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Hi Karen,
This is certainly a subject that I have been living myself. As of late I have never been happier in my life by doing exactly that - creating my own reality by focusing on the things that bring me real joy. When I sit amongst this way of being my energy and vibration shifts. My connection to others and the earth, not to mention myself, improve to the point of downright joyful. I still feel and see all that is around me, I can't help it. However as you were saying about being more effective by raising your own consciousness makes sense. It also had me feeling a moment of that old program of failed mission, aren't I supposed to suffer, aren't I the one who goes first, headlong into battle sacrificing myself on every level. All that. Simply programs to be cleared. Deleted. Rehabilitated. The 'keep it simple' method is far more effective, intelligent and works well for gentle souls from the Stars. We are still on point with our mission in this life, we have simply found a more effective, resilient way to do it.