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Friday, 16 December 2016 19:55

Completion Time

December 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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For many people this year of 2016 has been one of the most challenging. Being a 9-year, it has been a year of endings and completions. These can be viewed as both positive and negative depending upon from where you view it. There are (at least) two sides to every story and even when it first appears that we got the raw end of the deal on something, all is not necessarily lost because there is learning to be had in every situation in life. Whether we look for the positives or only see the negatives that is our choice but the choice we make dictates what we will experience next, how long it will take us to come back into balance after such events and also how prepared we are to deal with anything that comes at us in the future.

For every change that happens in our life whether of our own design, somebody else’s doing or something that seems like a random act, it creates an imbalance or a new balance. We go through life adjusting to these changes – re-balancing every step of the way sometimes and we have seen that those of us that are more flexible and less rigid in our thinking seem to adapt to changes much more quickly and easily than those who are holding out for things to be exactly as they want them to be.

Change is the only constant in life, they say, so it is worth taking some time to get comfortable with it as it clearly is not going to stop any time soon.

In this year of completion, many people have been closing things down, re-calling their energy back in and “letting go of things that no longer serve them” – that’s a bit of a cliché, but true nonetheless.

I have always felt that 2017 was going to be a very important year in our ascension process. Not so much to say that we all ascend in 2017 or anything like that, but really that it is the start of something new – a new cycle – the first step on the ladder or something of that ilk. You see, we have done so much work in the lead up to this “9” completion year (2+0+1+6=9) and we have let go of so much baggage and extracted ourselves from things that were detrimental to our growth, that in some sense we would be bound to take a step up or out in 2017 which is a number 1 year (2+0+1+7=10=1) – a year for starting afresh with a new approach and viewpoint of life – hopefully energetically lighter from all the clearing and healing work we have done – and with better vision and ability to see through to the truth. We have been supported (astrologically) through 2016 to be able to see what’s real and what’s not and 2017 is about stepping out on to new horizons with the veils still further removed and with nothing left hidden. We have seen this play out on the global stage through things like Wikileaks and many other things that have been revealed over the last year or two but still there are people clambering to cover things up, accuse, dispute and deny and others still unable to accept the outcome of a vote against them. So clearly, for some people, they are not moving forwards but have gone back to try to hold on to something that they think they had control of “once upon a time”. Quite simply they’re going backwards, no matter what the story is that they are telling themselves. We will see people all around us that are not evolving, they are simply treading water trying to control outcomes just so that they can keep their head above the waves rather than have to engage with the necessary process of surrender.

In this last week, we’ve had the 12:12 portal open, we had our final full moon for 2016 just a few days ago and we have Mercury going into retrograde around the 19th but already even this early, we may be able to sense the feeling of things starting to slow down as it prepares to retrograde. Mercury retrograde is something that many people seem to fear but really there is nothing to be afraid of… again, it is all down to how we choose to see things. It is usually connected to needing to go back over things, check things carefully and clear out old stuff or address things that we refused to deal with earlier.

This time around, Mercury is going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is very practical and stable so this means that this retrograde could be very practical and matter of fact in the way that things can be cleared out. Not necessarily too emotional or dramatic, just clear cut, down to earth, saying what needs to be said and letting go of what is done and finished with. Through 2016 we have had a great many planets in retrograde. This has allowed us to really dig deep and uncover what has been hidden from us. Seeing so many truths as we have throughout this year may have been shocking and has put a lot of pressure on both our physical and energy bodies but it has all been necessary in order that we can enter 2017 with a completely renewed and upgraded sense of purpose, clarity and direction. We are absolutely in the driver’s seat now. We are steering our own ship and never again should we give our power away to others to tell us who or how we should be as we are fully capable to make these decisions for ourselves by following our own inner God Spirit. If we've been giving our power away to others, we really need to stop that now.

So this time right now, these final few weeks of 2016 may be spent tying up loose endings and finishing things off, so that we don’t carry anything over with us into 2017 that doesn’t really deserve to be there with us. Let go of old hurt and dead relationships. Let go of guilt and forgive if you need to. Let go of old resentments and the need to be right. Let go of expectations on how others should behave. Let them behave how they want to and behave impeccably yourself. Come to a place of peace within yourself regarding the things you could have handled better and just lay them down now. Learn what you need to learn from them but lay them to rest, as it will not help to drag them all forwards with you into a new time cycle and you can consciously choose not to carry them with you forever.

As we are coming to a close of a decade long cycle of time, we could take a moment, oh sorry – that’s an understatement – it will take probably a lot longer than a moment!… But look back to where you were at the beginning of this ten-year period:

What was your path or life looking like back then?

