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The Energies of Change

Becoming Conscious – July 2015 Newsletter

When the energies are as extreme as they have been of late, it can been difficult to feel anything even close to grounded.

On top of that, “the system” has been pushing us to “keep in line” in a myriad of ways. Whether we have had to deal with the medical system, educational system, legal system or banking system, they all have their individual systems set up to make things anything but easy to make it through and survive down here. Alternatively we have come across “cheats” and have have to resort to entering the system at our own instigation in an attempt to get justice. Clearly these systems are not set up to support a Starseed whose role and mission here is to bring frequencies in and shift density and old structures of control. Navigating this very 3D route towards truth is very draining for us.

Many of us have also been feeling a financial squeeze lately too which, if we are not awake and aware, can bring on feelings of “fear of survival”… will I be able to pay my bills? Can I keep a roof over my head? Will I be OK long-term – what happens when I get old and I can’t work anymore?

There is much talk about a de-valuation by 30% of the monetary system – that would mean that any money we do have would suddenly be worth 30% less and what we earn each week would also be worth 30% less. This is a very scary thought for many people. We can look at this and say that if people were not so attached to their money or material things that it wouldn’t worry them, but by the same token look at the average person in the street who doesn’t drive a fancy car or walk around in designer clothes and we will see someone who uses material possessions purely for their survival. Tell them that their weekly wage is worth 30% less when their kids are hungry and the rent is due! Tell them not to go into fear over money… Think of the number of people in the world that would face this exact same scenario and think of the wave of fear vibration that would be let off around the world if a de-valuation takes place. These people make up the mass consciousness – the mass consciousness would be in fear, shock and despair if this should come to pass. What we do know for sure though is that the banking system is run by the controllers therefore when they are putting the word out about this we know that there is a negative agenda at play here so we must try our best to stay neutral about this as otherwise we just feed their agenda. As always, when we can see the game they are playing, it makes it much easier to not engage with it.

It’s not so easy for us to say trust in the Universe and all will be well when we are seeing this type of scenario playing out around us and when we have already gone into fear but I do firmly believe that we must have trust in the Universe because that is where we find our connection to God Source and that is what makes us strong stable and grounded enough to weather this storm if it does eventuate. This is an example of a trigger event. If they can generate enough fear and expectation from people that it will actually happen, then they can make it work. We see them try many agendas but they don’t all take hold. They continually try to activate an Armageddon timeline but we/consciousness have overridden them many times before and they still continually keep rolling them out: AIDS, swine flu, ebola, Y2K, monetary collapse, wars etc. Unfortunately there have been some casualties but generally Armageddon has been averted and when we look around us at the amount of people that are waking up to their games this is really positive and at some point the scale will tip away from them and in our favour. We just have to hold strong for a while longer.

It’s sad to see though, that their tactics are becoming more aggressive over time. The recent mandatory vaccination law that was passed in California is one such example and as well here in Australia they have declared a withholding of income support for any unvaccinated child. This is a very aggressive stance that the Governments have taken and it is quite unsettling, so we wait now to see what will be “the straw that breaks the camels back” – what will it take for the people to rise up and say “no more”?!

Over the last month or so, as I mentioned, it has been tricky to stay grounded. Certain planetary alignments have added to this strange in limbo type of feeling that many of us have been experiencing because we have been pushed back into the past to collect soul fragments and clean up old wounds so that we can move forward in a more complete and cohesive manner. When our awareness is in the past or the future, we are not in the present and it is in the present that we find our strength and stability. When we are pushed back in the past, even though we may be doing valuable and much needed healing work there, we are not in the present and it is almost as if we are not really in our body anymore in the present moment. We must be vigilant to that and learn to stay present even when we are processing past situations. It is quite possible for us to do this we just have to get the hang of being multidimensional and present on all levels. Equally when we are worried about our survival through fear of lack of money or health, or fear of educational failure or legal system penalties, we are also not in the present and again we are out of our body. When we are not in our body clearly we are also not centred and grounded so things in our environment can affect us much more easily than usual.

Just as an astrologer would recommend using planetary influences to effect positive change, as we are still in polarity here, these planetary influences can create a negative outcome too. It depends to what you are aligned, how these energies will affect you and how you will choose to use them. As always, being in the neutral, zero point field is the best place to be so that we are not rapidly being pushed from pillar to post and not knowing where we are or what is happening to us. Staying centred, stable and grounded is the best place to be and from this place we can trust the Universe because from here our connection is the strongest and we know as a certainty that we will be looked after. When we are worrying and in fear, we just cannot feel the support from these planetary influences which at this time of ascension are intended by the Creator to be used benevolently.

