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Emerging from the Ashes

February 2015 Newsletter – Becoming Conscious 

After a forest fire, there is a period of time when everything looks bleak – even black. After the flames have lashed out and burnt everything in their path, there is a period of stillness. But all is not dead. Underground, deep within, there is a lot of work going on. Before long we can see green, the first signs of new growth. The grass, bushes and shrubs begin to grow, there are signs of life and before long the forest grows again. It completely restructures itself, creates itself anew. A new identity in the space where the old one used to be. Changed and yet the same. Improved upon, fresh and new.

This is a metaphor for a process that many of us have been going through in recent months as we have been experiencing the transmission of energy from Sagittarius which has brought the element of fire to incinerate anything dead and decaying and then the energy of Capricorn through the element of earth, creating a type of fermentation process within us as we digest and break down pieces of consciousness that no longer serve us and come to the understanding or illumination of how we must use our energy in a different way, both consciously and physically.

Over recent months, we have faced a dismantling of the old structures in our life. Thoughts, memories, feelings or pain that we have held within us, sometimes for almost a whole lifetime or even for several lifetimes. Things that we have experienced in this lifetime are often linked to other lifetimes and as we start to pull apart the pieces of that knot of pain in our stomach, throat, heart… we find that we are dealing with lifetimes of trauma and repeating patterns that threaten to surge up out of us like a raging fire which burns through us with searing heat and leaves us dull and blackened as we try to process and understand what just happened. These are the flames of transmutation.

In this desolate state, some people remain. Without a context of understanding of what has just occurred we can become very confused and may not realise that we have entered the Dark Night of the Soul or a state of Spiritual Crisis. During our spiritual ascension process we must all enter a Dark Night of the Soul and commonly we will do this over and over again as we gradually strip layers and layers of the ego away in order to awaken or resurrect our spiritual body and mind.

The deeper we allow ourselves to go in this process of dropping density, the greater will be the level of spiritual resurrection that we can acquire. Equally the more we allow the spiritual force of the kundalini to come through as heart and mind/consciousness expansion the greater will be the death of the ego. This ego death or ego clearing can happen very acutely as a rapid kundalini awakening of frequency activating up the base of the spine or it can be more of a chronic style of awakening that happens much more gradually over a period of time.

Emotionally this Dark Night of the Soul process is not usually comfortable but coming through it and out the other side can feel quite enlightening or blissful, even if the physical body still feels the exhaustion of the stripping of the ego state which, for those of us who do this rapidly, can be extremely impactful on the physical body as the process of “burning off” happens at a cellular level and the atomic structure of the body is actually changed.

As we begin to emerge from this state we start to put the pieces together again. Depending how cathartic one’s process has been, we may start to literally put the pieces of our whole life together… why we think as we do, why we act as we do, the choices we make, what we are afraid of. We can begin to truly understand ourselves – some of us, for the first time ever. The consciousness pieces that we now have access to have literally been our missing pieces and the energy is now here on the planet to support our reclamation mission. Many of these pieces are literally the reason why we have not been able to feel or have a real experience of God down here and why we have felt so alone.

Through the trauma and pain that many of us have experienced down here on planet earth as well as on some other planetary systems, we have become battered and bruised. Sometimes we have sustained genetic/DNA damage or we may have experienced or witnessed such trauma that parts of the sacred geometry of our blueprint and lightbody structure has been cracked, chipped or even completely broken off. When pieces break off of these geometric building blocks within our blueprint – these are some of the lost pieces of consciousness that become trapped in other places of space/time causing much of the splitting and soul/monad damage and fragmentation that some of us as healers have witnessed in our clients. 

As we are now also able to begin to reclaim our hypothalamus gland, as well as getting our body’s endocrine system fully healed and back online, we are also able to connect in to the heart flame of our monad. From here we can reclaim stolen, usurped or hijacked pieces of our consciousness. Of course some of the fallen ones are not real happy with this latest development and I have noticed that they are pulling out all the stops in the implementation of the False Christ/White Light seduction merchants to try to lure us away from our ascension path into other timelines of past lives. When we over-identify with these past timelines we can get stuck there and then we begin to play out that history/timeline over again.

Many of us on the ascension path know that we have had parts of our consciousness stolen and we are all searching to get these pieces back but it is extremely important that we don’t give our power away to the False Christ in our bid to do this. We must secure our field at all times as there are some very strong manipulating forces around and we can easily fall foul of a holographic insert if we forget to boundary test it.

We are also seeing the flaring up of the Dark Mother energies on planet. The lunar feminine is trying to maintain her hold over what she has put forward to the masses. This energy uses manipulation and mind control to do it’s bidding but in actual fact it is the counterpart of the masculine Tyrannical Ruler. It is not the true Divine Mother It has to take its energy from something else in order to appear “bright and shiny” – it is not self sustained in the Light of God.

