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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 11:19

Finding Inner Peace

September 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We’ve had some heavy planetary influences of late and that has brought about a particular type of energetic intensity on a macro level. For many of us this energy caused a rippling of the micro or inner emotional landscape but for some people it was more like a storm surge, perhaps even hurricane force heavy full waves of emotional stuff surging up from deep within – intensely uncomfortable with deep painful memories being triggered and almost completely catastrophic for some people.

A series of very powerful solar flares was added in to the mix and this always causes some upset in the energy field of us sensitive ones. Emotional disturbance, heart palpitations, anxiety, migraines and sometimes a feeling of just being really uncomfortable in your own skin, as if you want to get away from your own life but you can’t identify what it is that is so bad that you need to get away from because the intense uncomfortableness feels almost unbearably confusing when you can’t find a root cause for it. This is a classic sign of “being fried by EMF” (electro magnetic frequencies) - a very similar to feeling psychic burnout.

From deep within us there has been a push to bring unfinished business and unhealed parts of self to the surface, clearly looking for final completion. If we are able to appraise what is going on inside of us from a calm, balanced and centred perspective then it will seem quite manageable and we can accept it as a normal part and process of our development and evolution, however, not all of us were in that calm space when the storm hit.

Planetary activity of course has played a part, we’ve had a solar eclipse and this latest full moon seemed quite intense too but the impact that planetary movements have is not always equal for everyone as it depends upon each person’s individual natal chart and I believe that the attention we pay to such things can have an impact too as where we focus our attention we are likely to see more of what we are paying attention to.

Have you noticed how when you are looking to buy a new handbag or car that you see the same type that you are looking at everywhere? So applying that same observation, if you are looking at astrology charts and readings that say that this month you will go through some challenging times in your relationship and there also might be a sudden unexpected ending in some area of your life... and particularly if you read lots of different reports that say the same or similar – I wonder, are you more likely to see problems in your relationship and think about ending it, than if you had not read such reports? How much is our mind actually programmed and triggered by what we read and listen to? I would suggest much more than we realise! Thank goodness, we have the ability to “override” suggested and expected future outcomes and change our course of action at any point when we become conscious enough and choose to change our mind.

When we change our mind we change our life.

It has been shown that if a parent introduces their toddler as “shy” and says that “he doesn’t speak much” that he is more likely to grow up to become shy and quiet, than if he had not been introduced in such a way. Did the parent programme the child to become that by saying it often? (the mind learns by repetition). Or did the child grow up believing that he must be that way because his parent said it so he subconsciously chose to play that out and act in that way? (we act and behave in the only way we’ve ever known until we become conscious enough to change it). Or, was the child naturally going to be that way in the first place?

So much of human behaviour is based on unconscious repeating patterns and timelines as well as imprinted beliefs about who we are or really, who we think we are, based on someone else’s projections upon us. This can be forever restrictive unless we are able to get a really good grasp of where our limitations lie and then clear them. These are our stumbling blocks to success and they have been acquired in this lifetime and sometimes in others too. Given that time does not really exist and that everything is happening in the now moment, it probably would be more accurate to say that all of our stumbling blocks exist in other lifetimes too and that what we are able to clear in the here and now is also cleared in past, future and parallel lifetimes. I just love multi dimensional quantum entanglement don’t you...?

Anyway, back down to earth now... when we are able to distance ourselves a little from the emotional engagement of our ego and it’s preoccupation with drama, when we can find a still space within from which to view ourselves, it becomes possible to begin to identify the programmes that our body computer is running without our full awareness. Every phone or computer has a default factory setting and almost at the flick of a switch the phone or computer can be wiped clean of all files, documents, contacts, text messages, apps and other programmes that we chose to upload. We can start afresh, adding new contacts, new programmes or apps that we would like to use from that point onwards and in a sense we can change almost the whole way that the phone or computer behaves in response to new information coming in. We can programme in a new ring tone, block certain callers and set up the recognition of others and effectively there can be nothing left in the computer’s history of websites we have visited and liked in the past or all previous photos or documents we have saved. It can be all gone, erased, eradicated immediately at the time that we decide to let it all go. Whilst the human body is more complex, in some ways, it is not dissimilar and it can be a useful analogy when dealing with matters of the mind, both conscious and subconscious.

