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Knowing your own Mind

Becoming Conscious – August 2015 Newsletter

Since the time of Ophichius (last Nov/Dec) when the Universal Gates opened the intensity and frequency of the plasma waves coming on to the planet have been increasing on almost a monthly basis. This increasing intensity will continue for quite some time to come and probably for at least the next couple of years into 2017. We were forewarned of this… “to get one’s spiritual house in order to withstand some times of intensity”. There is a war over consciousness raging on this planet so therefore taking control of our own thought processes, staying out of automatron** behaviour, knowing where our thoughts come from, being conscious to stay out of fear and actively developing our consciousness through our connection to God Source are all required in our daily practice for Self Sovereignty and Freedom.

With the change of each zodiacal influence, new planetary alignment or configuration we are now beginning to receive the full activations available to us, free from any manipulation or filtering. It’s hard to imagine that planetary and stellar bodies could have been tampered with or obstructed from pulsing their frequencies on to the earth and yet we can see now that this has indeed been the case. That’s quite a huge concept to wrap our heads around and yet, not really any different to understanding how the Planetary Brain (or Planetary Logos*) has been infiltrated through a controlling agenda, which is something we have discussed many times before.

The incoming plasma waves have been very stressful on our bodies of late with a range of new or different sensations being experienced. As these plasma waves instigate a lightbody activation, of course we are experiencing “lightbody symptoms” or a “kundalini activation” so some of us are going through the expected anabolic and catabolic phase of that. Preferably we will be nourishing our bodies with the best foods and supplements possible to support this very physical part of our ascension process but interestingly as many people are travelling at this time and some of us are experiencing a colder than usual winter, or hotter than usual summer, it seems that we have been struggling to support ourselves in the same way that we usually would – there have been so many distractions. Access to those foods that make us feel vital and alive can be difficult when we are on the road and in airports and personally I find winter foods never feel quite as alive as summer foods, though shorter days do make it easier to get the extra rest that so many of us need at this time to help with the integration of these new energies.

As expected, we’ve continued to see an increase in the intensity and urgency with which the controllers, in the guise of the governments and others, are carrying out their agenda through this period of time. I am thankful to be watching from afar the Jade Helm project playing out mostly on American soil even though it involves and influences most of the rest of the world to some degree or another as this is not just a physical thing that they are acting out but rather they are energetically attempting to activate Armageddon timelines too with a view to making that their reality come 2017.

The levels of mind control that we are witnessing taking place is unprecedented and very disturbing and calls for us to practice “neutral witnessing” lest we fall into fear of their intended Armageddon timeline triggers. We cannot give our time, energy and consciousness over to worrying about the future in that way. It is not an agenda that serves us so therefore we must not direct energy towards it. What we should do though is be aware of it – not in denial of it – but have awareness of it in so that we may make conscious choices that do not engage with it and that bring us back into the knowingness of who we truly are which is not the mind controlled minions that they desire us to be. With awareness of their agenda and how they attempt to manipulate our thoughts and consciousness in this way we can override them through maintaining our inner spirit connection through dedication, meditation and clearing and shielding of our personal energy field.

Commonly right now we are also seeing an increase in the victim/victimiser programme, some people are puffing themselves up with self importance or self entitlement and others are feeling themselves as “less than” powerful. In fact we are all powerful beings and how we choose to use our power dictates the outcome that we will experience going forwards. If we give our power away and consent to the ego taking control we become a vessel of lower based forces of possession which blocks our higher sensory perception and breaks down our spiritual communication links. When we are in superior OR inferior thinking we must quickly recognize that work is required on clearing our negative ego in order to bring ourselves back into balance. Potentially either of these stances can leave us open to mind control and represent polarity thinking whereas humility represents the middle path or neutral field and it is one of the Spiritual Virtues of Christ. Humility then, is the key here as through humility we are able to reduce our need for self-justification and we can admit to and learn from our mistakes as well as make accurate assessments with a clear statement of the truth of a situation, with no ego involvement. Humility is the key to help us overcome many of these thought distortions which evolve into a host of ego defense mechanisms. If we can learn to sit quietly and witness ourselves and our behaviours from a neutral position we will find that our ego clearly displays itself and we can then learn to bring it back under control. The ego, however, displays itself in many ways… it certainly is not just someone who appears big headed, shows off or wants fame and fortune. As the ego programmes are run through each of our lower three chakras it involves a wide range of behaviours that can all be linked and traced back to weaknesses, uncleared trauma or pain in the personality self matrix.

