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Locking down the Field

Becoming Conscious newsletter for October 2015

At this time of bifurcation and knowing that we are experiencing a complete dimensional shift, anyone awake and aware would guess that we would be likely to experience some chaos as we proceed through this particular time and space. So we expected something, but we didn’t exactly know how it would play out and what it would look like or what extra pieces (eg Artificial Intelligence) would be thrown into the landscape or added for extra spice.

Reading these fields has been interesting and really calls upon many layers of our multidimensional awareness to understand what we are looking at, as things happening on one level are impacting things unexpectedly on other levels and at times it feels like we are trying to keep numerous plates spinning on poles and running back and forth in between them to keep it all together and synchronised. In fact, in a sense, that looks like part of the agenda … to cause enough of an imbalance in one area so as to push a particular desirable outcome in another. At this moment, all the plates are still spinning – none have fallen but definitely we are feeling the instability and many of us are having to lock down the field, stabilise and build new structures and foundations to secure our intended future timelines.

When we come through a time of planetary bifurcation we need to understand that the mechanics of the planetary field ascension process causes the timelines and the lower dimensional spaces to elevate into the next higher octave level. (Let us create a visual image of the ocean floor lifting and raising itself up to be level with the surrounding landmass). We now have all this debris and miasma that existed previously in the lower dimensions lifting upwards and (in our visual example) spilling (over the land) into our physical reality. This debris is connected to the planetary collective mind of humanity and the planet and is comprised of all of its unhealed parts, disease, energetic blockage, infection, all the dark and debauched parts of humanity’s subconscious mind (fear, abuse, sex, rape, murder) plus memory and trauma from the planet itself. So when we remember the subconscious mind suppression that happens at 1D and 2D levels, when we look at the pain and trauma that people often have stored in their 1st and 2nd chakras, this collective pain and all of the fragmentation and entities associated with that, all of this is now being thrown up into our physical reality and as well is moving into group consciousness that exists at a 3D level and beyond that now due to this dimensional shift into the 5D level group consciousness field.

When we look into the planetary fields in recent months we can see this purging of the lower form worlds. It has appeared as a black sticky gooey like substance which is really difficult to shift due to its very dense and heavy vibration. When we come across it, it’s sloth-like quality is palpable even though it is on a driving mission and it will not stop as it takes on a creature-like form that literally snarls and licks it’s lips. It’s desires and greed is very tangible. These lower form worlds contain various realms of elemental forces such as the Baphomet fields and families of Fallen Angelics and as these fields are purged and shifted upwards these energies are being absorbed into the energy bodies of people who are fragmented or who are disconnected from their soul/monad. When the individual human being’s subconscious mind and therefore the frequency of their thoughts is a match for the Fallen Angelic field then it will be absorbed through their chakra system and they will become absorbed into or consumed by that field. Therefore the disconnected human being is a part of the fallen angelic collective in their subconscious mind levels. In a sense they are holding part of that collective in their body.

As we witness this shifting of density from the planetary fields it is clear that some of us will also be shifting into a higher dimensional reality but that others will not and they will be staying in the lower density fields.

A very important piece to understand in this is that whatever it is that we align to, we become a part of, as there is a vibrational match that is weighted in favour of the frequency that dominates our consciousness and this includes our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions and our actions. When we are in alignment with a whole planetary collective consciousness field our body becomes opened up to that consciousness field and it is absorbed into us or actually we are absorbed into it eventually to such a degree that we become completely taken over by the force that governs that consciousness field.

So to give an example of this let us image a person who is seduced and playing in the Baphomet consciousness fields. Baphomet is a satanic field that is in the earth and is created from a combination of the demonic entities and the fallen angelic races that reside there. The Baphomet sigil is used in satanic rituals to conjure the Leviathan races (who are Fallen Angelic/Annunaki hybrid/NAA/False King of Tyranny) and we can easily see the connection to Baphomet through the use of magic spells, tarot, hermetic kabbalah, (associations to Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi and various other occultists) as well as through the Catholic church’s reversal/black Madonna symbolism, child sex abuse etc, the sexual misery programmes (porn, S&M, emotional manipulation used to gain sexual activity etc) and Baphomet is also connected to the lunar energy and the ceremonies conducted at the various stages of the moon.

