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Within the recognition that I am a free and sovereign being I cannot be trapped in a matrix. This can only happen if I willingly choose to believe that I am a victim or powerless plaything. Once I recognize that I am a divine, sovereign co-creator being whose consciousness is vibrating into higher dimensions within unity consciousness to share an existence of love, joy, peace, endless fun and freedom... then I am. Because I create my reality. Hence, ironically, the only way I could be trapped in a false ascension matrix is if I BELIEVE that I am being trapped in a false ascension matrix :)

The negative polarity beings are divine souls simply playing dark roles in this realm. In truth, we are one. Light and darkness are one. There is no separation. Fear, itself, is what is false.

The best advice is given at the end of this article. "Let go of anything of the mind – let go of the systems and rituals, and come back into your heart" :) Indeed. If the idea of a false ascension matrix does not resonate with one's heart, one may let it go.

Divine love to all. Joy and blissful freedom