Saturday, 17 June 2017 20:26

Life Changing

June 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Many of us can feel that our lives are changing and there is without doubt a consciousness change that is happening all over the world. There is an uprising of the people on many levels as they push for changes to be made that affect all of us, the whole collective. We can see more of what is really taking place via the alternative media – that people are fighting for their rights and freedom of choice, whereas the mainstream media would prefer us to not notice that this is taking place at all. When the viewer is fed the same types of re-cycled information again and again, they are lulled into a type of acceptance that this is how things are – it becomes all very mind numbing and is part of a control agenda, however in contrast, if a viewer becomes inspired by what he sees an uprising occurs within him that makes him want to stand up and fight against tyrannical control (and find the freedom of his spirit whether he consciously realises that or not). Inherently we all want to live a better life and live in a safer more peaceful world. What our spirit craves is the freedom to express itself, to be free of bondage, to think for itself and to actually be free of mind enough to be able to access our own unique and creative thoughts and inspiration... but when we are lulled and put to sleep by the drone of a negative world, this spirit within us kind of dies to a degree and we forget how awesome and amazing we actually are. Life becomes very mundane and we just do what we need to, to survive.

But the change that is occurring now cannot be stopped because this change is occurring on the inside and it cannot be touched from the outside.  It is our free will that allows this to occur. This is the shift of consciousness that has been spoken of for eons of time and this change is available for everyone, not just the “spiritual folk” but the man on the street, the farmer on his land, the nurse in the medical centre. It’s inside of us. WE collectively are changing.

Despite the fact that many things appear the same on the outside, it is inside where the biggest change is currently taking place. When we change on the inside we must at some point inevitably change on the outside to reflect this. If we don’t then the polarity within us becomes an inner struggle that can lead to illness or breakdown but which can then ultimately, if well managed, lead to a type of re-birth and awakening – not necessarily in a spiritual sense per se, but most definitely in terms of greater expansion and awareness. This can also be called a dark night of the soul, where our inner processing moves us towards personal revelation and authenticity. It is this change on a personal level that creates a ripple effect out into the world – the micro to the macro. What we choose to engage with and what we do not, where we place our attention, what we move towards or away from inexorably initiates the outcome of our choices.

Of course, some people are changing more rapidly than others – this is only natural but a statement of fact is that some people are still feeling stuck or powerless and find themselves recycling and repeating things over and over again. How do we inspire these people to change and grow, to know that they are worthy and valuable... ?

Although there are elements within our life where it might appear that we are back at the same place again we should stop for a moment and ask ourselves is that really so? Are we in exactly the same place again or have we learned things and grown since last we were here “at this place”? Are we actually back in the same place all over again or have we gathered life experience and understanding so that in fact we are now poised on the springboard of change, ready to take a leap up to the next level?

We create our own reality through our thoughts and images – of what our life looks like now and of what we think it will look like in the future. What we say to ourselves repeatedly whether positive or negative creates the foundation upon which we build the structure of our life. The pictures we create in our head with our imagination are like the blueprint of what we are building. When we can imagine with our mind a beautiful life and when our thoughts align with that and support that vision then that is what we go on to create – we can’t help it for there is a natural flow there, but then of course, when all we can see of our future is one of hardship and disaster we can create that too. 

This conscious change that is happening encompasses all aspects of our life.  When this shift occurs fully within us the whole of our being is changed forever. Much is spoken of this concept of "being authentic" but many times we can see the complete inauthenticity in the person who claims that they are living an authentic life. Sometimes people just try too hard on the outside when actually authenticity is an inside job.  It is something that you live because it feels natural and right to do so.  We become authentic.  It is not meant to be an outside declaration like a claim of achievement. This is like one of those invisible acts of power  - we don't try to do it because it is something we want to do, we just are it because for us there can be no other way to be.

This conscious change is not about which group we belong to, the use of fancy or new "highfrequency" words, what you know and understand about dimensions or the places in between them or how many "spiritual experiences" you have under your belt.  These things really in the scheme of things mean not much and actually can hold us back from accessing our own inner truth.  When we take on the beliefs and ideas of others there is often no room left for our own experience and no spiritual enlightenment was ever achieved by riding on the back of someone else's experience even when the mind really wants to believe it is so.

You will feel, experience and be a part of this shift providing you are taking steps to allow yourself to change.  The changes may be subtle, cumulative or retrospective.  Less often they are rapid and when they appear to be, it is usually because the majority of the work had been done internally already and this is the final external expression of that change. Allowing time for quiet reflection upon our life and feelings will aid this process.  When we are too busy to listen to ourselves we may unconsciously choose a different path - one upon which we are kind of forced to pay attention inside as sometimes life can take a spin that is so huge that the only way to survive it well may be to listen inside and connect deeply within. This may also be true for those who believe they are stuck and cycling through difficult things over and over again.  Oftentimes the thing we need to hear and pay attention to is the one thing we are unwilling to acknowledge  It's usually about ourselves but we commonly search outside for someone or something else to blame as that is often easier than looking at our own truth. What needs to occur before we are willing to make the changes that our spirit is yearning for us to make? Do we really need to leave it until our back is completely against the wall before we are ready to surrender and allow our true nature and divine potential to be expressed? What gifts and talents do we really hold within us if we were just willing to explore ourselves a little?

What power of creativity are we hiding within us?

Once we allow the power that is within us to come out and be expressed it becomes quite easy to leave behind all the unnecessary information that we used to be attached to.  It's as if we have just been given our own individual goal post to shoot for and the only person standing in our way of achieving that goal is ourselves.  We may fail to achieve our goal if we don't approach it with sufficient determination and follow through or our shot might be so strong that it shoots right through the back of the net and beyond with a power and trajectory we never knew we had.  Either way we kind of owe it to ourselves, to our spirit, to take that shot and see where it takes us.  If we try we cannot really ever fail as there is learning in our failure if we have the eyes to see it, but if we fail to try, we fail by default and there exists that old feeling of being stuck and recycling over and over again.

We were not meant to be stagnant in this life.  In fact most things in life that are stagnant, wither and die.  We cannot afford this.  We have too much inside of us yet to be creatively expressed and experienced.  In order to change our life we need to bring back the flow of life, allow our intuition to guide us, search and discover our stagnant parts and remove blockages in our energy system so that we can live a healthy vibrant life that is moved by the power of the spirit that dwells within us.  This is our human potential and is our divine birthright. We were not created to be stagnant, rigid and to live in fear.  It is our job to remove ourselves from fear based thinking and live the freedom of our spirit and be the breath of life itself.

Until next time, take the time to go within and discover all that is there for you.

With love

Karen AnTara