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Spiritual Crossroads

March 2017 Newsletter

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In terms of our human consciousness evolution on this planet, we have come to a type of spiritual crossroads. Our future depends upon the choices we make and this has always been true but never before has it been so vitally important in terms of our personal and collective evolution.

A great many people are (energetically) gathered together at this crossroads now and they are quite unsure which road to take next. They are also mostly unaware of the sheer number of people that are surrounding them and who find themselves in exactly the same position, as there is a feeling of separation in this space. We might ask ourselves: is this by design?

Whether these people are spiritually interested or not, regardless, everyone will at some point be invited to go inwards to feel or hear what their heart needs them to know and so for many of us again, this year, offers us that opportunity like never before and actually with some urgency. Many people have dabbled with the path of self-discovery but not so many have committed themselves to it, possibly through fear that their life would have to change if they discovered their own truth or perhaps because they just know that they will have to leave some things behind as they step forwards on their soul’s mission.

Other than just a few of the likeminded folks that we may have already connected with, it is as if we are completely alone much of the time and unable to truly identify with others on a similar path even though we are all existing within the same space. There are some reasons for this in the consciousness fields but for the most part people just feel as if something – a big part – is really missing from their lives. They are searching but they don’t know what for and many are clutching at straws to the left and to the right but not many are looking into their centre, which is where the answers will be found.

We are living in a reality that is for the most part a false reality - where the majority of the hidden agendas are still concealed and the truth of the concealment is strenuously denied; where a person is expected to conform and to believe what is the “socially agreed upon truth” and if one chooses to speak out publically with their own personal belief or experience that is a different one to the masses, then they are often punished, ostracised or vilified and sometimes quite brutally so.

No wonder so many of us are confused about what to do next and where to put our focus… a type of self-policing of the people by the people, has been put in place here – where should anyone decide to speak out and have an alternative opinion then they will immediately be slapped down and put back into their place. It is a very confusing time for those of us who want to speak and share the truth of what we see in an environment that can often feel unsafe or even hostile.

We must understand that with so many people only able to access a portion of their own consciousness they cannot see what the big picture really is. If the big picture overview shared with them is vastly expansive in comparison to their own very limited level of cognition then it is hardly surprising that some people will be upset. It is a lot to take in but it is really nothing new now – we have been working to access and reveal this information for many years so it is unfortunate when we witness people who were awake at one time appearing now to be sleeping once again.

When we came into incarnation here we consciously agreed to participate with this reality and thus we became governed (to a greater or lesser degree) by the laws that exist in this particular dimension. No matter what our “soul mission” is or was, it was to be conducted within this 3rd dimensional reality until such time as this 3rd dimensional reality no longer existed for us, at which point everything of course would inherently change.

Well we have reached a point now where many of us no longer participate with the 3D that we used to know as our consciousness has evolved beyond that point. Our awareness and understanding is far greater than just that of a 3D human being and due to this Ascension Cycle our planet has also evolved through a dimensional shift and is now sitting in a completely different time and space. The laws by which we were previously governed no longer exist here in this new dimensional space and given time we should naturally begin to see the change that has been created through this shift.

Unfortunately though, as most people have no comprehension of how these energetic laws of structure work we are at risk of collectively being entered into an Agreement that dictates that the laws or structures by which we were previously governed at a 3D level may be re-created all over again at this new 5D level.

In order to create another false reality, a hologram has been projected forwards by the Controllers to see if they can get the masses to agree to what they have set out for us. If we do and if we align ourselves with it, then it gets created using our energy as the conscious co-creators of it. If we don’t agree, then it is not created, as there is no power behind it and this is partly why we are seeing globally that people are arguing back and forth about how things should be in the future. Some of the chaos that we see in the global landscape is necessary in order to effect the change needed to prevent the re-creation of the Enslavement Agenda that we are currently in. We are still in that Agenda really, even though the potential to break free from it exists right now (as a timeline potential) but in practical terms we are actually still trying to break free from it and while people continue to believe the same old things and play out the same old timelines over and over again and when things continue in the same old ways that they always have, with the same Government policies etc, then nothing changes and we head in to another cycle of enslavement.

Hence the expression: We have to BE the change we wish to see in the World.

It is fortunate that there are certain things that cannot be energetically manipulated in the new reality and as the traditional Self-Serving Agendas and behaviours are just not supported in the new energies the people running Service to Others Reversals are not embracing this change and will find that everything starts to collapse in on themselves and they begin to experience the karma that they say no longer exists. Their inorganic timelines will naturally collapse and will take all of their followers with them however this will not be seen from the outside at a physical level because what we are talking about here is the hi-jacking of people’s consciousness through their participation with an energetic structure that they don’t even know exists because their mental fields are so congested by other people’s viewpoints and opinions that they no longer know what is aligned to themselves and what is not.

The beings who have been in control of this planet for so long are also completely resistant to this change and refuse to give up their vampiric and life sucking behaviour models or release the Enslavement Agreements that hold us into their “system of government” and they are once again attempting to create a false reality to run alongside and parallel to the true organic one but this is not new either and we must be able to get beyond this point in our understanding if we are to have any chance of aligning to a true organic timeline. The controllers have been working on this for eons of time as they knew this day would come when we would get to make a choice but their Dark Agenda has become so pervasive now that we ignore it at our (collective) peril and it is quite worrying to see that there are still so few of us that really see what is actually happening. Lots of people claim to be awake and yet there is a level that they are just not seeing.
In truth, we may choose to collaborate with whichever timeline we want to but on a mass scale it all makes a difference and as all of this is unspoken and hidden from the people, most of them know nothing about it so we’re rather going it alone to try to make changes in some respects as people would also need to understand how these consciousness fields and laws of structure work in order to make a conscious choice and avoid entering what is in effect another Agreement of Entrapment albeit one that is clearly visible to some of us.

