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Becoming Conscious April 2015 Newsletter

We are now setting off on our second rotation through the Galactic Zodiac. On 19th April we entered into Aries which is Stage 1 of this alchemical process that has been referred to as the Magnus Opus or Great Work. This “Great Work” has been attempted to be described, replicated and imitated through the ages by many mystics, occultists and sages but basically for our purposes of understanding what we are working on with this, is the internal and external processes that are required in order that we may discover our true inner spirit, the spirit that resides within us, and so that we may heal our separation and dis-ease and become One with the God Spirit whilst on earth in this physical body.

Clearly, this statement alone points to the magnitude of the work – really it is a life’s work – and yet at this time in our ascension cycle when “time” is running so fast that we can sometimes barely keep up, it is clear that we are being pushed… not beyond our limits but in order that we may become limitless and in some sense free.

We could think of this last year, Galactic Zodiac round 1, as a type of “settling in” period, something to help us to get used to the temperature of the ascension waters, like dipping our toes in and testing the water first. Well now we’re fully in, some of us deeper than others but we’re definitely in and there’s no going back and climbing out unless it’s your time to leave and I sincerely hope it’s not because this is a pretty amazing opportunity we have for spiritual embodiment and biological ascension. We’re in it for the long haul so let’s dig deep and get this job done!

Aries of course is all about purification. The purification of our consciousness (or ego) through the process of exposure to fire. This fire is the kundalini fire that travels up the spine through the central vertical column and chakras clearing any blockages and debris that it finds in its path. This process occurs over and over again as we proceed through various stages of initiation towards enlightenment.

What this means right now in terms of our physical lives is that we will go through a process of purification of anything that is not in alignment to our highest potential at this time. This could mean purifying our thoughts, bad habits or behaviours (clearing negative ego) and also anything that has been hanging around unresolved for a while will be brought up to be dealt with and cleared away if it is draining our energy and is unproductive in our life. These negative types of things create a sort of drag on our energy field – as if we have things hanging off of us and sometimes we actually do! You know that expression “it felt like a weight lifted off on my shoulders”…? Well there can often be great truth in that statement.

So this purification phase can be a really exciting phase to go through as we address all sorts of issues and finally bring resolution to them. Starting a new business or a business deal that sends you off on an exciting new venture, a change of location or a decision made so that we can now finally see our next steps to take. This might sound like the same-old process that we go through often but if we are participating with the process of inner alchemy we will see that there is a difference this time around.

Having completed round 1, we are already alchemically changed to some degree. If you are on the planet you could not have escaped this but some of us will be more aware of these internal changes than others. You see if you are on this ascension timeline you will be changing, expanding and growing. Granted that some people choose to do this incredibly slowly but anyone who is actively and consciously participating with their own awakening process and is really committed to that process, they will be making changes on an almost daily basis and it can be really fast for some people. We really are being supported to get our internal work done fast now in relative terms although of course, there are still no shortcuts that are valuable and sustainable to our growth and ascension process. In order to learn we have to live through every experience and some of them are not nice but we do become stronger from them.

One of the gifts of Stage 13 Pisces that we have just completed, has been to gather together into a type of completion, all the work that has been done before and bring it into our awareness for acknowledgement of all that we have now become. Look back over this last year’s achievements and see how far you’ve come in your understanding of how things are on this planet or in your ability to stabilize and centre yourself more quickly when things get tough in life or perhaps in your ability to stay neutral when people around you try to drag you in to their dramas. These changes, no matter how small they might seem to be, are all signs of growth and expansion of your awareness and consciousness… it’s not all about being able to talk to beings that exist in other dimensions or tune in to what is happening on a planetary level in terms of clearing the False Christ architecture, although in due course this might be your role, but initially, for now at least, it’s about how to find inner peace, connection to God Source and how to open your heart and feel love again.

This can be easier said than done. Many people THINK that they can feel love but due to the emotional and spiritual pain that we have suffered here on this planet we have often had to shut a part of ourselves down, just to survive, so the love that we think we are feeling is not a real deep or true love. In many cases it stems from a type of co-dependence, expressed primarily to keep a connection with another person so that we don’t have to feel alone. Sometimes even in a committed relationship or a marriage we can feel incredibly alone even with our spouse/partner right there in the room with us. With awareness of our feelings of aloneness we might then search deeper inside and ask ourselves: What is the truth of this relationship? What is missing in my life? Is this what love truly feels like?