At this time on planet we are embodying more of the Divine Feminine – the true Mother has returned to the planet we are reclaiming and embodying this part of ourselves. In the process of doing so, we are casting out the Dark Mother energies from within us. As a side effect of this, we may see many sexual issues coming up to be cleared from within us, rape, abuse, sexual distortions and misogyny are all coming up to be healed from what we have suffered as women through the ages. For our men, they are seeing and feeling this too. Many have had to stand silently by and watch the rape of the True Mother and they have been powerless to stop it. This causes great pain to many of them and as well they have often been the target of a female who carries the Dark Mother within her. Our men have often been targeted, seduced and abused specifically for the purposes of causing them such great pain and trauma so as to cause a split in their permanent seed atom, leaving them unable to fully embody and connect to Christ Consciousness/God. This is a specific targeted attack on the male rod function of the lightbody in order to arrest Sacred Union. Our men have suffered at the hands of the Dark Mother and the Tryannical Ruler too.

When we can look at all these pieces that are playing out right now, it is no surprise that many of us are feeling completely dismantled. Whilst never comfortable, this dismantling is needed and necessary if we are to build a new structure – one that can house the Christ/Sophia – because that is what we are trying to do, individually and collectively among starseeds and indigos.

I have talked previously about the Laws of Structure and that what we align to becomes our reality and this has become more and more evident to me the more I have worked with it. Where we give our Consent, to what or to whom we give our Authority, what is our Intent through our actions and what type of energetic Structure we align ourselves to, are all up to be looked at, spiritually scrutinized and if necessary re-structured and upgraded or disbanded. If we do not stand up and speak up of what is our true Authority, then it will be taken from us by default. We must claim our Authority as God, or someone/something else will claim it from us. We must hold our field strongly against intruder forces as if we do not, their thought forms, the Predator Mind will enter our field and we will align ourselves with it, completely unaware that we have just given our power away. This takes serious work, to look at all of our thoughts and deeds and the motivations behind them. These are some very important things to look at. Until we expel all self serving thoughts we cannot house all of the Virtues of the Spirits of Christ and it takes work to view each of these Virtues and honestly assess our progress with the embodiment of them.

Dismantle the House of Lust/Addiction: Evict the Spirit of Lust and Addiction, Call in the Spirit of Purity.
Dismantle the House of Wrath/Rage: Evict the Spirit of Wrath and Rage, Call in the Spirit of Patience.
Dismantle the House of Greed/Avarice: Evict the Spirit of Greed and Call in the Spirit of Generosity.
Dismantle the House of Envy/Jealousy: Evict the Spirit of Envy and Jealousy and Call in the Spirit of Kindness.
Dismantle the House of Gluttony/Waste: Evict the Spirit of Gluttony and Waste and Call in the Spirit of Discipline and Conservation.
Dismantle the House of Laziness/Discouragement: Evict the Spirit of Laziness and Discouragement and Call in the Spirit of Diligence.
Dismantle the House of Pride/Self Importance: Evict the Spirit of Pride and Self Importance and Call in the Spirit of Humility.

On February 16th we moved into the Galactic Zodiac Air sign of Aquarius whose alchemical themes are: Multiplication and Virtues. The energy transmission coming through for us will allow us to see the alchemical outcome of the process through which we have just emerged, meaning that we will be able to see and feel the many blessings bestowed upon us in the form of increased embodied spiritual light and awareness. We may find that we have completely let go of some things that previously bothered us – we have cleared or healed some of that karmic record. We may find that we are naturally drawn towards better choices and thoughts or better behaviours – we are aligning more with the Spirits of Christ versus the Spirits that govern behaviours or thought forms that are anti-christic in some form. We may find that we have the courage to stand up against a force that would previously have seen us cowering and hiding away but that we now know we are strong enough to face. Through the process of clearing density from our body we are able to access pure spiritual essence which, once fully embodied, emanates from our body and blesses all who come into contact with it as well as the person who embodies it.

If we have worked diligently of late, we may actually feel a sense of liberation and empowerment and this may be the perfect validation that we need to encourage us to continue our personal development and healing work. Sometimes we really need to see some progress, don’t we? All too often it can feel like a hard slog but at a certain point as we begin to break through some really big barriers in our ego or sub-conscious mind or even finally to break through another planetary frequency fence, a shift occurs in our inner knowing that cannot be denied. We have reached a new level and we know it and nobody can take that knowing away from us. We stop a moment, just to appreciate the alchemy that has occurred within our body and within our consciousness. We witness that we have been transformed from lead into gold and silver… then we gather ourselves together and once again move forwards into the next moment of time as we continue our ascension journey.

May the Love of Christ, Light your path.

Until next time,


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