temple of Shamash under Hammurabi — the sixth king of Babylon (Peter Cook, FEDERAL RESERVE FRACTIONAL RESERVE AND INTEREST-FREE GOVERNMENT CREDIT EXPLAINED 4, 1991).

“When money is lent on a contract to receive not only the principal sum again, but also an increase by way of compensation for the use, the increase is called interest by those who think it lawful, and usury by those who do not.” (William Blackstone‘s Commentaries on the Laws of England).

If we go all the way back to Babylonian times, this was the beginning of the banking system and usury was one of the reasons that Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple just days before his Crucifixion. In fact this one event alone shows the corruption that had been going on involving government and church officials who had all been profiting from these moneychangers so they were not at all happy with Jesus for doing this.

When we enter “ a loan agreement” we are effectively indebted to the lender, some would say we are the slave and they are the master. Certainly until we repay that “debt” we are not free from it and with the high interest rates being demanded by banks today, some of us will never be free of this hold that the banks have over us.

Usury and slavery in present day
While the practice of direct slavery is widely banned across the world, in some places debt-slavery is still practiced.[39] A debtor who is found unable to repay a loan can be placed in a state of debt-slavery, a situation where-by their life and labors are directed by the lender until the debt is considered repaid.[40] Usury is often a major part of extending this slavery, not uncommonly assisting in extending the debt-slavery onto the children of the debtor, thus making slaves of multiple generations and promoting child labor.[41] . ((

Religion and law through history have condemned usury and yet it still exists today. It is insidious in the western world and third world countries alike. It is not only people like you and I who take on a mortgage to provide a roof over our head but also families struggling to put food on their table; farmers indebted to companies like Monsanto who squeeze the last breath of life from them – they die in debt so that someone else can profit from the work that they do. The same with our mortgages and bank loans, they are profiting and we are working to repay more than what was originally loaned. This is usury… but then insurance companies offer us a policy to cover those loans should we die before their repayment, so we end up paying them even more of our hard earned money to try to free ourselves and our families from being indebted should we die in debt! It’s a vicious circle, an energetic drain. They are sucking the life out of us through the use of money, which is energy.

There is an architecture or structure to everything in existence and this particular architecture was put in place to hold people indebted.

Of course people don’t have time for a practice in which they might find spiritual freedom…. they are all busy earning money to buy themselves financial freedom – freedom from enslavement by a system set up specifically TO enslave them!

They say: give us your money; we’ll keep it safe for you.

They mean: give us your money, then we’ll use it and lend it to someone else so that we can enslave THEM.

They are profiting from our money, our energy. This is consumptive modeling and it is a structure that is no longer supported on this planet. Unfortunately changing structures in the planetary field is one thing, but it takes time to filter through the layers and become apparent in the physical so we may have some way to go before we see these very necessary changes.

It cannot be stressed enough at this time the importance of setting boundaries and clear intentions. Your own personal intention and alignment at the time that you set these intentions, will dictate the experience that will play out with that creation – now more than ever before. The level of frequency that you hold, the energy with which you are in consent and your vigilance to hold and maintain the highest potential outcome through truth and integrity, will all be reflected in the experience. In your creations, are you aligning to Christ Consciousness that support fair value exchange or demonic forces that will manipulate the truth for personal gain?

When you open the door of your internal house, pay attention to which you invite in as that is the Spirit that will dwell within you.

With love and support on your journey, may you walk your path in peace, always.



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