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Setting a New Course

July 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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New energies coming in

The shift from June to July was so intense for some of us that it was completely palpable. There was no subtlety at all with the frequencies that came in – they were specifically purposed to help shift our consciousness. These energies seemed to come in as laser focused plasma waves and almost overnight the energy on planet shifted. Many of us could feel this light frequency penetrating into our third eye area, reconfiguring our perception of what is real, valuable and important to us and then recalibrating our brain and thought processes to reflect that. We were feeling pushed, squeezed, stretched in all directions to further the molding and shaping of who we are to become.

The new moon was not due until 4th July, but days ahead we were already beginning to feel its effects – also gearing us towards a new beginning, a new intention or course of direction perhaps. Having seven planets in water signs at that time, including Chiron, may have made some of us feel very emotional, for the whole of that week in fact, as current planetary influences are still asking us to look at what is true and what is not, what is real and what is not and this process of questioning has been ongoing for several months now.

When we first discover that “things are not all what we thought they were” it can be an absolute shock to the system. Facing the truth of what is revealed to us can be difficult and there usually follows a process of adjustment and integration of any new reality that is created as an outcome of that. This can be really hard for people – feeling lost, abandoned, betrayed – the end of a fairytale – a story with a very different ending… This stripping away of belief systems and ideals is somewhat akin to a type of shamanic death or a death of the ego self.

With four planets in Cancer we are going into some really deep emotional areas in our belief systems and in our relationships, so that can be challenging and especially if there is anything that has been suppressed, unspoken and covered up, well, here it comes again… pushing us into the uncomfortable and challenging areas that we don’t really want to look at, but kind of have to if we want to evolve and grow. All of that may be coming up now to be cleared away, so not such a pleasant time for some people but for those of us who have managed to keep up with our emotional clearing work at least to some degree, well we might have felt a sense of excitement, as a new moon is all about beginnings and these new beginnings are very exciting indeed right now as we are being given an extra boost to step out and be noticed for our gifts and talents and for who we truly are. There is a definite push right now and the shift in Mars from retrograde to stationery to direct means that those projects that we’ve been trying to get off the ground for a little while might actually start to fly, at last!

Interesting though, that I noticed a tendency with this intense energy, for some people to want to dismiss it and back away from it somehow. So, rather than acknowledging that the energy was bringing up some unhealed emotional part of themselves that they needed to work on, people were choosing to just blame it on the planets and move on. It appeared as if, so keen they were, not to have to dig into emotional issues, that they wanted to by-pass it completely – perhaps they were unaware that they were missing a wonderful opportunity for healing that was being presented by this configuration of the planets. Perhaps it is the fashion to choose to not be held accountable for what we create and to blame something or someone else?!

Everything is an opportunity for healing if we choose to see it that way, so perhaps instead of passing off an opportunity such as this with the brush of a hand, going forwards we might instead choose to notice ourselves feeling emotionally wobbly, we might acknowledge that planetary influences are making us feel that way but then we might choose to take the opportunity to look at exactly what it is that we are feeling – really dig deep and find what exactly it is that is coming up to be cleared. The sign of Cancer is often connected with the past – old emotions, old grievances, so using the energy to our advantage in this case might have meant that we could have cleared some old emotions and then set a new intention at the time of the new moon to take us forward and create a new life, free from the burdens and constraints of the past. Although we sometimes have to re-visit things a few times to fully deal with them, once we have healed something, it no longer continues to be a trigger. When it’s gone it’s gone. The timelines that once had us held in emotional turmoil and pain are dissolved and they become historic, so it’s really worth putting in the work to deal with it.

Control versus Freedom

As astrological influences are still pushing us, as they have been for several months already, to look at issues of control versus freedom, many people are breaking away from the things that have held them locked to something – a belief system, a relationship, a specific teaching or way of looking at the world… and we are seeing this urge to push forwards to create new ways of being in the political arenas of many countries too. For every person that wants to break free, there are those who try to hold on to the status quo or to what is already in place and at those times, some try to force control even more – I’m thinking of Brexit here and the vicious political campaigns going ahead in various countries. Breaking free of something always seems to take more energy than it does to stay put, so many of us have been in something of a struggle in recent months as we strive to step outside of something that we feel no longer serves us, to be recognised for who we are as an individual soul on our personal journey and to honour the truth that speaks to our heart. Often we meet with much resistance when we do this.

The influence of Chiron is very strong right now too. Chiron is often referred to as the wounded healer and as painful as it is to work through our Chiron wounding, it is also extremely powerful as a healer – arguably THE most powerful healer. It acts as an alchemical catalyst really, as for each time we overcome a wound inflicted upon us via Chiron, the alchemical reaction creates an enormous vibrational shift in the body and equivalent expansion of our consciousness. It is worth checking up to find out all about your Chiron wounding if you don’t already know what it is. I have found personally, that each time I manage to break through a level of this wounding I am rewarded with a deeper level of compassion for my human family on this planet as well as an expansion of consciousness that helps me to understand just a little bit more of why people behave as they do.

From this point now and on into next year we are entering a period of time in which an opportunity for accelerated growth and spiritual expansion exists. This is supported both astrologically and also as part of our current ascension timeline. For those who truly desire to break free and to be who they truly are, a very real opportunity exists and if we are able to make the necessary changes in our mind and consciousness then this may prove to be one of the most important and pivotal times in our consciousness journey this lifetime.

