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Transforming our Relationships

Becoming Conscious Newsletter for February 2016

In recent times, we are becoming aware of so much of what has been hidden from us on planet and it is hardly surprising that we come across people who just do not want to hear the truth of such things. To be able to listen and face up to the truth one must be strong, resilient and stable as the potential always exists that we may come across information that will change our view of the world and shatter all the illusions upon which we have based our life. It is always difficult to be the bearer of such information and yet, is it the right thing to do to keep it hidden and perpetuate a lie?

There must be some sort of resonant match between the people sharing information and the people searching for information… then and only then will the information be received and heard. It may not be comfortable to hear but it can be received and the person may then choose to accept what they hear, research more or reject what they have heard or what they have been shown. This is our free will and choice – we get to choose what we believe and if we wish, we may still choose to believe the lie.

With the technology that exists off planet, the archons were able to work out how to implant humans with particular thought forms of their own design. These have been placed into human consciousness without our knowledge and awareness and therefore without our consent. It perhaps seems a far stretch of our imagination to accept this as truth and yet actually, this is just one small part of a huge alien agenda that governs all of the main organisations with whom we have to engage at some level during the course of our existence on this planet. It is interesting to note that the word organisation is derived from the Greek word “organon” which means organ. These organisations are often also referred to as entities. These are all so intricately linked: Is it any wonder that governments continue to deny the existence of any kind of exo-politic agenda?

Hollywood are playing their role in confirming what some of us through our own personal experiences know to be true and yet for those who have not had these same experiences, they see this as just fiction. In my personal experience I have seen that the truth is actually stranger than fiction but when attempting to share something that has been revealed to me, because of the fact that it IS so wild, my listener will often mind slide the information I have shared – literally they can no longer hear a word I am saying or alternatively they will attach to a movie scene that has depicted something similar and try to tell me that this only happens in movies. The same part in the movie that gave me an eerie confirmation of their agenda, for them is a convenient way to dismiss my experience as fiction. Is this a deliberate ploy by Hollywood to confuse the population so that we don’t know what to believe: so that we can no longer tell truth from fiction? Using only our mental reasoning that would surely be true, however for those of us who are developing our spiritual lightbody and expanding our consciousness, we are moving away from relying upon an easily programmable mental mind to having the ability to read the energetic signature of a truth vibration with our higher sensory perception, inner knowing and direction cognition. Once we are clearly aligned and our Authority is with God our minds cannot be messed with as they like to do and nothing can take away the truth that is within us, accessed only by our own consciousness.

As hidden world truths are opened up and can be seen more easily we must safeguard ourselves from becoming overwhelmed and yet at the same time shutting down and refusing to see is also unhelpful. Putting in place a consistent spiritual practice of prayer or meditation helps to keep us balanced, open and responsive to the plethora of new information that is revealing all the time.

Transferring to a new timeline

There are definitely times on this ascension path where we may be feeling pushed to our limits. We have all the relative strain of a 3D life to deal with as well as personal, alchemical and prototyping processes of which we are a part. Ancestral and genetic clearing has been coming up strongly for people in recent months as well as tribal clearing and with all the work that has been occurring in regards to the 1st and 2nd chakra issues, guru/disciple programmes, we could have guessed that sexual issues might begin to surface too at any moment due to the connections between the moon chain beings, lunar forces and the Dark Mother that are all heavily involved with these same 2D issues and programmes.

Through all of the work that we have been involved with over the last seven or eight months in regards to unravelling the guru/disciple/cult programming, finally we are beginning to see that a sufficient amount of the binding and siphoning cords have been dismantled to allow the release from the 5D False Timelines where many starseed and indigo people have been stuck in a Phantom Matrix and we are beginning to see them start to be pulled out of there and placed upon an ascension timeline.

This is in direct willingness to their participation in their own process of healing and release. They have given their consent to move away from these programmes of control and have actively let go on a physical level of the belongings, processes, rituals and connection that they once had, recognising now that these were the very things that held them there locked and bound in.

Many beings are still experiencing levels of shock and confusion though. They are unable to make the decision to shift unto a new timeline as they are still blinded by the trust that they placed with their guru or leader. Levels of betrayal and denial are still running through their system and some are struggling with another level of Dark Night of the Soul as they try to process their way through this still wearing the blinkers that have been placed upon their eyes at 4D and 8D levels. Often people are engaging in what they perceive to be sacred sexuality but which is in fact sex magic that locks them into the distorted 2D Baphomet/Dark Mother fields and the sexual misery programmes of the NRG grid.

