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Building a Strong Foundation

January 2014 Newsletter 

Many of us are heading off into this new calendar year of 2014 feeling excited, inspired and optimistic about the future. We have our heads full of new ideas or exciting adventures that we intend to embark upon this year or perhaps a list of goals, target markets or a business plan and we’re rushing at top speed to get on with these things and make it all happen.

Others of us though are in a phase of contemplation. We’re going inwards and taking the time to go deeply into ourselves, meditate and reflect upon what is within us, what parts of ourselves or our lives we are comfortable with, what needs to be changed or transformed, what is required to bring about that change or transformation and how willing we are to do that level of work… Going deeply within in this way brings us to a new level of understanding – of ourselves, of our surroundings, of our relationships – and from this place then we are ready to do the work required to grow and to embody our soul and monadic levels of self.

There is no surprise then to discover at this time that there is a shifting around and changing in the larger field that will see many people making abrupt changes to their life right now and going forwards. For some people we will see almost a complete change of identity as they move away from a life that is inauthentic to their soul and they will move along that path quite comfortably and naturally. For others though, as they see the cracks in their view of life beginning to appear, there is such a fear of letting go of their lifestyle and a complete unwillingness to lose their perceived identity that this is sure to create some stress and strain for them until such time as they have been able to build a stronger sense of who they truly are. Perhaps they need to build a stronger spiritual foundation, develop their self esteem or learn to have faith and trust in themselves before they feel ready to make the changes that are becoming all to clear to see.

Each of us has the choice as to how rapidly we wish to participate in our growth process. Each step we take and each time we re-commit to ourselves (to our personal growth and spiritual development) we create and draw to ourselves life experiences that are designed by consciousness so that we may directly experience self-realization and spiritual actualization. Ultimately as we move through and clear fear, insecurity, confusion and low self esteem we come to comprehend and embody the Christ Consciousness and develop Krystic qualities.

This journey to embody these higher aspects of Self is the most rewarding journey one could ever embark upon however it is a journey that is often not comfortable and at times will test every ounce of strength and commitment that we have. This journey is unlike any other – unique to each of us individually – and therefore almost unexplainable to other people, particularly those around us who are un-awakened and not walking upon their own spiritual path as yet. On the difficult parts of the journey, it might seem appealing to rest a while and play the 3D game or perhaps feel seduced by the idea of an easy path to ascension, or dare I say… a quick path to enlightenment, and these things can be found quite commonly in the New Age industry but in reality this is unlikely to be helpful in the long term, though it is a choice you could make none the less.

Sometimes this process of ascension can seem like a hard slog – endless clearing processes from all levels of our being – and yet the blessings come in the revelation and understanding of the process of our embodiment – the self realization and spiritual actualization. This is not spoken from an ego perspective but through the truth of an experience as there comes a point when these things just are what they are and there is a complete acceptance and understanding around the whole process. One then becomes more able to witness neutrally and be more unattached to the outcome of certain situations that we are unable to change. It is in the neutral witnessing actually, that the change is able to occur spontaneously as there is no longer an opposing force of resistance. This pushing and driving that we often see in the 3D world when people have certain targets and goals that they set out to achieve can be very uncomfortable for a more spiritually based or aware person and we may feel it as overly mental as opposed to working from a more heart guided place. Of course this is not to say in any way that these people do not have open hearts but merely to speculate as to where the impetus of their targets and goals may be coming from.

I have found for myself over the years that when I try to “create” a workshop (for example) because people have asked me for that, that it is usually not well supported. However, when my guidance comes through and says that a workshop needs to happen, I take that on board and then, following guidance, create that workshop. Then I find that it holds a particular energetic architecture of whatever it is that needs to be achieved through that workshop at that time. There is always a timing to this too – something needs to happen “at a specific time and date”… it’s not something that I can say, yes I’ll do that at some point, the instruction is very specific. I have noticed that if I don’t set up what is required at that specific time that the energy around it falls flat and it’s basically a “no-go” so its best to let it go because otherwise it is like trying to push a heavy boulder uphill. I wonder if this is why some of my “New Year’s Resolutions” in the past have not worked out – because I have created them from my mental mind and they are not supported as part of my soul journey or life purpose… Five year plans have never worked for me either because they are just not “in the moment” or supported spiritually. When I am in the moment all my needs are met, when I worry about the future and try to map it all out my mental body and ego mind start running around with a heightened sense of importance that then takes me away from my spiritual centre. I am better when I am in the moment and connected to God Source allowing Divine Right Timing to be my guide.

So what should we do with our list of New Year’s Resolutions? Some may still be valid, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater yet, but perhaps take another look and for each one ask: is this for my highest good? Does this support my spiritual evolution and growth? Is this something that my ego wants? Is this spiritually guided and supported? Is this a heart based resolution or did this come from my head? Is this resolution “service to self” (STS) or “service to others” (STO)? Who stands to gain from this? (With resolutions such as losing weight or getting fit you might also need to ask do I need to love myself more? And what else needs to occur on an emotional level for me to lose this weight and get fit?)

A great many questions there that will encourage you towards deeper enquiry of yourself and ultimately allow you to simplify your life. This process also allows you to begin to build (or re-establish) a steady and strong foundation (or grounding) from which you can grow more easily. It has been noted that for those of us that rush forwards at great speed, particularly in the areas of spiritual development, that a type of “crash and burn” can occur and there is more likelihood of someone like this being unable to discern the levels of where information is sourcing from which can lead to their thought processes being manipulated or infiltrated by dark forces or it’s even possible for soul fragmentation to occur. Some serious cases of this have occurred, even with spiritual teachers that are currently on the world wide stage.

Slow and steady wins the race in this case and doing our own personal spiritual housecleaning is the key as it is in this physical vessel (body) that the Christ Consciousness will dwell. Many of us as Starseeds are the prototypes of this as we are holding the Ascension blueprint to embody this source code energy. We truly are creating a temple where the Christ may dwell within us here in this physical realm and for the alchemical process of that to occur we must clear all of the density, miasma, implants and inorganic structures, cellular memory (of trauma and abuse), toxic emotions (like resentments, anger and grief) as well as clearing physical toxicity (like drugs, alcohol, contaminated food substances) from our body and building and strengthening every level of our being. That is our purpose here. I wonder… did you think to put any of these aspects of clearing and healing on your list of things to do this year?

Stay on your path and walk in the Light always,

With love and Blessings



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