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The Power Within Us

August 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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When we first come on to the planet as a tiny baby we believe that everything is available to us because surely, that is the way that the Universe set things up for us?

We’ve come from a place of limitless potential and absolute abundance and even though we may have “chosen” to come here and have soul contracts to fulfil, for the most part we don’t remember that. It can come as quite a shock to us that not everything is perfect here and sadly not every baby gets it’s needs met. Some don’t even get their most basic needs met. In our sub-conscious mind all of those feelings and experiences are recorded in minute detail. Every moment of life, every thing we ever see, hear or feel is recorded from this lifetime and from all of our others too.

To us as a child, especially if we felt unloved by our parents, if there was limited food in our household or if our home-life was unsettled or abusive it would not feel that this planet was very welcoming and supportive and even as a teenager or adult, through what we have experienced in life we could be forgiven for genuinely believing that many things are unavailable to us in life, like love, a sense of security, money, a baby, a job, a home, success... many people have expressed to me that they actually feel like this is a hostile planet, not one filled with love at all.

In spiritual circles we are told that love is all around us, the Universe is abundant, that we can have or “manifest” anything that we want as long as we are a vibrational match for it. We are told that we are safe and protected if we have enough faith in the Universe as it will provide everything we need. Many people desperately want these statements to be true and we can definitely feel that there is some level of truth there, yet why is abundance still so unreachable for so many people and why are some people absolutely in suffering here? When we consider the sheer number of people who have inner sadness from abuse and trauma, it is not difficult to see why they struggle to become a vibrational match to joy and abundance however I know that we all can heal and so I pray that each person in pain can find the most beneficial type of healing for them.

I have seen that people often place all of their beliefs (hopes and dreams) in the hands of another person, group or idea that will “make it happen for them” and it might work out well for a short while, but usually this “success” cannot be sustained for too long and because the spiritual arena is just as prone to fashions and fads as is most of the western world, it is not long before everyone rushes to the new next “best thing”, the next “best teacher” or the next “best belief system” that they declare to become their new “saviour” or, dare I say “guru”.

The great spiritual teachers and leaders of our time have definitely shaped many of our beliefs to a greater or lesser degree (as has Hay House of course!) and we can see that at the very core of all of the teachings (and modalities) there is a thread of truth. Each of these teachers and leaders will share their thread of truth and even the ones who are later shown to be absolute fraudsters or imposters will always have spoken some truth because it is the vibration of that truth that we resonated with and that’s what drew us in.

So each will have a thread of Truth and if all of the individual threads were to be woven together we would clearly see the Tapestry of Life and we might finally understand what this is all about and could understand what we were striving for. Perhaps this Tapestry of Life is even the Divine Blueprint of Human Consciousness! It is not that easy though as many of the threads are extremely precious and rare and are not out on public display – for a reason.

Instead we have many teachers with the same thread, which they choose to present differently, and they usually do this by making up different words for the same thing that has been around for a really long time because for sure each thread has been passed like a baton to many along the way over eons of time. Probably there was never actually was one person who held all of these threads of Truth together in his/her hand all at the same time and perhaps it was already agreed that not a single person but a number of people would hold threads of Truth that make up the whole and that they be duplicated in order that the message did not get distorted beyond repair. Perhaps there is not just One Complete Truth. Perhaps Truth is like a living growing Consciousness Field.
Perhaps it is just not even possible for one person to hold the whole truth - perhaps the risk of distortion is too great, as their view of life will always have been mired to some degree or another due to the life experiences and filters picked up along the way. We may say that a person of this calibre, gifted even with just a part of Universal Truth to hold within them would surely be capable of over-riding such filters of life experience and be able to hold true to that Truth without allowing distortions to sneak in? But if we are all created equal, then surely the opportunity exists for any one of us to do that too...

Our view of life is either supported by or clouded by the experiences in life that we have lived through as well as the interpretation we have placed upon those events. We create “filters of perception” around what we experience so therefore the more of these “filters” we are able to over-ride, heal and clear from within ourselves the more capable we would become of finding and holding a thread of the Universal Truth ourselves, and perhaps even more than one. If we are supported by the Universe in every way possible, and I believe that we are, then it would stand to reason that we each have the ability to access Universal Truth, in fact I also believe that it is written within the DNA of each and every one of us and it is through our own internal journey that we actually access it.

There is a natural failsafe mechanism to these Threads of Truth though and in order that distorted messages have a limited shelf life it has been designed that once we reach a certain level of vibration we begin to be able to see the distortions in others around us who are purporting to be a “carrier of Truth” but who are actually still operating from behind filters and thereby tainting their own message without even realising it. We can see it in their subtle manipulations and in the layering of belief systems and thought controls that they use subtly or not so subtly and yet at the same time whilst we may see it easily in others we must also remember to look in our own mirror at ourselves too as no human is immune to the seduction of their own ego.
This world is abundant with life choices. We can run after every suggestion given to us or every idea we ourselves pluck out of thin air. We can run to the next latest fad or we can just watch them all from a distance and concentrate on our own internal growth and healing. The whole Universe is accessible through our DNA and our Consciousness. Everything IS available to us if we access it from within. It is only when we run outside of ourselves to get our needs met that we become confused about what things really mean, we take on other people’s beliefs and we begin to discharge our energy in the wrong places to the point that we have nothing of our own left. We don’t know who we are anymore and we have no idea how to get “us” back.

What makes you happy?

Many clients come to me and say that they just want to be happy in life. I ask: what makes you happy? And they often don’t actually know.