Have you been on target for where you thought you were headed or did you get diverted along the way?

If you had to give a brief description of what this 10 year time period has been about for you… how would you describe it?

What lessons or obstacles were there to challenge you and how well do you think you’ve done with all of that?

Can you absolutely see “what that was all about” or are you unsure “what the heck has been happening” through those years as none of it seems to have made any sense?

I love looking at all the pieces of someone’s life and pulling it all together in an overview… you can really get to see a person’s weaknesses and strengths if you do this and if they’ve stayed more or less on focus you can get to see their achievements and the level of empowerment that is coming through for them for having done that journey. Sometimes we need a friend or neutral person to reflect this back to us but making a list of our highs and lows can really help us to see our own big picture of what we have been working on. I would highly recommend that we each take some time to reflect on this last decade – where we’ve come from, where we are now and where we are headed in the coming new cycle of time.

So we are working on timelines right now. Some of them are collective ones that are happening to large numbers of people on a global landscape and others are personal ones, so that means personal healing, clearing and release but also these personal pieces that add up to the larger collective pieces. For example if large numbers of people are stepping forwards into a new time cycle with a stronger sense of truth, clarity and purpose then we can only step with them on to that timeline if we have created that same vibration in our own personal being. It will hold a particular vibration that we either have or we don’t. We may try to fool ourselves into believing that we have done the necessary work and we are right there with them but vibration doesn’t lie, it’s either there or it’s not. If we’ve behaved badly through lying, manipulating or being abusive to people for example, that will all be recorded in our field and it will affect our vibration – it’s just there, it’s not a judgement made of us by someone, it just is there, through our own behaviour choices, it’s one of the natural laws that can’t be bypassed with our ego. If we have said one thing and done another – it will be recorded as such. If we have stayed in the truth of our experience then that will be recorded as such. There are very simple rules to this game of life – you get back what you give and we are each responsible for those choices. In this we find the truth and the simplicity.  From this perspective God/Consciousness really is quite simple. Generally it is us that complicate things – trying to look like something that we are not. Saying all the right things to appear to be something that we are not.

So I have seen with inner vision, this is really is like a time of reckoning. We are being assessed on our own individual merits and depending on what we have written in our field then we take that information record in to the new time cycle. What we need to address and deal with, heal or learn will be laid out for us to experience in this next coming time cycle. If karma needs to be apportioned to us, it will be and if we are in line for expansion through the work that we have done then that is what will come for us also but there really won’t be any fooling anyone anymore as everything is becoming very transparent now and we are no longer blind. There will still be some shocking times to come. Some of it will seem almost unbelievable and yet there it will be right laid out in front of us for us to see: 

Will you look at it and accept it or will you turn away and refuse to believe?

In the coming years things there will be some things revealed that will be absolutely shocking; that we may find unbelievable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not true. And either way, wherever we find ourselves, our development work will continue on.

So, as we can see, things are not really clear-cut just yet but I am hopeful that we are moving towards that in the new time cycle. The revealing could be big ones I feel, so let us work to maintain a strong grounded centre within ourselves and develop a really good strong connection to Source, in order that we don’t get knocked around or caught up in the turbulence that seems somewhat inevitable while we still continue to share space with people who think that covering up the truth, lying, murder or abuse (off any kind) is still ok.

One thing that is very clear for us to see is that these people do not have an open kind or loving heart and they are not aligned to Christ Consciousness in any way. Whether we see this in our lives with people we know personally or whether we are looking at people in high profile positions… we see this, we witness this and we trust in the laws of karma that it will be handled as God sees fit. In this time as the wheat is separated from the chaff we might get to see some very interesting things play out in life.

As always, stay true to your heart and strive to be the best person you can be.

Sending you all blessings of the season…. and may we all find peace in our hearts and let us pray too, for peace on earth.

With love

© 2016, Karen AnTara

All rights reserved

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  • Comment Link Karen Saturday, 17 December 2016 14:42 posted by Karen

    Thanks Lisa.
    Yes sometimes just realising that we made it through in one piece is an achievement eh!?!

  • Comment Link Lisa Saturday, 17 December 2016 10:33 posted by Lisa

    Thank you Karen. There is plenty of helpful information here. I hadn't thought to do a review of the last ten years, other than jeez, that was hard! It helps to then see that I HAVE learned lessons, improved myself, am more stable, a bit wiser, and have a lot more knowledge to work with. I have earned my grey hairs :D

    Thanks again,
    Blessings to you and yours,


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