As the person comes more and more into alignment with this field, it absorbs through their 2nd chakra and begins to dominate their personality and lifestyle choices. Whereas initially it may be something they played with rarely, they may find that they want to engage with that energy more and more so that it begins to fill their thoughts and the way they express themselves in their day-to-day life. That energetic field begins to exert a type of gravitational pull on the persons aura drawing them further and further in to that field and in the worse case scenario the person becomes a vessel for the Baphomet energy and experiences a complete disconnection from their soul/monad and from God/Source. This can be very difficult for them to recognise of course as once they are absorbed into that field they have become that collective and so they “believe” that is who they are and there is a feeling of being in the right place within that field and as well various mind slides may activate that keep them bound to that field.

As much of this dark underworld energy is being shifted around at the moment, all is up for grabs and it is a particularly “dangerous” time to be playing with underworld energy. As these dark creatures are being evicted from the underworld as part of this ascension timeline they are up and about looking for human souls to harvest upon and bodies to inhabit. That sounds a bit macabre but it is actually a very real phenomenon and there is some good in this, as it will eventually lead to the complete eviction of these dark energies from the planetary field when the person carrying that energy passes over. Actually this is a moving out of this dark energy, though there is a bit of a process to get through before this cycle of eviction will be completed.

The dark energies are definitely making a play right now though and it looks like a type of smash and grab as they are coming in, grabbing what they can and engaging in a type of energetic feeding frenzy. I am seeing a particular “push” in the new age/spiritual arena as great numbers of people are quite naturally coming to connect with their spiritual selves as part of this ascension cycle and unknowingly they are being preyed upon by people in that arena who are (probably unconsciously) embodying the Fallen Angelic consciousness that is Belphegor*** who is “guiding” them to constantly be creating new age products and workshops that attract and hook in the newly awakening souls. Once they become a part of that energy it can be difficult to pull away from it especially when on one level it promises so much however we always have to “pay the piper” and that payment may come in a way that they didn’t foresee and this is true for both parties.

The confusing part is that mostly we are unaware of what energy governs the things that we might be tempted to “play” with. Did you know for example, that your favourite Golden Dawn Tarot Cards carry the insignia of Aleister Crowley, the famous occultist, black magician, sex magician and worshipper of Baphomet?* or that through your interest in Wicca you are actually calling up the energy of Baphomet (as the Horned God) and the Negative Alien Leviathan races through the Triple Goddess**?

At this time particularly we must be so extremely careful as to what we align with because we are moving from individual consciousness to group consciousness in the ascension cycle and so therefore the “pull” to align to a group consciousness field is even greater than before. As well, we are coming into a time of anchoring the Tribal Shield on the planet due to this dimensional shift and so many people are subconsciously “looking for their tribe”, looking for somewhere to belong. We must make sure that what we align to is going to take us on an ascension path and not keep us stuck on a hijacked plane or locked on to an old timeline that is being dissolved through this planetary shift. Hybridisation of humans is a programme that is still operational in the 4th and 5th dimensional levels so the Controllers are still hoping that people will choose this level of experience. Mostly this would be a path that people who are unwilling to look at or see the truth or face their own shadow will find themselves on. People who are lazy or complacent towards doing the inner healing and alchemy work to connect with God Source may find themselves here also.