Many people have grown up believing that it is someone else’s job to make them happy or to give them things that make them happy, so when they suddenly realise that they are not happy in their own life or the person that they credited as making them happy suddenly leaves, they will look around to find something or someone to blame. This serves no one. The person being blamed is not happy and nor is the person doing the blaming. The unhappiness grows, because at the end of the day, we are the only person that can really make ourselves happy. We have to find a way to come to peace with the things that have hurt us and come back into a state of love with ourselves because if we choose to stay in a place of blame, then we are also choosing to stay a victim in our own life.
It’s also important to recognise self-blame... If we blame ourselves for everything that has gone wrong in our life then there is no opportunity for growth or learning. Holding ourselves accountable for our actions is one thing, but to blame ourselves for the things that are beyond our control is unreasonable and holds no point of resolution until we shift our mind’s perspective. When we have the understanding of why we made the choices in our life that we did, then it is much easier to shift out of blame. We need to also understand that most times we just do the best thing we know how to at the time. We cannot be expected to behave or respond in ways that we haven’t yet learned but most likely it is the repercussions of life experiences and belief systems that we are unconsciously holding that govern the way we respond to present and future events.

Now, just think for a moment... if there is any truth in the statement that: we attract to ourselves that to which we are a vibrational match, then if we choose to play the role of “victim in our own life”, what is it, do you think, that we could expect to experience more of in our life? Of course - more situations that put us into “victim” mode. This is exactly why we see some people circling around and around, experiencing the same things over and over and not feeling an iota of happiness as they do it and also feeling powerless to change it.

I’ve learned in life, that whatever it is that I want to experience that I have to be the one to go out and get it. Nobody comes along and hands anything to me on a plate and if they have, retrospectively I can see that there was some element of hardship attached to it that I had to work through anyway so it was not quite the gift after all. A fact of life I guess - you live and learn but you also grow in understanding of course and that is what all of this is actually designed for. Ultimately, it’s about learning to manage our own power – a fact that we often have no sense of or have forgotten completely.

We can have anything we want in life provided we are willing to pay for it and the price might not necessarily be money. It could be in energy, power, happiness or health because one of the Universal Truths IS that there must be a balance and exchange in all things and if one area of our life becomes depleted then energy or power will be taken from another area in order to compensate for the shortfall.

When our bodies are out of balance, illness ensues and it has become fashionable to go outside of ourselves to get help and to find a cure when in fact humans have actually always had the ability to self heal but we have to do this through the power of our own consciousness and the understanding of our perceptions of the world around us and it is this that then changes our inner landscape and bio-chemistry of our body which allows us to heal.

When things go out of balance, for example, perhaps through greed, the need to be admired, the desire to acquire many things at the cheapest price possible (thereby leading the other person into a state of hardship), the need to be in control of everything around us, the need to have many followers and people that revere us, we have to ask what is the price we will need to pay to acquire this? Will the price we pay be utter loneliness and unhappiness? Will it lead us to drugs or alcohol to soothe the pain? Is the façade of having to appear perfect every single day because people are watching, just too big a price to pay?

When we are so attracted to outside pursuits there will always be a price tag.

What is power?

Power is energy is money... and yes it’s ok to have it!
One of the saddest “programmes” in New Age thinking is that we should be humble and that we shouldn’t strive for money or that our “gift” of helping others should always be given away cheaply or for free. This sets up a whole guilt trip should anyone ever want to pay you your true worth! However if you believe you are worth nothing then perhaps you also believe that worth nothing deserves nothing. Your power, your energy, your money - going, going, gone.

Power is energy. In my healing practice I have seen a great many clients with chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue. I suffered this myself for a time and I have learned that if you give your power away to a person who treats you badly, makes you feel inferior and disrespects you then you’ve given your energy away too. Because money is another form of energy you could just as well give all your money away too. It’s cleverly linked to self-respect and the power to command our presence on earth. If we are made to feel like we don’t fit in (commonly they say this is a Starseed trait) then we become isolated from the consciousness field of this planet. We are no longer a part of the organism as a whole – we’re locked away, separated and not able to participate in the exchange, the breath of life. If all we ever do is exhale and don’t participate in the inhale (or vice versa) then pretty soon we will be no more. Try breathing out and never taking a breath in and see how long you can survive. We have to participate in life. When we come on to the planet as babies we are hard wired to find connection and avoid rejection and when we feel rejected from our earth family we will search for connection somewhere. For some people this could be through addictions: alcohol, drugs, sex etc and for others it could be to spiritual groups or other starseed type people who also feel like they don’t belong. Unfortunately this sets them up for further abuse as psychologically it never feels REALLY good to belong to a group of people who “don’t quite fit in” and are “different”. The ironic thing is that EVERYONE in the world feels different so we are actually the same as everyone else! Labels can be so dangerous.

Anyway, we will only allow another person to abuse us to the same level that we will abuse ourselves (an example of like attracts like in a sense) and once that balance is tipped then the change begins and the price needs to be paid. Sadly by then some people are actually broke. Energetically and financially and they literally have no power left to rebuild themselves. For others though this is the very making of them. They may have to even claw their way back with their fingernails but they will! And THIS is the Power that is within them, it’s within all of us actually. THIS is our re-birth and THIS is when we begin to see that we are truly supported by the Universe. That grit and determination to achieve – not for financial gain necessarily but because of the pure amount of energy that we need to put in just for our survival – to go through all of that growth and learning and dig ourselves up from the pit of despair sometimes – is equally exchanged and the power flows back in – the energy flows back in and for some money flows in too but most importantly it’s about the love and respect we have for ourselves and as we do this THAT is our power.

So until next time then, stay in your Power and breath. Exchange with life and find connection with the people and things that you love because at the very heart of it, we are all the same. 


Karen AnTara

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