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Hidden Agendas

September 2015 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Many of us have been experiencing a very strange sensation through this last 60 to 90 day time period. It’s difficult to describe in exact terms but it has felt as if we are in limbo or in transition from one place to another. Many people have been having very vivid dreams of being in airports waiting to travel somewhere, searching through alleyways or corridors to find the right place or searching for a particular item that they just can’t quite describe or therefore find. Some of us have been feeling very disconnected from life, as if it is all passing us by and we are wondering what we are supposed to do next. We may be feeling as if we have lost a part of ourselves somewhere and just want to run away to a better place. Some of us have had all of these feelings all at the same time and it’s fair to say that this classifies as “an intense time lately” – as if I have never said THAT before!

Most definitely we are in a transition phase. We are coming to the end of a particular time cycle and we are coming into a dimensional shift. From now through to the end of September and into October massive shifts will occur both energetically and on a cellular and atomic level. Some of us will be more able to see these changes than others.

This shift occurs in our personal consciousness as well as in the planetary consciousness and is part of the ascension plan. Even though the possibility of making an organic planetary ascension has been taken away from us we still have to make these shifts through consciousness and shift the frequency of our body so this is a good thing and is to be welcomed. This shift cannot be stopped in any way but not surprisingly it is not welcomed by the controllers as it is counter to their agenda.

So let us understand that these great moves in consciousness don’t take place instantly. There are always windows of opportunity that open for a period of time and then close. In learning about the world of forces, we understand that it is much easier to achieve things when we have an energetic force of support working with us – when we have that flow to assist us, things get done much more easily and so we are in a time right now when we have a massive amount of energetic force supporting us to make a shift in consciousness. Not just in ourselves but this is also occurring at a planetary level and we have been moving towards this opportunity for growth, for literally eons of time – this didn’t just drop in place recently as a nice gift idea for humanity – we are talking thousands of years to get to this ascension timeline and this moment right now.

This shift is happening on a really huge scale of moving planetary forces, universal forces actually, towards a point in time whereby this whole harmonic universe in which we exist and which contains our planet and the solar system and all of it’s inhabitants, has the opportunity for a shift in consciousness and in fact a whole dimensional shift from 3D consciousness at a cellular and structural level to 5D consciousness at a cellular and structural level. Even base matter is changing and the frequency running in and around us will dictate our physical and planetary density eventually taking us to a semi etheric matter density state rather than the very dense state that we currently are. We will be completely governed by new Universal Laws of (Physical) Structure. We have to find our feet again in a world that may appear quite strange or alien to us in some respects. In effect, the balance of protons to electrons in our body is directly proportional to the amount of neutrons we hold in our field which in turn dictates our ability to be neutral. It is from this neutral field only that we are able to release ourselves from the lower frequency levels of the egoic-personality body both on a personal and planetary level. This shift therefore is a really big deal but can only be experienced from a state of neutrality. Again, this will not necessarily mean instantaneous change for most of us but for those who have been pushing up against the level of restriction that we have been subject to under 3D “laws” this release into 5D should feel like a breath of fresh air as a certain level of restriction will no longer be present.

For humanity and more particularly those of us on the ascension path this shift from 3D to 5D is very welcomed. Goodness knows we have been working towards this for long enough, but we must understand that this is more than just a shift in our awareness, this is a whole dimensional shift and so therefore everything changes in terms of the structure in which we now operate. It’s like as if the rules of the game are changing and we don’t quite know what that will look like yet, so this is slightly unfamiliar ground. We have entered new territory and we must keep our wits about us as we learn what this really means to us, but what we do know for sure is that we are not out of the woods yet. The controllers still want to control the 3D timeline and they will now have to do it via inorganic frequency structures – this is why we have been suffering some of the effects of the artificial intelligence that they are pushing at the moment. You may have noticed an increase in the number of cell phone towers that have gone up in your local area and this is part of their hidden agenda of mind control through psychotronic warfare which I have talked about in previous newsletters.

We also know that the 5D timeline has already been hijacked, so this shift to 5D means we are still not necessarily walking on friendly turf but there are certain Universal Structures that we now have access to that cannot be messed with in the same way that it was in 3D.