Spiritual Revolution

This coming period of time could be called a spiritual revolution in a sense as not only are we expanding our consciousness to become aware of dimensions and other realities of existence that are external to ourselves but we are also discovering new levels and dimensions within ourselves. We are perceiving a more spiritual connection with everything and everyone rather than just the people in our tight little group, so there is an expansiveness to this energy.

Rather like in the sixties when people flocked to eastern religion and cults to gain spiritual direction, now, at this time, more and more people are moving away from dogmatic cults and groups and are finding their own spirit within themselves – allowing it to fly free within them and allowing themselves to be totally inner directed and heart guided. We are able to do this more now because we are finding our own connection with the Divine – a direct connection with Source – that allows the energy to filter down and we are becoming inspired from the inside out, thereby allowing much more creativity in our approach to life. We are being inspired to create art, to create music, to create beauty, to create a beautiful life and we are more able to shrug off insecurity, fear or paranoia of all the apparent things that could harm us. There is a new level of confidence building within us right now and even though we understand and acknowledge that there are things to be aware of that may be detrimental or harmful to our health (on many levels), we are shifting our consciousness and we are leaning towards the empowerment that comes with the knowledge that, to a great degree at least, we do indeed create our own reality. We are going all out now to create the reality that we want. Not in a greedy materialistic way, but in creating the health, peace, harmony and balance that our hearts desire. Show me one person that deep down doesn’t want that?

Whether we look at spiritual empowerment, psycho-emotional healing or healing of the physical body from various disease states, we are at a time like no other as we have so much available to us. It is no longer necessary for us to be told what to do as in the old paradigm of the doctor/patient relationship or the guru/disciple relationship – we are taking our power back now, we are researching and investigating things for ourselves because we are not dumb – we don’t need to be told what to do, what to believe. We are intelligent people and it is our choice and our power and although at first it can be a bit scary to walk our path alone, when we are brave enough to set out on that journey, very soon we realise that we are not alone after all as many brave souls walk this path along with us and upon this path more true caring, sharing and communion exists than we could ever find in a controlled group. Think of the pioneers who set out across the oceans and the lands to create new lives for themselves… sure they may have been attacked by outsiders on their travels, but the pioneers themselves helped each other and supported each other and together they broke new ground. If some chose to go in a different direction and leave the group they wished each other well upon their chosen path. When we look at the larger landscape of what is happening on planet at this time we don’t see much of this being modelled… We see countries arguing, voters arguing, leaders lying and backstabbing to gain supporters. We see people fighting each other, cops fighting people and people fighting the system. Really? Is this how it was meant to be down here? Where is the humanity? What can we do to change it? For sure, we are at a time of planetary rebirth and we are all being affected by these energies – not just those of us who are interested in spirituality and ascension!

“World peace starts with inner peace” ~ Dalai Lama

We know that everything has a frequency or vibration and we know that we draw things to us that are a match for our vibration, so it hardly needs stating again that if we focus on things that stress us and cause an anxious reaction in our body that the health of our body, mind and spirit will reflect that and we will suffer. What we see in the world around us and what we know of hyper-dimensional interference could definitely be classified as worrying, stressful and upsetting but we must not let it sink our ship. Instead – to coin a phrase, we must be the masters of our own destiny!

Looking forwards, what is the best version of yourself that you can see? In that vision are you happy, healthy, creative, peaceful? And are you able to direct your thoughts so that you don’t dwell too long in negativity or self judgement?

If you answer No, then right off there is some direction for you – it has shown you what you need to work on.

Our thoughts create our reality

Many of the world’s “leaders in thought” are speaking about this right now – that we create our reality through the power of our own thoughts and this is something that I am passionate about too. It has been said that when enough people (144,000) raise their consciousness vibration by one degree, we create a ripple effect that raises the vibration of mass consciousness by a fraction of a degree. I don’t intend to stop at just one degree – I plan to raise my consciousness as high as I possibly can, just because ultimately that is the divine plan for humanity – or those that choose to do so anyway. There is heaps of material on the internet and you tube if you are looking for inspiration on how to heal and create your own reality and I do hope that what I write in my newsletters and via what I share in the forum area of my website is inspirational too, but no matter where you find your inspiration – whether you find it walking on the beach, in a yoga class or in your garden – make sure you go out and get yourself some!

Astrologically everything is here right now to support us with birthing the new – we really have it all… helping us to let go of the old… and beautiful energies coming in to assist us to create the new – this is absolutely a time not to be missed! Of course, some of the clearing out can be painful – but we know this already… this is a fact of life that we are never going to be able to side step, so we must accept this and move forwards anyway. Do you know of any woman’s labour that wasn’t uncomfortable or painful as she birthed the new? If we choose not to proceed, because we can’t face it, then we must acknowledge that we are choosing to press the pause button on our life and creativity to some degree. I sincerely encourage you to move forward though as I genuinely believe we can all do this – we can all move forwards and create a beautiful peaceful life. It’s kind of what we were designed for – spiritual growth and expansion, and our birthright is ascension! These are the baby steps right here and these steps are only just going to keep getting bigger, so come on let’s get some work done and create a new reality and a higher dimensional experience for all of us!

Until next time – stay true to you and keep moving through.


© 2016, Karen AnTara

All rights reserved

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