Honestly, at this time, we are undergoing a complete assault on our senses. The attack is coming in from every angle it seems and the most important thing we can do is work on ourselves. So many people want to be out there saving the world, making a difference and being seen for what they are doing but it is true that much of that is actually ego driven and the person has not recognised that in themselves yet. The more they gather “followers” or “adoring fans” the harder it is for them to self correct. Really, we must work on ourselves first and continually as that is the only way we can be clear, connected, inner sustained and divinely guided.

The way to make changes in this world is through our consciousness not our ego.

As I’ve said before: the ego is a sneaky beast and it will try to trick you into thinking that its thoughts are your thoughts.

As a consequence of the incoming plasma waves we are also finding that the NAA is ramping up it’s technology of mind control and artificial intelligence and is trying to create more chaos and confusion in the environment. For Starseeds and Indigoes this might show up as self doubt, irritability, frustration or even a spooky feeling, like you are being watched by something that you can’t quite see. Other people are displaying very erratic or controlling behaviours, tantrums or even rage.

However, once we have achieved a certain level of negative ego clearing, because we are not sucked in to the dramas and manipulation that the NAA is creating it becomes possible to literally BE “in this world but not of it” – this is actually what that means. We are able to sense and see the chaos generated in the fields through their artificial intelligence, psychotronic technology of mind control and emotional manipulations but we become almost immune to it, certainly it doesn’t impact us in the way it would a being who was unaware and still plugged in to the system, (or “the matrix”). This external chaos that the controllers are creating may always be there but we can learn to navigate our way through it safely – rather like learning to fly under the radar in some sense or it could be likened to “an invisible act of power”. All the power is within us, and it is up to us to choose how and in what way we interact with the external environment. When we are being pushed, coerced or manipulated to engage with a person, place or thing, we have to look at that and ask who or what is the driving force behind it?

We have seen that various artificial intelligence fields are being created to lull people into an alternative reality. I have noticed of late that they have really ramped up the subliminal programming that is designed to make us want to “consume/buy/sign up for/engage with” their dramas and agendas and I have noticed this aggressive mind control being played out in some shopping malls I had to visit recently. I could “feel” it trying to penetrate my mind, appealing to me to buy things that I wouldn’t normally be drawn to as I am not a big shopper. It felt like as if the train I had been travelling on got diverted to a different track and I wasn’t told about it but I could feel the change of direction. I recognised that this “interest to buy things” was “not me” and I developed a headache as this thing, this programme, was trying to penetrate my mind but it’s frequency was so discordant to my field that it was a very clear red flag signpost to me. As soon as we sense something like this we must pay attention to re-align ourselves and clear out any infiltration in the field and this can be done very quickly with awareness. When we do this we might find possessing spirits, fallen angelics, artificial machinery, controlling thought-forms or implants. Again, with training we can learn these skills for self healing and clearing but we may need some assistance especially in the early stages of learning this art (this is known as dark arts training) or when something has really worn us down and we can’t quite access what it is that is “bugging” us. As always, this requires awareness to be able to sense and feel when we are not quite ourselves and more than ever before I feel that it is so very necessary to dedicate time each day to this practice of self healing, self knowing and self empowerment.

So with the understanding that things are intense in the world right now. With this awareness we can choose where we place our energy and thoughts and we can remember to stay awake to the mind control technology that has been ramped up. As this onslaught affects our mental body, it is affecting the masculine part of ourselves too and so because of this, humans in male bodies may be more affected than those in female bodies although we are definitely all affected by this as we each have masculine and feminine within us. We may recognise a level of aggression in the males that is not usual for them or we may witness a type of herd mentality amongst males that is disturbing to us. This is all part of the timelines that the NAA is attempting to activate. False King of Tyranny programming is being triggered in those who have not yet healed that part of themselves and so with awareness of that, once again, we can choose how we respond to that if we should witness it in our significant other or family member.

All of this is about awareness. With awareness it is so much more difficult to be blindsided and knocked off balance by something that is unseen and playing out around us energetically. This is why it is so important to have a context of understanding for these current timelines and it is also why quiet meditation time assists us “to know thyself” in order that we can respond from a place of right thinking and understanding.

In quiet meditation time, “sit still and know that you are God”.

With love until next time


* The Greek word logos (traditionally meaning word, thought, principle, or speech) has been used among both philosophers and theologians. In most of its usages, logos is marked by two main distinctions – the first dealing with human reason (the rationality in the human mind which seeks to attain universal understanding and harmony), the second with universal intelligence (the universal ruling force governing and revealing through the cosmos to humankind, i.e., the Divine). (

* reason that in ancient Greek philosophy is the controlling principle in the universe (

** automatron – A word used to describe the general sheep like population of a society. Thoughtless worker bees who believe and do what they are told. (


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