We must still do our work though as I have been made aware that the 5D New Age groups will be targeted much more aggressively in this new timeline as there are a very great many souls there that can be harvested. Currently we are seeing many of the people involved in New Age groups and organisations having a shift in consciousness – actually it is like watching them wake up which is strange because many of them thought they already were awake but in fact they had been lulled into the false illusion that is the False Ascension Matrix. Many are unplugging from the guru-disciple programme and others are working to release metatronic bindings and black magic timelines. It has been fascinating to witness the similarities between the soul-less slaves that were bound into Sumerian-Egyptian timelines and the proposed transhumanism agenda that is part of the Controllers intentions for this next timeline coming.

No, we are not out of the woods yet and so we must realise that what we align to or with, we become consubstantial to or with. This means that we really have to walk our talk. If we are saying one thing but doing another then we are creating a split within ourselves. Integrity becomes questionable for us then and whenever we have a split or a weakness in our consciousness we become susceptible to infiltration. At this time, the infiltration will most commonly be in the form of audio/visual holographic inserts that will look very much like our own thoughts or it might look like people we know coming to tell us something “very important that we need to know” or perhaps coming as a type of interference to keep us away from something that is actually very supportive to us. This is a common manifestation of something we call splitter/scrambler technology as well as being very metatronic in nature and we have to be really vigilant against this type of mind control.

Many of the New Age modalities or teachings have metatronic bindings and they can really do a job on a person’s mind when that person is trying to see through to the Truth. These energies are extremely vicious and seem designed to cause such a level of confusion in the mental bodies that a person may become susceptible to a breakdown or spiritual crisis to the point of possible psychosis depending upon the inner core strength that the person actually holds and is able to access at that time. It is interesting to note that the Spirit of Suicide can gain entry into the body through either the lower form worlds or also through the 11D Buddic Mind of a Starseed or serious Truth Seeker. This is specifically designed to interfere with the embodiment of the Avatar Christ Self and so as well we are looking at interference being brought through the 11th Stargate on planet – Stonehenge Gate – and this also affects the 11D body of a human. When we remember that when one reaches this level of spiritual ascension integration, the 11th chakra descends into the area of the throat chakra and replaces the 5th/5D chakra we can see why the Controllers would want to put in place a type of “fail safe” for those of us who have been able to move beyond the 5D level that they already control. So this is like a booby trap type of device deliberately designed for those of us that begin to access the 11D Buddic mind.

So as previously stated and in order to avoid weaknesses in our body we must develop congruency of thought and action which is spiritual integrity. Spiritual integrity continually strengthens our body. We must become consubstantial with the Spirits of Christ to embody the Spirit of Christ. Being consubstantial with something means that it is the same thing in substance or essence.

A truth is a truth and we may become consubstantial with it or not. Equally if we choose to lie or deceive then we are also choosing to become consubstantial with that type of behaviour. Each choice carries an individual energetic signature and vibration so when we become consubstantial with that choice our vibration becomes a match for it. The choice is ours but we cannot be both at the same time. How we choose to behave and think in every moment becomes the marker for our level of consciousness vibration. If we speak virtuously but behave in a way that is harmful to ourselves or others then our marker becomes that which is the lower vibrating of the two. This is not something that we can fake. It is as if the choices we make are written in our cells. In order to align to Unity Consciousness and to embody Christ Consciousness, which is one and the same, it is our complete fleshly body that must be able to hold that vibration. If we think or speak “high frequency” concepts such as love, compassion and harmony but then act out “low frequency” behaviours such as greed, jealousy, and lust then over time our fleshly body, the cells of our body and the structure of our body breaks down into that low frequency. The “high frequency” words are just that, empty words or concepts to us. We have not embodied them, we have not become them. Actions speak louder than words. By contrast if we speak “high frequency” and also behave “high frequency” then our body becomes high frequency too as we are choosing to become consubstantial to that.

So in this dimensional shift that we are entering these “markers” will be read and we will be assigned our next level of lifetime experience. There is no judgement in this, it is just the natural laws of physics, that we will be assigned to a time and space where our vibration most resonates. As an example let us imagine a math student that has not yet learnt division or multiplication… it would be ridiculous to put them in an algebra class. It would be far beyond them to the point of being nonsensical and it would probably be extremely uncomfortable for them to be there too. They would be much better suited to a class that could build upon their already achieved skills of addition and subtraction and that would take them quite naturally to their next step of learning math. There should be no judgement upon them because they are only at that skill set level, it just is what it is. With due diligence they can improve their skill set and evolve through the necessary stages of learning and growth.

