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The Ascension and Empowerment Gateway

December 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We are on the cusp of an amazing Gateway opportunity for our Empowerment.

If we remember back to 21st Dec 2012 it was the end of the Mayan Calender, and we had completed a 26,000-year cycle. What occurred next is that rather than jumping from one space to another instantly, we proceeded to go through a type of transition, or in between space, before really moving forwards again into the new time cycle. That transition time has been referred to as an Ascension Window. It was a window of opportunity really, a space in which we could make massive leaps and bounds with our growth and expansion and we were urged to really take that opportunity and make the most of the supportive energies that were still raining down on us from the galactic alignments of that time.

Well we have almost completely transitioned through that space now and the choices we have made over these last six years or so have all been leading us up to this point in time, the end of 2017. It has been like a testing ground for us to learn exactly where we want to go and upon what we want to focus our energy. It’s been a rough road for some of us… but we’ve come through and now we are finding ourselves standing in front of the Gateway to our own Ascension and Empowerment.

This period of time right now, feels like something of a relief, to be honest, because we’ve finally come through and our Empowerment is actually becoming a reality, it’s almost tangible and it’s right there on the doorstep for us to pick up if we want to. We are bringing more and more of our consciousness into our physical reality now and it is manifesting as our sense of Empowerment and Absolute Limitlessness. Anything is possible for us if we can get our mind into present time and as we connect more and more with the quantum field this is so apparent and feels so good. However, there is a sense of trepidation for some people because now is when it all starts to count. It’s rather like: “the rehearsal is over – it’s time to walk your talk” and so we need a quick mind-shift to override any feelings of doubt or fear and remind ourselves that “we are what we have been waiting for” and although this little saying has been thrown around for years now, never before has it been so true or so well understood.

We talked about the end of the Mayan Calender 2012 and how it was touted to be the end of life as we knew it but once that date had passed, life continued on seemingly just the same as before. Had I not talked about it so many times over those years, we could have been forgiven for not realising that we had moved into a kind of gestation period in preparation for our Empowerment. It has been a phenomenally important part of where we find ourselves today and the proof of the pudding is in the eating because we’re here now.

If we were able to move through that period of time participating with our ascension consciously, then we were afforded a hugely accelerated opportunity for growth. Those of us who have been consciously doing the work and looking inside ourselves, clearing and processing our stuff through all of that time, then our reward is to be able to arrive at this pivotal time light years ahead of where we might have been had we not done the work. This sets us up for our future journey.

Now, how we discern whether we’ve done adequate work and passed our tests is more of an internal process really. It is natural to learn a thing or two as the years pass, and it’s been almost six years since we entered this window of opportunity so there will have been some growth and movement for everyone, as the exact same potential was offered to everyone, however in our heart of hearts, if we are honest with ourselves, we do know if we have genuinely been facing our stuff, growing, expanding and speaking our truth, and being an active participant in our process or whether we’ve just been going along for the ride as a spectator in our own ascension.

Have you made the changes you needed to make or have you avoided them?

Did you follow your heart towards love and what brings you passion or are you feeling the pain in your heart of self –betrayal as you have consciously refused to change anything?

There are levels to our awakening and ascension process and it’s not always easy to see where you are when you’re right in the middle of it. When we move ourselves out of controlled dimensions and off of inorganic timelines (that I’ve spoken about in The False Ascension Matrix and The Starseed Trap) things become much clearer and we can see the seduction and manipulation that is inherent upon those timelines so much more easily. It can be valuable to dip in and out of them from time to time – it’s always interesting to see what’s going on at other levels - but we must do so with our eyes wide open, not Eyes Wide Shut. As a spectator, not a participant
because the seduction is great. A lot of people are being held and locked in at those levels so one might find great companionship and feel quite at home there, it might even feel like family… but at what cost? How much value do you put on the freedom of your soul?

As we step through the Ascension and Empowerment Gateway, there is a sense of freedom… you can feel it in the air and you can breathe it in… to have got to this point is like something of a miracle for many of us because we have literally had to do battle on multidimensional levels to be here but even for those who are still in the midst of the chaos, providing that you have your eye on the ball and your sense of direction is still strongly focused, you’ll make it through. It’s all about your intention and where you place your mind and focus your thoughts. None of us really can afford to drop the ball now – this is not a time to sit back and cruise – but it definitely IS a time to recognise how far we have come. The audience of this newsletter is rarely those trapped on false timelines, they’re usually to far in to read this but those that do, it is because and I can more or less guarantee that their soul/monad is trying to get their attention and awaken them further in order to guide them out of the consciousness traps they are currently in. Some of these are teachers within these false matrixes and it can be very difficult for them to make that transition as it could mean the end of their business, followers or livelihood, but it all comes down to choice now. AN organic or an inorganic structure – which will you choose?

I feel that this transition space that we have almost completely passed through now, has also been like an opportunity to sort out the wheat from the chaff in a sense. So much manipulation, lies and untruth has been revealed and so many consciousness traps exposed and we would be completely foolhardy to want to continue to participate with these things but yet they all still exist and while they do, there are still people who go along with it – they just can’t see it for some reason. It’s a bit like continuing to support your local priest even when you know he’s a paedophile. At what point will you step away and no longer follow?

Certain fake teachers, cults, vampiric and controlling group consciousness still all appear to be up and running, however what we see with our eyes just in the physical is not an accurate reflection of what is happening at multi dimensional levels and it has been revealed to me that some of these things don’t even really exist outside of just a very small bandwidth of frequency, so they are really only self serving and not serving the greater whole at all. These are inorganic. They have just been created to siphon energy or create bindings and the farther we get into this new time (through the Ascension and Empowerment Gateway) they will cease to exist and they already are beginning to be dismantled from the top down. People at the top of these schemes are losing energy and are grasping and trying to hold on and appear like everything’s in order.

