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March Madness

March 2015 Newsletter – Becoming Conscious 

We are now in the final stage of this current rotation through the Galactic Zodiac. We are in Pisces (stage 13) until April 18th and we will then move into Aries (Stage 1) and begin a new rotation. Whilst it might seem that in these final stages things should be winding down and settling a bit, quite the opposite seems to be happening as we are, in fact, gearing up and setting in place certain structures that will carry us through into the next cycle.

Just as we would prepare for Christmas, or any celebration dinner, there is much work to be done in the lead up to that date and energetically that is what we are undergoing in this time period, we are making preparations to be as ready as possible to begin a new time cycle.

I know that many of us were really tired at the end of December and hoping for a break over Christmas and the New Year but for most of us that was not to be and there has been no let up in the “push” to get things done. “Keep calm and carry on” has become a mantra for many of us! We might have presumed that right about now we would get a break before starting anew into the next galactic round, but no, this is not to be and in fact it is quite the opposite – there is much work to be done and no time to be complacent.

We know that astrologically we get pushed to dig deep emotionally every time there is a lunar or solar eclipse… the equinox pushes us and the new and full moons play their part too. Well, hold on to your hat because we have all of these coming within the next month or so as well as the shift from Stage 13 Pisces into the new rotation of Stage 1, Aries.

I have never really been an astrology student but I am loving connecting with the Galactic Zodiac since it came into my awareness last year at the time of Ophichuis (around November) –this has been a totally new concept for me to wrap my head around but the stages of the Galactic Zodiac make so much sense to me and speak to my spiritual intelligence rather than my mental intelligence. Aligning to this energetically seems so much more on purpose with the work we are really doing in this ascension cycle.

Pisces transmission includes a different level of opportunity to create alchemy both in our body and on planet. At this time, universal gates are opening, stargates open to planetary, to solar into galactic levels beyond our universal structure and we are seeing now how this shift in energy affects matter in a different way. Remembering that our physical body is our Alchemical Container, it is no wonder that our physical bodies are being affect through this process and also beyond that as we see the changes in the planetary body and beyond.

It is also interesting to note the degree to which Fallen Angelics and demonic spirits are being evicted from here at the moment. We are more and more able to call for the return of energies and essences that have been stolen from us by these possessing and controlling spirits and that’s surely a part of the blessing of this current time cycle.

It has been highlighted to us for a number of months already how important it is to understand the Law of Structure – what we align to becomes our reality – and so now with the transmission of these new frequencies coming through from levels way beyond what we could access previously, it is even more clear to us the importance of having the correct alignment, structure or architecture in place, to meet this timeline and really to have somewhere for these new energies to land. It is like the proverbial “sowing seed on barren soil” versus “sowing seed on fertile soil” and it all comes down to the level at which we have been doing our spiritual homework and are prepared to receive these new energy transmissions. These are available for us now, to assist us to progress with our expansion of consciousness, and our spiritual ascension process. If we have not prepared for this, if we have been not at all interested in our spiritual development or connection to God source, then the energy, light codes or packets of consciousness/intelligence coming through in this Pisces transmission will have nowhere to “land” in our lightbody and the significance of this moment in time will pass us by. Insignificant in as much as we have not taken the opportunity for growth that it has provided for us but perhaps not so insignificant in it’s impact upon our life which might bring us chaos, crisis or breakdown or at the least stress, anxiety or tension.

Some of us may feel the integration of these new energies physically, others will be more emotionally or mentally challenged and it will be more intense for some than others. This whole process of ascension is really so individual and unique to each of us, there is no way we can look at a person and purport to know exactly where they are in their ascension process based on the level of physical, emotional or mental discomfort they are experiencing or not.

I know from personal experience that when some of these new energy transmissions come through I feel them very physically – we could call that “ascension symptoms” however with each new energy transmission I might be called to change my diet a little, include something, remove something but either way I have to really listen in to my body to get the understanding of what my body needs from me, to assist it to more comfortably integrate the frequencies coming in. If I fail to do that, to support my body in that way, I will “suffer” more just because I am not supporting my body. For me, even when I have “ascension flu” and am not feeling my best, because I listen to my body, I know that there is a level of progression in the process. I know that I am accreting light frequencies and at the same time clearing density and miasma from my body and so I can easily accept where I am in that moment.