What we choose to put into our phone or computer will affect the way that it operates and functions and we all know that on certain websites we run a risk of being infiltrated with a bug or virus. From time to time we may get a message saying that there is no available disc space on our device and we cannot store any more until we go back and delete some things... We may need to delete a load of content to increase the speed when the computer gets sluggish, we may need to run a virus scan or upgrade to the latest version. When we can see ourselves in this way – as a human bio computer – it becomes easy to see why sometimes we need time out to rest and recoup, why we need to get rid of old habits and behaviours, why we need to let go of thought-forms and beliefs that are detrimental to our health and happiness and why the best thing we can do for ourselves is to upgrade ourselves to the best and latest updated version of our Self as opposed to running old programmes from our childhood and being stuck in beliefs from 20 or 30 years ago or more. Most importantly if we have viruses and bugs in our sub conscious mind from taking on psychologically disturbing information from other people, TV, media and websites we need to identify this and clear them out. Is it time you updated your software and ran a virus scan?

When we choose to make some internal changes by letting go of the things that no longer serve us, of course, we can expect to see a bit of turbulence showing up on the surface of our life. When we let go of old beliefs that made up the structure of our life, of course, we can feel as if everything is falling down around us but then it is ours to choose whether we see this as a demolition site where everything has fallen apart and things are terrible or as a building site in which we have the opportunity to create ourselves anew with all of the limitless potential that is our divine birthright. If we choose to see the latter, then we can choose to be really constructive from this point on and choose only programmes that are empowering, uplifting and that instil positive Statements of Truth because all of the negative and self-limiting beliefs have been dismantled and cleared away and we are free to create our new reality.

Is empowerment coming your way?

It is a very empowering time on this planet for us right now because this is the age of information and technology and so much is available to us but we must still choose wisely because in a sense we could say that our spiritual path continues to be fraught with obstacles and many of these come in the form of the lies and manipulations that are still being handed out in spiritual circles and groups.
For those of us who have been walking this path for a long time already this trickery and deception is so easy to spot that it’s actually almost comical now. It seems that the same timelines come around again and again (every few months in some cases) and the information is re-formed and re-shaped but says the same thing over and over. So, as far as we have come with technology it is also still like watching a stuck record play repeatedly in the same grove. We can see that with some things there has been no growth there and in truth the only people that have experienced growth are the ones that got off the circuit and out of that groove because they trusted enough in their own spirit and direct connection with God. Once we are able to actually do this for ourselves then the growth and development that we go through is intense but also wonderfully profound and holds us in good stead because once accomplished we can honestly say that having got off of the circuit, “everything is available to us now”. We know this because we are seeing it manifesting right in front of our eyes. It takes some work to get to this point but when you feel it, you know it and it’s all worth it.

In some cases the neon lights that signpost another scam or fraud are so bright that one could be forgiven for thinking they had just landed on the main strip in Vegas and wisdom and experience shows us that this is just another cycle of what we have viewed time and time again. Teachers come and teachers go and most of the information is just a regurgitation of what came before it, packaged slightly differently with a few newly invented words thrown in for good measure... What is absolutely fascinating though is how extremely evident the False Ascension Matrix has now become to so many more people and that can only be a good thing. Why? Because it shows the sheer number of people who have moved beyond it and who have the potential to not be re-cycled back on the reincarnational wheel or taken for soul harvesting.

When you take a quick look back at the things you used to be interested in, meet up with the people you used to do spiritual work with, or re-visit a group you used to be a part of and find that they are all still doing the same old, same old and have not gone beyond or questioned anything at all, then you know for sure that you have changed and grown. You took what you needed by way of learning and then you’ve moved on. Of course horizontal moves are always possible but there is a different quality of energy to those and the absolute knowingness of a vertical move and integration are as apparent as the nose on your face and unquestionable.