This planetary dimensional shift is in part why so many people are confused right now – they unconsciously can feel the importance of this time and they can feel the growth within themselves that should indicate they are living in a new reality and yet their surroundings look the same and they are feeling the same levels of suppression that they did previously. This can feel really frustrating and surreal at the same time as if we can’t quite wrap our head around why things have just not changed externally yet when everything internally feels so on track with our soul’s evolution.

When we acknowledge that a parallel reality exists at this new earth dimension then we would want to know that we are existing on the true and organic one and not the false and manipulated copy version and it is only if we have our own personal connection directly with God Source that we can be assured of this as it will enable us to feel into things more and be able to fully follow our heart’s guidance.

The Divide and Conquer Agenda that has been playing out on this planet has an affinity with the ego mind (also called the predator mind) – it knows exactly how to captivate it and reel it back under it’s control and when this occurs it sets up inside of us a battle for our own consciousness once again. Basically we can evolve in our understanding to a point to which we might like to call ourselves spiritually aware or awake but in our weak moments, when we perceive that our safety, our existence or even our livelihood, is under threat it will be in that moment that the ego/predator mind once again steps up and knocks us completely off balance, leaving us feeling lost, alone and directionless all over again. It is at these times that we are at risk of grabbing hold of “the wrong thing” just to feel safe again. We may be able to use our old way of being as a platform upon which to stabilise ourselves again but only for a very short while until we get our bearings... We must not stay there too long lest we become absorbed into that level of the false reality once again – it’s like a magnetic attraction and also like tip toeing between the worlds but then there is always the potential to fall back into darkness if we linger there too long.

There are many examples of how the Controlling Agenda is ramping up right now and all of these have the potential to knock us off balance: economic crisis, vaccination programmes, (no pay no play), GMOs, clamp down on alternative medicine and targeting of whistleblower scientists and doctors and actually targeting of all whistleblowers as they just don’t want the truth to come out. With all the turmoil that is happening in the world right now as well as our own individual life circumstances that might also make us feel unsafe or uncertain, we can kind of see why so many people are standing at that crossroads wondering where to go and what to head towards and we could understand why the expression “there’s safety in numbers” might be so appealing but as with everything: “what we choose to align to we become a part of” and if your group or tribe is heading the wrong way up the garden path, chances are you will be herded there right along with them… just like sheep. There are reasons why a genuine monk, yogi or shaman always walks alone.

It is time to pull ourselves away from our TV screens and social media and really spend some time getting to know our own truth as opposed to reading everybody else’s experiences of what’s going on in the world. The people telling us what is going on might only have a very limited perspective of the truth – this could be based upon their level of growth, their ego, their personal unhealed wounding, as well as their genetic or galactic coding and history and it is completely possible that they have a personal or collective agenda that is aligned to a timeline that is different from our own and all of that is OK but it is not necessarily where YOU need to be! We need to learn to feel our way through all of this and discernment as to what to take in and what not to is the key. The alignment in our own heart will keep us on track but we must attune to our heart and feel it.

Here on this planet we have a representation of many of the beings and conscious life forms that exist in other places and spaces of time and the coding from these individual species was used by the Founder Races in the creation of the human being. The plan was to come here and evolve our consciousness enough to achieve ascension within a physical human body evolving into a Christed Human Being. What a wonderful opportunity for all of the species that were chosen to be a part of this, for if successful, they would be templating an ascension pathway for their own individual galactic race that would be transferrable to all of the other members of their race through the process of quantum entanglement.

Unfortunately this has proven to be somewhat trickier than expected due to the fact that other energies that have also come to this planet to falsely or negatively direct the way that human consciousness is evolving here. They have their own particular agenda and in a sense we have become their human guinea pigs as they continue to play around with ways in which they can manipulate human DNA and consciousness in order to suppress it and prevent our ascension to a place far beyond their reach, which is what our divine birthright actually is. There is a certain part within us that they cannot ever reach or mess with – this part was deliberately included in the human blueprint and it can never be taken from us, however in order for it to be active and life sustaining for us we have to find it within our own selves as nobody can find this for us. It is ours alone to find.

We are on the cusp of a great change on this planet now – it feels exciting at some level and yet at the same time this part of the journey may be fraught with dangers. This is probably also one of the most important times in our lives in terms of the choices we make. The cards are stacked against us when we think of what is being done to stop us and yet when push comes to shove we have that special gem that is our connection with Source that can never be taken from us. Although it most certainly can be quashed through our own choices of what we engage with and what we do not, it is the key that allows us to access all of Consciousness without limitation.

So until next time; Be kind to yourself through these trying times; stay focused on your evolving consciousness and let go of anything that holds you on to repeating timelines. If you’ve been there, done that, it’s time to let it go.

With love
Karen AnTara

© 2017, Karen AnTara

All rights reserved

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