Like inorganic timelines, these groups, once we have fully engaged with them and bought into them, we’re a part of them and we are going wherever they take us because that part of it by design is outside of our control. Our only option is to choose to step away and this transition window has been EXCELLENT for helping people to wake up and see that they are indeed on an inorganic timeline, although many thousands of people still are in that space and not yet able to see it.

In this transition time, although a complete extraction has been extremely difficult to accomplish from some of these more powerful consciousness traps, it has been possible for people to step off that timeline and recover their invested energy but going forwards it will not be quite as easy to do that as the energy invested there will be rapidly spiralling down into a type of descending suck pit and we will have to dig deeper to retrieve everything fully.

These last few months have been quite tumultuous for some, because last remnants of the things that have held them back in the past have been coming up again. Either for review if they were able to sit with them and garner the lessons learned or, unfortunately, some of them have had rather a strong pull and people have experienced that feeling of really being pulled back as if they were about to start another repeating cycle all over again. I’ve found this most fascinating and have helped a number of people to unhook and release themselves from participating again with a recurrent timeline.

We should all be getting rather good by now, at identifying these repeating patterns. Most of them are undesirable and we can see how we’re stuck in a kind of time loop. When we are stepping forward and breaking new ground there is an uplifting feeling. We know that we’re actually getting somewhere. It could be a very subtle feeling but it’s still there. Step by step, we know we’re going forwards and it’s beginning to feel really good, we are clear and on target and then, all of a sudden we just know that we are being pulled right back. Like as if someone just grabbed our hair from behind and yanked us backwards and right into the thick of it again and having to deal with things we thought we had finished with: having to re-visit something and re-establish strong boundaries again; having to dig even deeper because we’ve just discovered that even though we have done a tremendous amount of work on a particular issue it is STILL there because there was a tiny bit of root left behind and it is attempting to re-root and take on a life of it’s own again. This is common right now and we have to stamp down hard on this and stop it in its tracks.

I have noticed particularly that where possessive narcissistic types of entities have been an issue, that they seem to be coming up again – kind of like the walking dead or something – and I am seeing situations where even those energies that were laid to rest several years ago, they are raising their heads again and trying to latch on to our weak spots. It is literally like they are clawing at us to get our attention and focus so that they can make a final grab on our energy as we prepare to completely step off this platform where we are and on to the new one that is waiting for us. As we step through the Ascension and Empowerment Gateway where we are no longer held back by those bothersome and disempowering thought forms of consciousness we are finally free and we must caste off those niggling doubts and completely take control of our own thoughts and mind. It’s handy to remember that it’s sometimes not even about the person, it’s about the energy that runs through them uncontrolled, so distancing oneself from the personal relationship and seeing it as an errant energy wanting to take our power away makes it much easier when we have to tell it to back off, (but in much strong words than that of course!) – “You don’t have power over me!”

Any thought form, image or belief can be implanted. Once a person hands themselves over to participate with a belief system or structure created by another person then permission is inherently given and thoughts, images and beliefs begin to creep in unless we are vigilant to how this process works. When a person finally begins to connect with their True Self and follow only their own guidance then many of the implants picked up on the false timelines begins to dismantle and drop away. Some belief systems are deeper in the sub conscious mind though and take conscious effort to pick out but it can definitely be done and needs to be if we are to truly be free to have our own experience of the Divine.

It can be a bit tiring to have to deal with the past again but please remember that it really is coming at you from a very much-weakened position than it was before. It really has no hold over you anymore, it’s just having a final grab, because it fed from your energy participation once upon a time and now it is seriously starving to death and grabbing at any little ounce of your light that it can get. So don’t give it any and its death will come quicker. It is on a descending path going to a completely different destination to the one you are heading towards and it has no power over you anymore. Really… think about it… would you really ever go back to the relationship? That cult? That life? That level of disempowerment? Please override any thoughts that say that it’s just easier to go along with it and give in or shut up, because you didn’t come here to sink on an inorganic timeline… we came here to create the new and we must keep moving forward and breaking new ground. Giving up and going home is not an option.

When we have our head and heart in the right place, we are rather a formidable force all of us Starseeds… It’s sad that so many of us have lost our way on false timelines but there is a massive wave of people that are going to be jumping ship when they realise they’ve set sail for the wrong destination.

Many of us are waiting for them – to guide them out of the dark place they’re in, to help them to heal and set them off on the right path again. Some of us have roles as the reception committee, the meet and greet. Others of us work in intensive care and others are setting up new structures that are correctly aligned to an ascending timeline. They are creating opportunities to get the right information out there so that it can reach those who need it most. We all have a purpose and we are getting people ready and in the right places now. We are setting up the infrastructure of a new ascending timeline.

At first glance, it may be impossible to see who is in need and who isn’t but we must bear in mind that we are also ending karmic cycles at this time too – finishing up family business and setting a new path, finding closure for karmic abuse and finally stepping into who we were meant to be all along. Released of karmic burden, subconscious negative beliefs and implants we can finally move forwards to create the life we were meant to have and finally get on the path and fulfil our mission and purpose in this life. It actually makes me wonder, if none of this was ever meant to start happening until now, until we walked through this Ascension and Empowerment Gateway… We’ve been in training a long time, perhaps just waiting, but we’re ready now and now is the time.

Stay strong and keep walking the path,
With love

© 2017, Karen AnTara
All rights reserved

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