When we stop fighting ourselves and allow ourselves to see the truth of a situation it is not always what we thought it might be. Our natural state is to be love and feel love but mostly we tell ourselves we are not good enough, we are not doing enough, we will not succeed in life, we are not worthy of love… feeding ourselves these negative thoughts on a daily basis. These thoughts are usually connected to negative ego programmes that run in our minds and they are not helpful to us in any way, so recognizing that we give power to these negative thoughts is a very important awareness that we need to have in order that we may self correct this behaviour pattern and stop abusing ourselves in this way. Taking control of the ego mind, learning to neutralize it’s poison through awareness of it’s destructive potential and returning ourselves to inner balance brings peace and harmony into our lives and then we are reminded what love feels like and we are more able to invite it in. When we remain disconnected and abusive to ourselves we cannot feel love and we cannot draw it in, nor can we fully love another if we cannot feel love for ourselves.

As we come to recognize these negative mental looping patterns that we abuse ourselves with and begin to clear them from our body, alchemy occurs and even at a cellular or atomic level of our body this change is duly noted and it’s ripple effect occurs through all 12 dimensional levels of our body and beyond. A mini shift in consciousness occurs.

In order for us to keep recognizing destructive patterns within ourselves and clear them, we are first required to see them and so as we begin Stage 1 of our alchemical process for this year we can expect things to come up to be seen that we have perhaps never seen before or never wanted to see the truth of before.

The membranes between dimensional layers on the planet are shifting and drawing back and we are now in a pool with a great many other levels of existence, creatures and beings from other dimensional realities. Some of these may also be described as extra terrestrial beings and just hearing that word alone may be enough to instil fear in some of us. It is true that a great many of us have been abducted at some point in our life and at this particular time in this planetary ascension cycle, it is possible that some of us may begin to uncover memories of this in order that we can begin to clear the trauma from our body or even any implants that have been placed within our body or energy field at levels previously unknown to us.

When we face our fears, whether it is a fear of aliens or a fear of facing the truth, an alchemical change occurs within our body, mind and spirit and one by one our fears begin to diminish until they no longer exist.

This is a really exciting part of our expanded awareness when we get to the point where we can scan into multidimensional levels of our body to find and remove implants that have been used to activate negative ego programmes or destructive or abusive thoughts. In a sense, should we uncover an abduction or implantation memory it is a good thing. Not that we would choose to be abducted but if we have been then knowing about it gives us the opportunity to heal it. Although initially it might throw us off centre for a moment until we can collect our thoughts but then we can really work with this healing opportunity that has been presented to us.

Usually these types of memories only show up when we are really ready to face them. If we have a lot of fear around this type of thing, our conscious mind normally does a pretty good job at covering it up and keeping it hidden. Our conscious mind’s job is to keep us safe and it is not in it’s best interest to bring things up to us that are going to send us into a crisis that we could not handle, so rest assured that if these types of memories do begin to surface for you, that you are strong enough to handle them. Take a moment to re-centre yourself and then try to process it neutrally – if this all feels too much for you then please do reach out to somebody that you trust and that can support you through this – not somebody that will react hysterically to you or that will try to tell you that it was just a bad dream or that you are making it up. Worse still that you are crazy. This is in fact one of the ways in which the Negative Alien Agenda like to dis-empower us and keep us quiet… we are instilled with a fear that “if we speak about it, people will think we’re crazy and they might lock us up”. It IS a crazy world out there, but it doesn’t mean that WE are the crazy ones!

So much is revealing, there is a great deal of it that is rotten to the core and yet with a strong spiritual practice in place we can learn to be stable and find inner peace. This is the blessing that is available to each and every one of us when we find our connection with our inner core spirit and God Self.

May you hold stable through all that is revealed to you. May you find the strength to deal with the things you need to and May you feel the Love of the God within your heart.

Until next time…


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