It has been argued that we are each here to fulfil a purpose and role and that some people are here to teach just the one thing as that is their role and I appreciate that point of view however we should still see personal growth within that person and growth within the people they are teaching. After all, nobody wants to stay in Junior School their whole life with the same teacher and if they are afraid to leave to go on to Senior School then we should be asking why? Why are they afraid to leave and go on to explore new things? What is it that holds them in that classroom unable or unwilling to progress or step outside on their own?

It is vital that we reclaim and retain control of our own Consciousness and stop giving our power away to external beings whether they be discarnate entities, demi-gods or deities, so called angels and ascended masters or even physical people from our past whether this lifetime or another. All of the power is within us and it’s time we started using it because every time we look outside of ourselves for someone to free us, we bind ourselves to the False Ascension Matrix even more. Of course some people may help us along the way and give us a sense of direction but ultimately the work is ours to do. We have to be willing to change ourselves from the inside out and one of the difficulties with the spiritual groups and cults that are around is that the people that join them are looking externally from themselves. Perhaps they are looking for information to fill their conscious mind or a tribe to feel connected to or emotional support because they feel empty inside and lost and these groups and cults can fulfil all of that to some degree, but it comes at a high cost because in these spaces people can completely lose themselves.

When we are born we are hardwired to “find connection and avoid rejection” and the irony is that in the desire to find connection, many people give themselves away to an unseen force of energy that leaves them devoid of their own sense of Self or Soul Self. It can become almost impossible to distinguish one person from another within some of these spiritual groups as they have all tapped into the hive mind and “become One”. They all believe the same things and have lost their individual thought and expression because they are actually told what to believe. Even if they don’t quite believe or understand something they are often very reluctant to question it for fear of being rejected by the group or it’s leader. This is one of our core fears – being rejected - and spiritual groups that promote love and unity should never make their people feel that way or if they do then this would be a big red flag. However people in these situations don’t generally see this, so strong is their desire to be connected to something outside of themselves (often to fill the loneliness inside of themselves) but what they don’t understand is that they are only connecting to a group field and there is a price to pay for that particular connection. Through the merging with the group field they lose their connection with Self (and therefore their connection with God) because they are not actually merging with God (which is a completely internal and personal process) they are merging with a group energy field and they are feeding that field with their own personal energy. They don’t know who they are anymore as separate from the group field and they cannot access their internal power because their light has gone out, only to be replaced by a false light which they believe is real but which can be easily identified by one who has gone beyond that point and sees via their own divine connection with God.

When we are connected to a group field or buy in to a particular belief system and spend a lot of time concentrating on it, studying it or participating with it, it begins to take over our thoughts and mind. Like the handbag and car analogy that I used earlier, what we focus on we find more of and if we go looking for it, we WILL find it, so we must take care upon what we focus our attention and be vigilant to the type of energy and thoughts we allow in because it will begin to affect our beliefs and our beliefs and thoughts affect our actions, thus we then create our reality based on those same thoughts and beliefs.

The power of our own Consciousness is limitless. This power resides within each and every one of us until such time as we hand it over to someone else. When we give our power away to another being we are giving our life force away. The degree to which we give that power away will be equally matched to the degree to which we are able to make positive changes in our life, to feel good about ourselves, have great relationships and have a strong and healthy body. This is our life force, our Spirit, our divine connection to God and actually to our Self and our own internal Presence and when we turn away and believe that there is something better outside of our Self that offers us something better, then we are actually lost. What price will we need to pay to find ourselves again? Finding ourselves, knowing ourselves, connecting to ourselves and being ourselves... actually you can’t put a price on that. If you sell your soul, I wonder if you can ever get it back?

Through the correct use of our thoughts and taking the necessary action we can begin to see how powerful we truly are and we will stop giving our power away to distractions that lead us up the garden path. We will begin to trust ourselves enough to follow our own internal path to peace and happiness. Nothing external to ourselves can ever give us the inner peace that we search for, because it’s inside of us. It always was and it always will be. All the rest is just a distraction.

Until next time, 
Karen AnTara

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All rights reserved

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