New energies coming in

What can happen when “new” energies come on to the planet is that our body feels them and instantly attempts to repel them. If something is unseen and unrecognisable to us, it is natural and correct to pay attention as we really don’t want to be taking anything in without first reading its energy signature and discerning whether it is appropriate for us to take in or not. The problem is that if the energy is unfamiliar to us it may take a bit of time to work out what it actually is and we can begin to feel very anxious. During that time our body will be in “resistance mode” which can be very tiring to us on a physical and emotional level. The mental level will not really be able to get a reading or and understanding of this energy so it will probably busy itself with a whole load of extraneous mental thoughts as it is apt to do and usually these will create a level of stress and anxiety too as that is what the mental mind is particularly good at. Once we can recognise the energy and begin to ease into it and when “resistance mode” is switched to “acceptance mode” then the body begins to relax and we can go with the flow much more easily and new frequencies can begin to be absorbed into the body and integrated into our lives. It is even useful to have someone explain this to us when we are in resistance mode as just hearing this will help us to ease that internal pressure. It’s like someone saying to you: “It’s OK, I’ve got your back”.

We are affected by mass consciousness though, as we live here surrounded by it, so if the people that surround us in our day to day lives are all feeling the stress and strain of being pushed by these energies, unless we are aware of what we feel like in our own energy field versus what the outside surroundings feel like, then we can be affected by their energy and not even know it. This can make US feel stressed and anxious too. When we become aware that we are feeling this way but cannot attribute it directly to anything that is happening in our own personal lives at this time, then we can safely presume that it is energetic in nature and it could be our own shadow self or fear coming up or the impact of the mass consciousness. I stress the importance through a regular meditation practice, of learning to know what our own personal energy field feels like, so that we can better discern the source of any discomfort that we experience. Is it mine or am I being affected by other people’s stuff?

This repulsion of new frequencies that occurs is something that is both instinctual and programmed. Human beings are often very uncomfortable with change. Even though they love to go off on a holiday adventure and visit new places, they are most comfortable when they can control exactly which places they will visit and what they will do when they are there. If that control is taken from them they can quickly feel very insecure and unstable and even disconnected. It does take courage to let go of everything and just go with the flow and it can be difficult to stop the niggling fears about our safety and security from coming up. We can begin to experience subtle anxiety or even a full blown fight and flight response when we are pushed beyond our comfort zone. They attribute this to “the reptilian brain” – but we are not reptiles… have you ever wondered where this reptilian brain came from and how it got into our body? As our mental mind is governed by it’s control centre in our 3rd chakra (lower ego personality self), could it be that the reptilian brain is a programme designed to keep us in a state of constant vigilance, anxiety or fear? Sick with fear or stress? Massive amounts of low frequency energy would be generated by a whole population in this hyper vigilant state. And this would become the norm for us, to live in this low frequency state. Is it any wonder then that when benevolent high frequency energies pour unto the planet that most of the humans would repel them as being unknown, uncomfortable and thus something to be afraid of…? Could this be why it is just so darn difficult to “wake someone up” who is still living in their lower three chakras and repelling anything to do with their own spiritual light that exists above their waistline in their (4th, 5th and 6th chakras) soul triad body?

Our benevolent Universe is doing everything it can to get the frequencies in here but it just keeps meeting this huge repulsion zone and that is why those of us who are starseeds are the ones doing the work as the acupuncture points to get the frequencies in here, down through our bodies and into the planet. Is it any wonder that we can sometimes get completely smacked around by these energies and yet the 3D person sitting next to us at our workplace has no clue why we are always tired or so sensitive to things. What a way to feel like we really don’t belong on this planet! But in fact we DO belong here and this is exactly what we came here to do – to get these energies in here, because we can.

Our physical body is a fantastic alchemical vessel and we must learn to love it no matter it’s shape or size, for it’s ability to transform and hold frequencies that can incontrovertibly light up this planet.

