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Can you stay in the Eye of the Storm?

Can you stay in the Eye of the Storm?

Right now, the planet is awash with energies that can either help you ascend, or pull you back into lower consciousness.  Have YOU been pulled back into the matrix, or have you been able to stay in your centre?

Have you been caught up in the hysteria and fake news cycles relating to the new US President, or have you been a calm presence in the eye of the storm?  Are you noticing the change in energy, and realigning with that change, or are you hankering after a future that didn’t happen, and getting mad at the change that did happen?  The changing of the guard at the Whitehouse has created a massive change at a planetary level, but all is not what it appears to be.

From an awakening perspective, it’s obvious that we have moved into a new time-cycle, and the difference in the energies on the planet are palpable.  Even though some may not yet be feeling it, new, higher frequencies are flooding the planet now, making subtle and not-so-subtle changes all around us. Some of these new frequencies may feel uncomfortable as they push their way into the physical to be embodied and integrated.  They are part of our awakening process which dictates that our consciousness expands and our perception shifts to a higher level.  It’s not surprising that we are seeing such a huge diversity of opinion within the masses.

Given that those with lower consciousness are making the most noise right now, and putting out lots of negative energy and even hatred and fear, it could be very easy for us to get mixed up in that collective consciousness field, thereby making it more difficult to hold a higher perspective and vision. 

It’s like getting involved in football hooliganism just because we’re in the same stadium where it’s occurring.  It’s not who we really are, or how we normally behave, but somehow we can lose ourselves and get pulled in. Social media is the perfect arena for this to occur and the level of fake news and disinformation is off the charts right now, along with deliberate scaremongering and the intention to spark protests and riots.  Ask yourself: is this a place to find enlightenment?  Is this how I will awaken myself and assist the planet?

If you’ve been able to hold your own and not get swept away in the current of hatred and vitriol that is swishing around right now, you would be able to see that, as usual, we are all exactly where we need to be – and so is the planet.

Change is usually uncomfortable, but it’s necessary nonetheless.  From our very being, we have been calling for change, and the Universe has responded.  For some, it looks nothing like the change they wanted. But it IS change. No matter which political leader we were hoping for, big changes were going to occur in any case, just because this is the time for big change.  Whether we see the change as “good” or “bad” is determined by the level of neutrality and stability that we can hold within the Self, as well as the ability to access a consciousness higher than the one being currently displayed by the masses.   When we are acting and thinking and feeling from a lower consciousness, it’s impossible to see things from a higher perspective and equally impossible to believe that there even is one!  Or indeed, that there is a higher purpose to any of this.

Many of those in power have been putting their own personal needs first; they have been overtaken by greed, and consequently have abused their position in government and business to get their own needs met.  They have sacrificed the health, liberty and literally the lives of others in their self-serving process.  The change that is happening now is the catalyst for the end of this era.  But as I have said, change does not come easy.  We want a voice, and we want that voice to be heard, but herein lies a potential problem: if you don’t understand what’s happening, because you haven’t been able to go within to connect to your I AM presence, or if you’ve been carried away by the “football hooligans” (or in this case “political hooligans”) I mentioned earlier, you won’t really have a full understanding of what you’re marching for or protesting against. 

From a lower consciousness perspective, marching in the streets is equal to having a voice and being heard, but it often comes from ignorance, or a lack of understanding of what happens within group energy.  Energy flows where attention goes – so we need to be very certain that what we become involved in is actually the right thing to become involved in!  There are a lot of mixed messages going around, and there are opportunists out there who will mislead others about their purpose, and use the gathered energy for an alternative agenda.

The manipulation that is group energy

I have seen many New Age people talking about the unity that comes from group demonstrations and street marches; about the solidarity and oneness that comes when we gather together with a common purpose.  But is this really Unity, and is this coming from a higher consciousness?

There are several stages involved in our ascension process – and make no mistake, every person on this planet is involved in an ascension process whether they consciously know about it, or believe it or not.  The first stage is to become soul embodied.  We can identify this level of development in a person very easily because they will begin to talk in terms of “following their heart”, “coming together in Unity”, “we are all One”, “we must stand together” and so on.  This is a huge step out of the matrix, and it’s a great first step. But it is not the be-all and end all – it is not our final destination.  Our ascension journey (if we continue to work on ourselves) will take us beyond this point towards Monadic Embodiment and beyond, into the level of embodiment of our Avatar or Christ Self.

What we are seeing on the planet right now is a great number of people coming together to protest the things they don’t agree with.  This, on one level, is very admirable as it potentially marks a level that mass consciousness has or is beginning to achieve, although we must remember that not all of the people involved are in any way, shape or form “conscious” – they are just participating in what they see is a mass movement of something – an uprising or show of people-power.  In a sense we could say that planetary mass consciousness has moved or is moving out of the matrix and is coming into its soul embodiment and this is a very beautiful thing indeed.  However, just because this shift has been made by such a large number of people, it doesn’t mean that we are home and dry; most, if not all of these people have entered another level of a hijacked matrix system where mind control and energy manipulation is rife. 