By contrast there could be someone who burns the candle at both ends, works too hard (perhaps parties too hard), eats all the wrong foods, doesn’t rest and certainly never meditates! When they get sick at the time of these energy transmissions, would we classify that as “ascension symptoms” or would we say that they just got sick? Are they on an ascending spiral or a descending spiral? Is their body breaking down because they don’t treat it well or is the benevolent universe actually MAKING them take a break (by getting sick) in the hope that they may sit still long enough to have some quiet contemplation time in which they might hear their soul pleading with them to make some lifestyle changes? Will they now participate with their soul’s drive towards awakening or will they still choose a path that separates them from their soul and ultimately from God and into disconnection.

I have become aware that for those of us on a serious ascension path, we are being called to really dig in and connect in with ourselves at an even deeper level than before. There is definitely a feeling in the air of a “new project” on the horizon and we don’t really know what that will mean to us at this point, but from experience I know that when we are already inundated with unfinished projects, the arrival of a new project on top of that can be enough to tip the scale in the direction of total imbalance and overwhelm. I feel absolutely, the need to get on top of things right now – on a physical level but also on an emotional and spiritual level. If there are feelings, thoughts, situations that are disturbing us emotionally then NOW is the time to feel into them, meditate upon them and process them in order that they can be released. If we have been meaning to get back to meditation, then NOW is the time to do that! While we have these “unfinished” things hanging around in our field they are draining our energy – our valuable resources – and this makes it harder on us all around. I’m really feeling the need to reiterate how important it is right now to keep on top of things as I sense the imminent arrival of a new energy download.

Well, not surprising in some respects as come April 18th we begin the galactic cycle anew – like starting a new school year, actually a new year at Uni as this spiritual ascension work is so much more advanced than school – either way we know we are in for another whole year of work and it’s coming real soon, but rather than taking us too far ahead into that time, let us focus our attention on the now – what is right in front of us demanding our attention…

What’s important to us that we could or should be doing right now? Perhaps making a list would be useful:

  • anything around the house that needs repairing, renewing or upgrading. (Supporting our physical structure)
  • any changes to our diet that you KNOW you should be addressing. Eating foods that you are sensitive or intolerant to places a great strain on your physical body and most certainly leads to inflammation. Unfortunately we usually get inflamed in places that we can’t see and inflammation is at the base of all degenerative and serious diseases. We really need to get on top of this as a matter or urgency. (Physical)
  • any addictions that we need to clear. No addiction is a good addiction – anything that “controls” us or has us craving it must be taken seriously. Even something that initially seems harmless, like shopping or something healthy, like going to the gym, can become a serious addiction and when we are way out of balance with anything we can become emotionally dysfunctional, not to mention the danger to our health that can lead to death with some of the substance addictions. (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
  • any relationship issues. If there is anything on your mind that is affecting your relationship with your significant other or family members it is always best to address it. This becomes difficult with people that don’t think or see things the same way that we do, however that is all part of learning how to master our relationships. Sometimes we can work through things with people and arrive at a place of better understanding of each other and the relationship in general, which leads us to a better place within the relationship… and sometimes it means that we will part with that person. As painful as that it, it is usually for the best and we may see more of this in time to come as this is an important part of our Self-Mastery lessons in our spiritual ascension process. (Emotional)
  • any work related issues. Whether that is a backlog of work that needs to be brought up to date, a new cataloguing system, upgrading technology or setting a new architecture of structure in place – this is the time to be doing this and setting yourself up to begin the new year. (Physical, mental)

This might seem like a lot of work. Sometimes, we can be really surprised at how far off track we have become and people who suddenly realise that it has been many months since they actually had a regular spiritual practice of meditation commonly express this to me. They commonly run around trying to get physical things done often to realise they are ineffective and their meditation practice has gone too!

Pain, Disease and Disconnection are the three things that cause us the biggest problems in life.

Emotional, mental, physical pain is all very tiring to our body, mind and spirit. Disease can put us into a state of fear and in Disconnection we can often lose all hope and fall into depression or even suicidal thoughts. The antidote to these conditions would be through our connection to our God Source we can clear, heal and release much of what causes these “dis-eased” states within us. In order to restore inner balance we must listen within and ask the right questions to find out how we have become out of balance in the first place. Armed with the information that our body’s own innate intelligence offers us, we can then go about restoring inner harmony, balance and ultimately peace. This is the real work…. Restoring harmony, balance and peace to ourselves and to the planet. Not through delusional astral practices or wishful thinking but through honest soul searching and truthful evaluation and assessment in our inner sanctum or secret garden.

Offering you many blessings upon your path to find your Lotus Heart.

In love and peace


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