Sexual misery programmes

As a human being we have a fundamental need to experience deep energetic connections with other human beings. Most human beings would like to form an emotional relationship with another person and for that relationship to develop to the point that a deep and fulfilling level of shared intimacy can be achieved. Most, if not all of us would love to be in relationship with someone who loves us for who we truly are, accepts us and cherishes us. For those of us on a spiritual path, this longing for our Soul or Monad to be seen and recognised and the desire to meet at that level with another being becomes even more important as we begin to become “all that we Truly are”. Our personal evolution is to journey to find sacred union with God, through sacred union within the self, thus experiencing sacred union with others.

In order to achieve shared intimacy, both partners must be willing to be emotionally available to the other as nothing short of complete truth and openness will suffice if the relationship is to become one of sacred union. If one partner desires a relationship with their soul mate or monadic mate and yet if that level of consciousness is not available to be accessed within their current relationship it can cause deep frustration and dissatisfaction for the person desiring this deeper connection.

Intimacy requires a very deep level of vulnerability and many people are not comfortable or secure enough within themselves to be put into a position where they have to be so exposed to another person. People often carry deep wounds from their experiences in this lifetime and unconsciously from others. They may still hold fear, anger, rejection, hurt or feelings of abandonment that they have not been able to process or heal yet and therefore being pushed to go deeper into intimacy may be intensely painful for them and will often exacerbate cycles of victim/victimiser, a shutting down of the heart and it may create a blockage to any further attempts at intimacy. While this pain is unresolved, intimacy is not possible, emotional growth is stunted and so to, is spiritual growth.

We often classify the word “intimacy” as referring to sexual play between lovers however intimacy is actually the experience of emotional closeness and this can only be achieved when two people are open with each other and share their true feelings, thoughts, fears and desires. This can only occur when trust is present between the couple and they feel able to be vulnerable in each other’s presence. Without intimacy in a relationship, one or both parties can feel very lonely. Generally it is men who find intimacy more difficult and this is partly due to how society perceives the male should act in relationship although sometimes it is a lack of emotional vocabulary that causes the difficulty. Women too can feel extremely uncomfortable with intimacy at this level, particularly if she has experienced abuse, rejection or abandonment. Men and women can suffer similar emotional wounds although society places different expectations on how this should be dealt with or expressed based upon gender.

It is completely possible to build intimacy skills providing the couple are willing to work together to create a safe space for sharing and openness and even if one partner is more hesitant or unwilling, then the one who is willing should still practice open sharing and allow themselves to be vulnerable in that sharing. Once emotional distance becomes a habit the likelihood of relationship breakdown is increased. The partner who is ready to develop the relationship to a deeper level can begin to gently model the sharing of feelings and emotions and in time this may become a learned behaviour by the more hesitant partner.

It is very common for one partner to share with their best friend what is bugging them about their partner. The best friend gets to hear what the friend’s partner did wrong, how they caused upset, what the friend needs or desires in that relationship. Often the best friend gets to hear more than the partner. He or she may be going about his/her day not even realising the something that was said three weeks ago in a rash moment is still festering inside their partner’s thoughts and consciousness and causing upset. But the best friend might know each detail of that event intimately. What is wrong here? Surely this person should have been addressing his/her partner with these concerns? How can the best friend help to repair the relationship hitch in any other way than by being a sounding board for the friend? Perhaps that is useful for a while, but a festering emotional wound is never pretty and it rarely goes away of it’s own accord, hence why so many of us have so many emotional wounds, pain and trauma. Unspoken pain causes dis-ease and breakdown on many levels.

When intimacy is not present in a relationship, sex is often used as a tool for control. Many women prostitute themselves to their husbands for the sake of a comfortable lifestyle. Many husbands use their wives as a receptacle for their semen – I’m sorry to put that so bluntly but where is the love? Where is the intimacy in the relationship which could potentially be a sacred union in which the act of making love can be felt and expressed on multidimensional levels – as a way to love, honour and respect the divinity that is within each being and to consummate that spiritual marriage through all space and time.

We might desire to extend our relationship to include a level of sacred sexuality however for that to be possible we need to become aware of and actively work to clear, levels of programmes and distortions around all of the sexual misery programmes, artificial intelligence (AI) and gender and relationship breakdown systems that are in force on the planet today. If we are running any of these programmes in our own bodies they will distort our perception of reality. All of our fears, trauma and insecurities will be used against us, to make us believe things that are not true and this will sabotage our attempts at creating a sacred union partnership with our mate. I am not intending to make this sound so incredibly difficult that nobody in their right mind would want to attempt this, however, what I am saying is that there are lots of influences that we need to become aware of if we are to have the best opportunity to be successful in our relationships.

Attempting to have sex more often does not create intimacy and a lack of intimacy in sexual relationships often drives longing, craving and addictions, which attract sexual vampirism. Fetishes, perversions and pornography get in the way of true intimacy as they feed an inorganic siphoning structure that is designed to break apart and interrupt true union between couples and a person with this type of addiction matrix actively running in their field can easily be used during the sexual act as a dark portal by imposter spirits and entities. This also makes it more difficult for the person who is actively working to clear their own sexual misery programmes, as their partner’s unhealed addictions will definitely increase the workload due to the astral debris and karmic superimposition piled upon them as well as sexual siphoning which is common in these types of situations.

