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Thursday, 25 May 2017 13:48

A New Wave of Consciousness – Quantum Transfiguration

May 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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The energies on planet continue to change and evolve and in recent months we have been experiencing some extremely intense New Waves of Light Consciousness entering the earth fields. These light infusions have pushed many of us to dig deep and cast out the old stuff in order to be more available to the new. It may have been a time of inner turmoil but at the same time inner growth.

Many of us are having a completely new level of experience recently and from the vantage point of riding on this New Wave of Consciousness we can clearly see that we are indeed on an entirely new timeline, platform or “space in time”. It is becoming pretty solid beneath our feet and there is no way back now because this has become our new state of Being.

We have moved into a state of expanded awareness that has triggered and unlocked from within our DNA a “time vault” of knowledge. As we connect with multidimensional layers of our Self we are accessing our true Inner Spirit in a kind of Gnostic experience of awakening and remembering that is sacred and personal to each of us. This is the experience of the Christ Consciousness that has been spoken of and this is our divine birthright, as our ability to access and fold in specific portions of the quantum field and to alchemically absorb and integrate it’s specific coding it into our physical body and experience is really what we as humans were designed to do and this can never be taken from us.

As we access more and more of these frequencies we undergo a type of Quantum Transfiguration in which the DNA shifts and corrects and the heart aligns itself to higher resonant sound waves outside of the manipulated false reality system so we become free from it and it’s control agenda. The heart becomes aligned to God or Source Light and nothing of lower vibration can override that. At the same time Infinite Intelligence becomes accessible to us and we can read the field much more easily as nothing is hidden anymore.

The move away from “where we once were” to “where we are now” is clearly visible in our day to day lives – in the way that we see and perceive life, understand it at a much deeper level and see the hidden agendas and mind control as easily as if they were written up in neon lights. The bubble has indeed burst (see my newsletter of the same title) and it is noted that once we are able to gain control over our mind and thoughts that we are much more able to respond to life with a feeling of calmness, surrender and a non-attachment to outcome. The non-attachment is present even in those types of situations where we may still feel an underlying sense of apprehension or uncertainty but at the same time there also exists a feeling of “it will all be ok” - a feeling of safety somehow and that is the feeling that we want to cultivate. This feeling of safety – an absolute Trust in the Universe/Source/God cannot be fully present when one’s consciousness space is invaded with other people’s beliefs, thoughts, words, ideas and agendas and therefore can really only be found when we truly commit to knowing ourselves from the inside (for it cannot be found externally) and to finding a deeper connection with our God Self, the part of us that IS a part of God, that IS All that Is and that IS Infinite Awareness.

This New Wave coming in seems to have brought with it some fantastic coping skills and the ability to recognise where we are going off-track and to re-balance ourselves quickly when we need to. Even when really big challenges are looming on the horizon there can be a feeling of safety around them and if we can attune to that as opposed to immediately jumping into panic mode then we will be the better for it. Try to keep calm and take a breath first before reacting from outdated patterns of behaviour.

Not all changes are terrible – many are wonderful and if we were to approach all change with an intention to explore and investigate what possibilities are opening up for us, then the world would seem like a much more supportive, happier and loving place. Often though, the idea of change coming in to our life carries a feeling of dread by the experiencer. There is almost an expectation that the changes will be hard and terrible and we must just grit our teeth and get through them somehow but we should take control of these thoughts and change them towards the positive. If we can do this then we are effectively re-wiring our neural pathways towards happiness. When we can make happiness more familiar we will experience it more often. The same is true of those doom and gloom feelings. Fear tends to breed very quickly.

For some of us, the ones that feel we are not quite there yet – not quite on that New Wave yet even though we can sense it as a potential for us... we may be paddling towards it as we intuitively know it is something that we want – like a flower that stretches to face the sun - and even if we know that we will catch that wave in the end, we may be frustrated that we are not there yet... but don’t despair; all is not lost and each of us is “exactly where we need to be right now”.

Now this statement that “we are exactly where we need to be” has often been misused in new age/spiritual circles and I have seen that people have used it towards others
with an air of self-importance, aggrandizement, judgement, superiority or even dismissal, as if to say that the person perceived as being “not in the right place” is somehow lacking in their spiritual growth or commitment to personal development. A type of “I am there and you are not” kind of thing. Well to me, that is poppycock and I want to put that to rest right now! This expression should not be used in this way – rather:

- it should be used as an acknowledgement of the learning and growth that has come our way through being in that place or having that particular experience and that should be acknowledged – what better way to learn something than to have a hands on experience of it and being on the inside of it? Nobody ever learned how to swim just by reading a book about it!