I have been working quite intensively over the past five months or so, with a wide range of people who are all attempting to unhook themselves from the 5D False Ascension Matrix. They have mostly been unaware that this is actually what they are trying to do, as they do not have the language or recognition that this is indeed the case. Commonly people do not know of the False Ascension Matrix and if they have heard of it, then they do not see how they are a part of it or affected by it. This is very sad for me to witness. I am passionate about sovereignty and freedom for all human beings and to see the bindings that these people have had in their energy bodies of which they are completely unaware has been quite heartbreaking at times. It is so important that we now learn to discern energetic signatures so that we can easily assess and identify the governing energy behind things that we are considering getting involved with or studying because literally by engaging with that we are collaborating with it and we are giving our consent for it’s consciousness to enter our field. When we begin to explore new things and also when we are re-assessing the things that we are already involved with it is imperative to activate our Christ shield and begin to ask the right questions in order to receive back the right answers that are the truth and not some twisted half truth designed to deceive or dis-empower us.

The frequency split that is currently occurring on planet is occurring at the subatomic level of the blueprint of the consciousness of basically everything in creation. Therefore, there are groups of humans connected to a 3D blueprint, some connected to a 5D blueprint and others connected to various blueprint levels beyond 5D where Christ Consciousness timelines exist that allow for a full liberation of consciousness as these timelines are not controlled or hijacked. Unfortunately 5D currently still is. It is on these Christ Consciousness timelines that many of the Starseeds and Indigoes are holding Galactic shields and Christos shields for the planet and yet quite amazingly we are all appearing to exist on this same planet at this time and in basic understanding this shows that “what we align to we become”. If we align to and work with 5D teachings, tools and techniques then we become a resonant match for a 5D timeline. When we remember the histories of Tara which is 5D Earth and her sister planet 5D Tiamet and how these were exploded and parts of the Christos/Sophia consciousness became trapped there in that phantom matrix, then we can see that shifting on to a 5D timeline affords us the opportunity to reclaim our lost parts of consciousness that may have also been trapped there at that 5D level. However we must strengthen ourselves to stay aligned to Christ Consciousness while we do this reclamation work as this involves connecting with the Fallen Goddess/Sophia energies that were used against her (Sophia) will to create parts of the Baphomet fields. As we attempt to claim these unhealed parts of ourselves if we are not vigilant we can become a part of them once again and it is sad to witness many beautiful souls become trapped into working with the Fallen Goddess when they think they are working with the Divine Feminine/Sophia. Once again, we get to see the reversal of the Mother and how it is used against us.

Currently we have all of this going on and as well we have not even touched on the Artificial Intelligence programmes that also are aggressively playing out on planet in an attempt to capture and harvest souls via a different avenue.

In a similar way in which a dark collective consciousness may enter a human body, the NAA are also attempting to enter our body through artificial frequencies. Indeed this IS a battle over consciousness!

Our ascension and awakening occurs through our DNA. When our bodies are bombarded by artificial frequencies in the form of vaccinations, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, gmo, chemicals etc there is a change in our DNA to the extent that in some cases it may be damaged beyond repair. Research is available to show the DNA damage that is sustained by animals fed a GMO diet and also we can see the effects of radiation frequencies on the sunflowers that are growing around the area of Fukishima. This information is commonly available on the internet if you’d like to check it out further. But what is occurring now is the attempted takeover of our consciousness through the introduction into our body of various substances that have the ability to break down our DNA and lower the overall frequency of our body to the extent that we can be much more easily programmed through mind control frequencies via television, cell phone and artificial thoughtforms. You may have noticed the extreme increase in radio/cell phone towers going up in your area recently and this is worldwide.

The introduction of 3D printers to create artificial limbs which they then hook up to brain wave patterns, the suggestion that by 2050 sex with robots will have completely overtaken sex with humans and further the brain mapping and consciousness downloading from a human into a robot are all very clear indicators of a Transhumanism Agenda that is alive and kicking on this planet and that is their intended plan.

We CAN command and protect our space. We CAN remain Sovereign and Free but we MUST become and remain ever vigilant to the games and agendas of the dark forces. Ignorance is NOT bliss and we must ALWAYS seek the Truth in everything that we choose to align to. Ask the right questions. Be willing to make the necessary changes and state your intention to align to God and Christ Consciousness LOUD and CLEAR.

Until next time. Stay in Truth.
With love





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