There is a Dark Agenda for this planet but we can only begin to see it when we move beyond the soul frequency levels and begin to activate planetary consciousness levels within ourselves and our lightbody.  Starseeds who have accessed memory from hidden earth history, other timelines and lives on other planets may also be aware of the Invasion Agendas that exist here too. 

Until we reach these levels or access the memories of other timelines, it is very difficult for us to see the larger agenda that is at play.  However for those of us who can see this, it is very painful to witness the masses being manipulated in this way, as we can see the projected outcome of this particular timeline that we are trying to break free from.  Unfortunately we can expect that this game will be playing out for a while yet.

When we reach a time where mass consciousness has or begins to achieve its monadic embodiment, then this whole situation will begin to look very different, and I believe that this is partly why we are seeing so many people with completely opposing views, all of which are frequency-based.  It is true that “we just don’t know what we don’t know yet” and so trying to reason with a person who has not yet awakened to the same level as you is futile – best just to leave them until they are ready to hear. But we know this already because those of us who woke up earlier than others have been doing this for years!  (But let’s be clear here, this is nothing to do with ego or superiority – it is merely an accurate reflection of a level of consciousness or frequency accrued within the lightbody.) 

Trying to awaken others from the 3D matrix has been frustrating us for years!  If this rings true for you, be aware that it doesn’t end here – because now we are looking at the same people that stepped up a level, but don’t realise that they are still “asleep” to some degree.  They’re just playing a slightly different game!  The good news is that if WE can see it for what it is, it means that we have also stepped up another level too.  (See my articles on the False Ascension Matrix and Are you in a Starseed Trap)

There is a huge degree of manipulation on this planet that is hidden from us. This is what we have seen with some of the protests and riots, when those gathered are told that they are “standing up for X” when in actual fact the energy is being funnelled towards “Y”.  This dark uprising – some call it an uprising of the feminine, and in a sense it is, but it is a dark aspect of the feminine – and those standing for women’s rights have not recognised that the energy they offer through participating in many of these events is being used to fuel a dark agenda.  This happens even if an individual person’s intention is pure. 

And so we find ourselves on planet today with a whole range of issues coming up from humanity’s darkest places of collective consciousness and being expressed in a very public way.  If we are able to hold higher consciousness we will see that this is the underbelly coming up to be seen and heard, and in due course cleared, although this will take time. Those who are linked to this collective expression are those who resonate with that underbelly; they have not cleared those aspects within themselves yet but so great is the resonance that they are triggered and activated by it. 

The wise choice would have been to see the underbelly, witness it and then work internally to process and heal it.  All healing needs to happen on the inside, and this is the value of learning how to sit with oneself – classically to “know thyself”, in order to find peace from these parts that trouble and disturb us.  Everybody has dark places inside of themselves – this is normal. Recognising when we have been triggered by something external guides us towards the dark inner places, and our work is then to clear out and heal those dark places.  When we do this, we contribute to the healing of the greater whole.  When we don’t, when we choose instead to display these wounds externally and fail to do the internal work, then an opportunity for healing is lost.  When we work on our unhealed parts via private, inner work, we are afforded the opportunity for full healing and expansion – we may raise our vibration and frequency due to the release of density from within our body and consciousness.  When we externalise our unhealed parts we add to collective and planetary trauma and we will remain in a frequency holding pattern until such time as we choose to do the inner work.  This is part of our ascension process.  It involves looking within and being brutally honest with ourselves – facing our own inner demons.

Although the world is chaotic at the moment we still have an opportunity to find inner peace.  Our fear or outrage might be triggered by something we see or hear but rather than living in that space, we can choose to see it as an indication of something that we personally need to work on.  What is it that puts us into fear?  What is it exactly that makes us feel outraged? 

Dig down really deep to find what is the bottom line and pay attention to “programmed” reasons or excuses that quickly surface, then dive down deeper again, to find out what’s really coming from your own heart and what is personal to you.  Is it exactly what you thought it was all about? Did you get carried away with somebody else’s story?  Have you compromised your Self and your Truth for the sake of others or to gain external recognition or applause in some way and are you being authentic? 

What do you need to do for you, to find your peace and happiness, the eye of the storm?

© 2017, Karen AnTara
Becoming Conscious:

Karen AnTara is a multi-dimensional energetic healer/etheric surgeon and ascension facilitator. She has worked for more than 25 years as a practitioner and teacher of spiritual development including spiritual healing, crystal healing, psychic development, mediumship, trance and channelling, as well as past life regression.

Karen holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Holistic Nutrition, and as well as currently teaching Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation, she also offers Health and Wellness coaching and advice on nutritional therapies.

Karen is available for private healing sessions via Skype. Please visit her website for more


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