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Awareness (at the SuperBowl)

I have spoken many times before about how energy from large crowds and groups is taken, “harvested” you could say, and used to fuel an agenda that most of the people involved as spectators have no idea they are participating in.

We have seen that this is rife in New Age and Ascension communities where the energies are used in the astral plane or by off planet beings and we have seen that they do this at large events like music award ceremonies and the Olympic ceremonies too.  It is a sad fact that what we actually witness here are satanic rituals, fuelled by the spectators.

Today I came across this article and I cringed.

Honestly, I can’t attest to the truth of this article – I have no contacts or insiders that could verify this for me – but I wish to use it as an example of how energy is harvested and used for an undisclosed agenda.

In this article it states that Lady Gaga will take the opportunity to include a Muslim Tribute during her upcoming performance at the Superbowl, apparently speaking out regarding “overwhelming support for the Muslim community”. She is quoted as saying “I’ve been planning this since I was 4, so I know exactly what I’m going to do,”

This seems a little odd to me. A 4 year old planning to speak about the Muslim community at the Superbowl?

It also seems a little odd that a woman who is always so scantily clad and whose style of dress would never be allowed should Sharia Law be brought in, would choose to support such a community.  Such a contradiction surely?

When Beyonce spoke out at the Superbowl about the black power movement it resulted in controversy and riots so given how volatile the situation is in America regarding Muslims right now, we can only imagine what could occur when a large number of people come together for the Superbowl and focus their energy towards this “singer”. She is just a singer... however, quite clearly, these singers are chosen to fulfil a particular role.

Energy focused in this way is amplified just as it is when groups of people come together to pray or meditate.

If the singer has a message that will inevitably spark controversy or a personal agenda in which she, or her controllers, would like to see rioting over the message she shares, then the combined energy of the audience there, plus all of the people watching on TVs and big screens all around the world will generate enough energy to actually create the outcome of that agenda.

We are creators. We can create things with our energy, thought and intention and this is why we must be so careful as to where and upon what we place our attention. So many people are unaware of how our power can be used for negative purposes and without our knowledge.

Using a well-known, popular singer to deliver a message that will create a particular outcome is one of the many tactics employed by the Controllers of this planet’s Negative Agenda. We must be aware of it and see it for what it is lest we unconsciously participate with it ourselves. Vigilance and Awareness is key here.

We need to stay awake to this!


  • Comment Link Karen Tuesday, 07 February 2017 19:15 posted by Karen

    Hi Lisa, Yes we do seem to have to witness a lot of this kind of thing don't we?!
    Many celebrities have "sold their soul" for the sake of fame and fortune... They then become puppets. Some of them even being lowered from the roof on strings. ;)

  • Comment Link Lisa Monday, 06 February 2017 11:51 posted by Lisa

    Hi Karen,

    I saw this on TV this morning and it occurred to me that all these people have no idea and believe they are simply there to have fun and join in with the community. Obviously I won't be watching this event however it seems a requirement on the contract of a Starseed to witness that these events are happening. I believe many celebrities have connections to the Illuminati, Katy Perry for instance.

    Love from Lisa


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