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A new level of Awareness

December 2010 Newsletter

Another intense time on planet Earth!! I know, I seem to say that every time but the energies just keep ramping up and up with every lunar cycle that passes – not that there should be any surprise there as we’ve been saying for a number of years now that this will indeed be the case as we get closer to the activation date in 2012.

Since my last newsletter, I’ve observed several cycles of ebb and flow. In the first instance I could see the new energies coming in, I could see the clarity of purpose, I could see what needed to be cleared out of the way – the old energy that needed to be released to make way for the new and all the while as this energy was building and building, I was almost holding my breath with anticipation waiting for it all take off at great speed – just to find that the energy seemed to dissipate away and everything fell flat. The momentum seemed to have gone and all I was left with was a feeling of extreme fatigue, confusion and a sense of a deep loss. Upon further investigation, what was revealed to me has been absolutely fascinating…

At some point in our history down here the Controller Races were able to take charge of a portion of the Oversoul or Monadic grid. Some of the Starseed or Indigo Beings down here were thereby prevented from full access to all parts of Self. We were able to “see” or “know” (or at least “get a sense of…”) what we came here to do but were not able to fully activate that within ourselves – like as if a really important piece of the puzzle was missing. In fact, it was – our piece was stolen from us before we even had the knowledge that the piece existed – but just because we weren’t using it at the time, doesn’t give someone else the right to come along and take it, but they did. Therein lies the danger of not knowing all that you truly are…

Due to recent developments in the activation and release from control of certain planetary grids we have been able to release much of the stolen Oversoul and Monadic consciousness to its rightful owners. For me, this felt like a part of myself finally “coming home” and at the same time I felt the extreme and overwhelming grief for humanity – that we should ever have had to experience parts of ourselves being taken away from us – our very divine birthright (to know ourselves as a part of God) stolen from us. The grief I felt, so deep – it tore at my very core – what has been done to us down here… and how imperative it is that we all wake up and see this!

In integration of these returned parts of self, another level of clearing is required. A processing from deeply within of what needs to been seen, looked at and cleared. We asked for a new earth – one of truth and transparency and yet we so often cannot face the truth that is within us. Through the process of going deeply within one creates the change profoundly without. The microcosm and the macrocosm. When one resists the change within, the external reality cannot change either. We ARE the change… It is not a state of doing; it’s a state of Being.

Whilst our minds are diverted to matters of the physical world we create an inner resistance to the ascension process. When we focus on the commitments of work and home and family, of paying bills and getting ahead we are diverted away from what we came here to do and we are forgetting the spiritual part of ourselves. We chose to come here now to be the alchemical containers of change – to create the transformation for ourselves and the planet through our bodies, and yet we abuse our bodies and criticise them for their age or seeming lack of beauty and in that, we are inhibiting the transmutational process that yearns to evolve from within us. Another level of inner resistance occurs when we can’t get comfortable with ourselves. While it’s true to say that the ascension process is going on regardless of whether we choose to be involved or not, our active participation is what is required to create the change. It all comes from willingness to participate.

Lightworker – Have you forgotten your mission?


Literally we have to move heaven and earth for this transition to occur, but I have seen it as a reality on another timeline – we can do this if we choose to step on to that timeline now, so that we may fly free from the re-incarnational wheel of existence to which we have been bound for the longest time. Reincarnation back here on this earth plane is not the only option if you choose to surrender to your Soul.

For those of us to whom lost parts have been returned, another level of “seeing” and a new level of leadership is also being revealed. It requires that we be able to see through the 3D illusion totally and still stay out of fear – hold love in our hearts and not go into judgement. A test of self-energetic mastery, to hold this new level of consciousness awareness – purifying any remaining interest in personal gain, ego fulfilment through control or manipulation or fear of judgement by others. At this level – it is not about us anymore… We are in planetary service.

At this time also with the return of the Oversoul and Monadic parts, many Starseed and Indigo Beings are waking up, some of them VERY FAST indeed and this is wonderful to see. I know many more will follow in the coming weeks and months.

So what’s next…

There is a new impulse frequency of light that is coming through right now. This will be re-enforced by the solstice energy band and it requires that you give time to embody these energies as quickly as possible. In order to do that, we need to give adequate time to conscious connection, rest well and eat well and healthfully – particularly seeds and nuts to ground and metabolise the energy. Also green drinks are indicated. (chlorophyll, spirulina, green vegetable juices). These particular frequency codes are to prepare the body. They are the threads that bond the protons and the electrons for the balancing of the bodies for the creation of the next level of the trinitized form. These energies are connected to the Mother energies for the reweaving of the trinity code upon the earth and the conversion of the carbon base of the physical human into more the silicate base of the ascended human prototype. This is prototyping work that we are doing here as this physical ascension process has not been done before in the humans currently on the planet in this time cycle or on such a vast scale ever before. Though the ancients are aware of it as an intended process they are not always understanding of its complexity of the physicalisation of the energies or the recoding at a subatomic level. The teachings of the ancients are valid but not technologically or scientifically understood as a physical process and this has been due to the level of veiling that has been seen and experienced on the planet up until this time.

This is about to change, as another level of the veil will be released on or around December 17th. This timing of December 17th is particularly relevant due to the passing of a particular comet or stellar body which will herald the way for galactic frequencies to enter the planet. Solar flare activity is also expected at this time and will exacerbate the symptoms of physical and mental overload for many people on the planet. The period immediately following that date and for approximately three weeks will offer an exit point for many who have been preparing to leave. They will either continue on a time loop as they have not yet been released from the reincarnational wheel of existence due to the nature of their distorted mental field construct or they will be released into other levels of experience dependent upon which station of identity they have been able to access at their time of exit.

These events are not to be feared, this is part of the process in this model of creation and the conscious evolution of a planet and her people. The ancients have spoken at length of the need to return to the earth and connect with the land– simplify your life and engage with your spirit.

Moving forward still further… According to the Mayan Calendar we are about to enter a new level of the consciousness cycle. We are presently in the Galactic Cycle (where it’s all about ethics) and we step up into the Universal Cycle on 9th March 2011. In this new cycle it’s all about Co–Creation – (what will we choose to create for ourselves in the new timeline?) we will notice that time speeds up quite remarkably. At present, each stage of the Galactic Cycle takes us 360 days to proceed through and process but from March next year each stage will now take only 18 days. If you are the type of person that takes a while to get used to new ideas or finds it difficult to make changes or doesn’t like change or movement in any direction, you will be more likely to feel the pressure of this shift. Begin to prepare for this now, by looking at your life and surroundings and beginning to make the necessary changes. If you can avoid procrastination now it will save you much angst later on. I myself have been having lessons in letting go more quickly of things that are not in alignment for my highest good. My guidance has been pushing me to tie up loose ends of matters outstanding and get on with important things NOW – and when I have followed that guidance, the outcome has been magical. The Universe is giving us all a big push now and it’s supporting us to get things done, which is what so many of the Lightworkers down here have been asking for, for such a long time. Now that the planetary field is becoming lighter so much more is achievable – make the changes from within, then take the learning out to the world…

Blessings to you,

Stay in the Light and stay out of fear.


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