So if you are one of those people wondering why you can’t quite find your niche, wondering what you are meant to be doing with your life or what your soul purpose is… rest assured if you are getting smacked by Universal frequencies, you are already doing what you came here to do and Thank You for doing this and for being here. We are still quite small in number and we need you on our team but it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do with your days. There is no value difference given whether you are quietly integrating and embodying Christ consciousness at home whilst working in your garden or if you are out there in the world sharing information or teaching workshops, just so long as you are participating with your own expansion and embodiment consciously. Every part of this benefits the planet and humanity in every way.

Effects of the physical body

Personally, I have found that when we are integrating these energies and it is so extremely hard on our physical body that we can hardly get out of bed and drag ourselves through each day, that we sometimes can feel a type of “disconnect” from our physical body. It can be tempting to want to be out of our physical body at times, particularly when we are in a great deal of pain, but it really is not the ideal thing to do. When we are not connected or in touch with our body, blockages can build up in the various energy channels and this in turn creates more pain. When these blockages are persistent and long-term they can cause us to worry and may lead to dis-ease or illness in the body.

At times of increased energetic stress on my body I have found that increasing my intake of nutritional supplements helps, as well as increasing my water intake. A change of diet might also be necessary… increasing green vegetables and minimising or preferably eliminating completely dairy, wheat and caffeine. I would recommend finding a naturopath or nutritionist who understands something of the nutritional requirements of the kundalini activation process but good luck with that as I think they are rare. Better to inform yourself first and then find someone who is willing to work with you to support you based upon what you know of your own body. Those types of practitioners do exist.

What has helped me most when my body is being pummelled is yoga and stretching. Admittedly there are days when getting my body down on to a yoga mat is just too much for me and on those days I have created my own version of seated yoga – neck stretches, shoulder rolls, foot rotations, leg stretches, side bends etc. Even these, done consciously, can be of great benefit. The trick with getting into your own body is through awareness and the breath. Whilst I love yoga, I generally don’t enjoy yoga classes as I often find the overlay of the guru/disciple principles and the chanting very disturbing. When we remember that pain in our body is a sign of blockage or resistance (even if there has been an injury or surgery) then that becomes our signpost of where we need to focus our attention. When we are in neutrality and not attached to an outcome but are approaching the blockage from a point of view of interest and curiosity we can open up that block and work with it. We need to breath life force into the block and communicate with it – saying “it’s ok to relax and let go”, “I understand your discomfort, it’s ok, I’m looking out for you”. Talk to your body as if it were a frightened child – it IS your inner child, a reflection of it anyway. If there is trauma and fear hidden within our body it affects our personal blueprint and it will be reflected outside our body too, like the micro and macro and by working with our body in this way we can also access these old wounds and trauma and release it. If current energies are impacting our physical body and getting blocked up, there is no flow, so we need to look at what is causing the block – place our awareness in that spot, communicate with it and really listen to what it has to say, witness it neutrally and it is in that neutral space that everything shifts and clears and balance is restored. The micro to the macro… when we do this with planetary fields the same thing occurs and balance is restored. Admittedly it may take a little longer for the physical changes to become apparent at a planetary level, but the fact that by unlocking something in our own personal blueprint and then watching the physical body respond to that change, it proves to us that this is how it works. As the planetary body is a reflection of our physical body we can get a sense of our own interconnectedness with the planet and our ability to make a difference in this world.

Going forwards

Today (1 July 2015) we have a full moon in Capricorn. This should make it easier for us to feel grounded as Capricorn is an earth sign.

For some time we’ve been working on clearing old wounds and revisiting old timelines and now that we’ve done that we are ready to move forwards again. There’s no moving gently and slowly now though because it’s full steam ahead! The energies that we’re coming into are pushing us to get on with the things that we’ve been saying for a long time that we want to do. They’re pushing us, encouraging us and supporting us. If you are passionate about something now is the time… there’s a window of opportunity for you to take this step towards change but you need to do it now if you want to ride this wave. If you’re not ready this time around, that’s ok too. The most important thing is that you honour what is true to your heart and explore and understand your motivations as to when to act and when not. This is a really important part of knowing ourselves and is part of the Law of Conservation – learning to know when to expend your energy and where from a place of inner knowing.

So potentially lots of changes on the horizon and currently I seem to be surrounded by a great many people who are on this exact timeline of change too. People are embarking on life changing journeys, travelling, new areas of study, changing jobs, new locations. All very positive and all very exciting.

Until next time… keep shining your light.

With love


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