Contrary to what is commonly taught in new age teachings, just because we are experiencing a planetary dimensional shift to 5D, it does not mean that every person’s consciousness automatically becomes elevated to that. They must still do their personal healing and clearing work to become consubstantial to that. If everything that surrounds us becomes 5D but our thoughts and actions are still 3D a split will occur within us due to the incongruency between the internal and external vibration and we may become just like the kid in the algebra class where things don’t make sense to us and feels very uncomfortable. The concern is that if we have a weakness in their energy body and a split occurs it is at that level that we may experience the holographic inserts and artificial intelligence that the Controllers are using. If a person becomes susceptible to that they will become trapped at a level of 3D consciousness and will become unable to evolve out of there as these 3D timelines are now becoming inorganic timelines which are only being supported by artificial frequency controls and they are actually consciousness traps.

If we have been doing our consciousness work and we have already elevated our consciousness to 5D level or beyond, then this dimensional shift, we would hope, will make our external surroundings feel more comfortable as there will be a closer vibrational match for us, internal to external and if this is the case then we may also begin to see those of 3D consciousness feeling uncomfortable in their new 5D surroundings in much the same way that we have been feeling for all these years since our awakening and still living in a 3D world that did not resonate with us. The tables are turning. With no context for understanding, this potentially could place huge amounts of pressure on our 3D loved ones so we may still have human suffering to witness which is another contradiction to the new age rhetoric of the shift to 5D being all about love and harmony. It will not be without some emotional pain that, with the benefit of a somewhat elevated vantage point, we may have to witness friends or loved ones make choices that will lead them down the bumpy path of a consciousness trap, rather than along an ascension path that is energetically supported right now.

It is necessary, that we begin to understand some of the Hidden Agendas that operate on planet. Since the time of the Reptilian Invasion in ancient times, the presence of aliens/extra terrestrials on this planet has been hidden from us. History books carry a false history. True science is hidden and we are given false science. We are schooled in this from an early age – we are programmed to believe what is given to us in these books and learning institutions and many of us gobble up this information with joy because we believe are expanding our knowledge. In fact we are being programmed to believe what they wanted us to believe and so in this awakening timeline of 5D now, if we are to discover the Truth of our existence, we must bit by bit strip back the layers of belief systems that we have taken on over time. This can be quite frightening for some people as it is often made up of many of their worst nightmares. We are seeing an increase in people being able to access the truth of what they have really experienced in this lifetime and others. Most of which has been erased from their memory. Some of these memories that we are accessing now are pretty wild but not untrue. We are seeing in often very gory detail what has been done to humanity on this planet and particularly those of us who are members of the Christic Families.

One Hidden Agenda that is very active on planet right now is the one of Transhumanism. We can see also the very deliberate attempt to break down the human body and its DNA through substances such as pharmaceutical drugs and food like substances, GMOs and the like and as well the vaccination programme which is extremely aggressive now. When our DNA is destroyed we cannot evolve as it is through our DNA that we are able to connect our consciousness through the levels to experience our personal Christ Consciousness. The Controllers know this about our bodies. It is something that they have tried to steal and replicate through their genetic experimentation and abduction scenarios but they cannot replicate this. Therefore they actually despise the humans for this ability to evolve their consciousness through the human body as a physical vessel and yet it is also why we are so valuable to them. They are very interested to steal our lightcodes and replicate our genetics. This is the ultimate Hidden Agenda. It is not comfortable to know, particularly when most of the people on planet at this time do not even know that aliens walk amongst us. Therefore, through necessity, and for the sake of revealing truth to the people of this planet it is likely that disclosure must come, sooner rather than later, in order that people can begin to see the Hidden Agendas that play out on planet and be informed enough to make conscious choices as to what they are actually participating with. It is time to create a level playing field so that we can see who the players really are. Without this type of ascension based information we really are at a very great disadvantage here.

Knowing that we hold the God Technology within us is our Saving Grace. When cleared of interference our body instinctively knows how to align to Truth and Freedom. It is our birthright. This is very precious to us and we should never engage with forces that threaten to take this away from us on any level. We do not need an intermediary in order to connect with God. We must work to align to our Inner Spirit and in any situation that may be a threat to us, consciously and continually declare our alignment to God Source and Christ Consciousness.

And so, until next time...

With love



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