In order to expect our partner to be intimate with us, we must be willing to address our own fears of being intimate. If we are unwilling to express ourselves truthfully and honestly to our partner, how or why should we expect them to express themselves to us? Are there things we would tell our best friend but not our life partner? If so, we must surely ask ourselves: why is that?

We must be honest with ourselves. Are we blaming our partner for lack of intimacy when we are withholding great chunks of ourselves too? Are we withholding love from this person as a type of punishment in the hope that they will somehow miraculously “get” what it is that we need from them?

Are we asking for intimacy and honesty and yet at the same time feeling that certain subjects or areas of discussion are off bounds or taboo? Are we willing to hear ANYTHING that our partner has to say? (Even the darkest things?) We certainly might prefer that they have nothing too dark to share with us, but is there a limitation to our space of sharing? Is there an unspoken boundary that we must not cross?

We must be discerning with where we place our trust and with whom we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. If we don’t trust our partner enough to be honest with him/her… If we fear for our safety if we speak truthfully… we should then perhaps ask ourselves… am I actually with the right person? Are my expectations for this relationship realistic or am I in magical or deluded thinking?

Clearly, a skillset needs to be developed in order to experience true intimacy with intent to develop the relationship into one of Sacred Union. Each person will be at his or her own level with this and it is something that can’t be rushed and that develops naturally with our emotional and spiritual growth. There is a massive agenda on planet to prevent sacred union partnerships and so therefore we are also required to be committed to this process on many other levels of our day-to-day life. The first level of sacred union begins within and with our own personal commitment to grow our spirit, to know ourselves and to connect with God. As we practise these skills in our day-to-day lives it becomes easier to bring them in to our relationship with our partner.

As a guideline, our interactions with our partner should be one of mutual respect and total transparency.

There should be no ambiguity, sarcasm, manipulation or deception.

  • Nothing should be hidden or concealed.
  • There should always be a safe space to speak without judgement, blaming or shaming.
  • Awareness should be held that at all times the highest potential for healing and growth should be available for each party and for the relationship.
  • Verbal, mental, emotional, physical, sexual or spiritual abuse should not be present at any time.
  • Expectations should not be present – there should be a natural coming together in harmony to create support for each other.
  • There should be a commitment by each partner to be willing to spend time together doing something that you both enjoy.
  • Special moments together should be acknowledged – simply affirming to each other how much you appreciate each other. Saying Thank You, I Appreciate you. Saying I love you and really meaning it. A moment of touch. Eye contact. A smile. Sitting together. Holding hands as you walk. Each of these should be acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Take time each evening to share the contents of your day with each other. This helps to bring an understanding of the events that may influence our partner’s mood each evening: the fact that they feel tired or irritable; that they need space or company. This builds intimacy and we feel heard and understood.
  • These are all very simple things and yet they build intimacy and connection and can radically change a relationship from one of being too busy and distracted to acknowledge each other; to one that can actively build a foundation of trust, caring and heart felt connection.
  • When we choose to be with someone, there is a reason why we are with that person. There is an opportunity for growth and learning with every relationship, every person that we come into contact with. There is a space for growth and learning when we are in between relationships too as it is always a preference not to carry unhealed wounds and pain into the next relationship as there can be a tendency to recreate the same situations over and over until we work it out and clear it.

At all times regardless of our relationship status we have the opportunity to heal and evolve. It is completely possible to leave a 3D relationship and move into a soul mate relationship. A speedy growth process may require that we have to move again quite quickly into a new relationship, this time with our monadic mate. When we maintain focus upon what we need for our own personal growth from each relationship – not from a place of expectation or pushing but from a position of neutral witnessing – we may become aware that our mate is choosing not to grow with us at this time. This might necessitate a separation and as painful as this is we might decide that it is necessary for us to move forwards alone for a time. At any point we could also become aware that our partner is changing… there may be a new softness there, he/she may be listening more intently and we might become aware that they are processing their own level of growth and awakening. The choice is ours as to how much space and time is comfortable for us as we wait for a new level of balance to be achieved within the relationship. It might never happen. We might have already drifted too far apart and yet perhaps for some of us with a bit of patience and compassion for our partner we might find that intimacy is developing. We might be fortunate enough to witness our relationship move to a new level and begin to realise that true sacred union is more than just a potential for us.

In whatever way our relationships develop we can still find kindness in our hearts if we choose to. Recognise that we are each walking an individual path and that some paths entwine for a lifetime and some do not. With kindness in our hearts for one another we may find that our path becomes much gentler and softer to walk upon and we may have some pleasant company as we walk.

With loving kindness, until next time…




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