- it can be used as a signpost of where we may be heading off track, as a kind of highlight that if something is not feeling good that we should move away from it -and that is a good thing because it teaches us to listen and trust our inner knowing; and

- it can also be used as an indication of having reached a particular level of understanding, like a kind of graduation or celebration before we move on to the next experience because there is always another level to be reached. Nobody gets to sit back and be in judgement of who has “made it” and who has not. Being told that “we are exactly where we need to be” shouldn’t be used to make someone feel bad or inferior and unfortunately I have seen it used that way a great many times.

However, a paradox may exist here, as often when we are in the thick of things it is hard to appreciate that we are exactly where we are meant to be and this is the time when it is vital that we do not fall into “victim mode”. When we fall into victim mode it can spark a whole other load of variables that can make this particular growth experience even more intense and prolonged. Thoughts such as: I’m not good enough, I do/don’t deserve this, maybe something better isn’t available to me... Victim mode is never a good place to be, especially when “empowerment and awakening” is actually our goal but in a sense when we are in victim mode, we are exactly where we are meant to be... until we get out of it – meaning both victim mode AND that particular situation. The two actually go hand in hand. When we are no longer the victim, at the same time we are able to make changes to get out of the situation that we want to change and we are in exactly the right place to learn that. Until we learn that we can change it we get to stay there. The speed at which we learn is up to us.

As we collectively move towards this new platform of experience it may appear to take extreme bravery and courage for some people to make the necessary changes to get here, whilst for others it may appear to be like a gentle walk in the park. Don’t be fooled. Everyone will have been through their own personal challenges and dark night of the soul and not just one dark night but many. Everyone will have had to learn to swim before they can ride on THIS wave as nobody gets here whilst still holding on to the side of the pool. This wave is way out there on the ocean of consciousness and we have to swim way out of our depth to catch it.

Even when we know that everything can change in a moment, as we can change our mind in a moment, it is still with some sadness that we witness people who appear to be left behind or “stuck” on an old timeline hanging on to the edge of the pool for safety – but this is not necessarily correct thinking on our part... we must remember that each of us must experience what we personally need for our growth. No lesson learned by us can be fully transferrable to someone else, as in order to grasp the lesson and the full extent of the learning, “hands on” experience is always necessary. We may share our experience of something, give useful tips and advice but when it comes down to it, each person must experience it for themselves if they are really to know.

So it is necessary at this point to practice loving non-attachment or detachment. (Please read this article about non attachment )

We don’t all need to experience exactly the same things in life, so we cannot say for certain exactly what it is that a person really needs to “gain” from any given situation but there are some common factors involved in growth and empowerment and our experiences will ultimately lead us towards:

gaining a true sense of our Self;
being able to control our emotions to consciously respond to situations rather than unconsciously react;
to know our own mind;
to hear, trust and follow our heart’s guidance;
to have compassion for ourselves and others;
to release fear of the unknown;
to love ourselves enough to move away from situations that suppress, inhibit or endanger us;
to love ourselves enough to move towards happiness, joy and fulfilment;
to speak our truth and to be authentic;
to give up the need to control specific people or outcomes;
to be resilient when life throws us a curved ball, to self-correct when we go off track;
to change direction when we need to;
to be heart centred and strong... and the list could go on...

Not all of these qualities are gained at the same time. I may be ahead of you in some of them and you may be ahead of me in some of them. Who is to say who is more evolved...? Nobody really as it’s purely between you and God and nobody is really left behind as we are all exactly where we need to be.

So are we really ever stuck?

Sometimes people come to me in session work and tell me that they are stuck and unable to change their life. This is never strictly true. We are all capable of changing our lives. We just have to decide to do so. This could mean changing our mind (April newsletter) about something. Speaking up about something. No longer doing something that we always used to do. Anything you can imagine from something as simple as walking a different way to work to walking out of a toxic relationship. All of this is change and we are all capable of it.

What stops us...? Usually some type of fear or feeling of being inadequate on some level... and it is often only when we are completely unwilling to live like that for another day longer that we will start to make the changes we have been dreaming about that will finally see us moving towards where we want to be but up until that point we are... you guessed it... exactly where we needed to be!

Do you feel that you have been left behind? That you should have acted sooner?

These questions are kind of immaterial really, because here we are right now and we are in the situation we are in so we are exactly where we need to be.

Two real questions remain: Do you need to make changes? Is the time now?

With love until next time...

© 2017, Karen AnTara

All rights reserved

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