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January 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Passing through Sagittarius

We have just completed our transit through Sagittarius and it has been a tough month for a lot of people as many holiday seasons tend to be but if we have any of our attention on our ascension process and are reading the signs we will know that Sagittarius brought us energetically into an alchemical process of incineration and resurrection.

As part of our awakening and ascension process, it is necessary to clear and purify the negative ego and it’s behaviour patterns. A strong negative ego will always keep energy impulses active in the lower three chakras and when we are constantly pulled down into resonance with these chakras we must acknowledge that we are being governed by our base desires – sex, power, money, safety, security. When we allow ourselves to act upon these base desires without correct discernment of their quality, our self-awareness diminishes and we may become in collaboration with the spiritual forces that govern these desires. Lust, Vengeance, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Laziness and Self Importance are all qualities of the predator force and if we are harbouring these qualities (of Imposter Spirits) within us it creates a severe limitation in our ability to expand and awaken the high dimensional chakras.

When we are actively working towards ascension and awakening we can be very surprised sometimes to discover hidden “skeletons in the cupboard”. We may have been ignoring or suppressing these for some time in the hope that they might just go away but as part of our ego purification work we can always trust that anything hidden in the darkness will eventually come up into the light to be seen and dealt with!

When our ego comes up and displays itself in all of it’s negative glory we can find that the Universe will deliver us a kind of “pull your head in” slap across the face to bring us back on track and to allow us to see what we just did. There can be a feeling like burning up inside when this happens and we may feel humiliation, embarrassment and shame for our thoughts or actions. Sometimes we may feel condemned, hunted or crucified as our victim/victimiser programmes start running and we might want to blame other people for what we ourselves are feeling. Either way these episodes of negative ego clearing are really an invitation to look deeply within ourselves to see and acknowledge the truth of our thoughts and feelings. This can feel like an inner alchemical bonfire burning through us but if we are willing to take the time to understand what is happening, we will see that this is indeed a purification of the ego, an initiation actually, which generally, once the process is complete, gives rise to a new level of awakening or empowerment within us.

As we move through and past this initiation we should at the very least have acquired a new level of awareness – there is a knowing that we now have about certain things and we can’t un-know what we know so this changes everything. When we are conscious and aware of the forces and spiritual influences that we are interacting with, we are by default now making conscious choices as to what we participate with. This may bring about some moral or spiritual dilemmas for us to consider as we can no longer say that we didn’t know what we were dealing with or involved in. In some cases a whole dismantling and re-structuring of our lives may be required when we start to take stock of where we have placed our energy and what it is exactly that we have been in collaboration with. For some people this may take them into a Dark Night of the Soul process – otherwise known as a psycho-spiritual crisis.

An internal process of alchemy has also been occurring in this time frame too. This part of the process has been more about the transformation of matter – pure alchemy – so clearing up heavy dense matter, miasma and debris and actually shifting the cellular structure of the body from one state to another. There may have been a feeling of death energy around – perhaps feeling that our body has been really heavy to drag around – and also pain in the bones and skeletal structure of the body as deep and ancient miasma is pulled from the bone matrix and transfigured into a new form, a type of resurrection of the body allowing for expansion of consciousness. This process of ascension and its inherent expansion of consciousness is a whole body experience, not just something that occurs in our mind or consciousness and therefore metamorphosis occurs over and over again within the body as we gradually accrete more and more light frequency and our whole structure begins to change as our Silicate Matrix is developed and activated enabling us to manifest 12 strands of DNA as per the original human genetic imprint design.

Going into Capricorn

As we move into Capricorn (on 19th January) fermentation and illumination become the key words. Fermentation creates the enzymatic changes that the body requires to increase ATP production in order that more light or illumination may be held in the cells of the physical body – this is a marker of increased consciousness but not necessarily a marker of physical vitality. For some of us, the alchemical processing (and sometimes that involves alchemical prototyping) that occurs in our physical body as well as various external impacts that we are subjected to in day to day life, leaves us with a feeling of low vitality at times and this is in complete contrast to the size and quality of the auric lightbody.

With our physical structure undergoing such a big alchemical process, it becomes absolutely vital that we provide as many of the basic building blocks to health that we possibly can. Good clean food and water plus any additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids or enzymes that our individual body requires will support our physical body as we undergo this process of metamorphosis. We literally are transforming and in recent months as we have been working at an extremely deep level to clear ancient miasma and to process and collapse timelines all of which are recorded in our bone structure at a cellular level and we have witnessed the actual structure of the bone matrix itself begin to change through this clearing process.

This process of light and frequency accretion naturally transforms our cells from lower density elemental cells to higher functioning divine human cells. The biochemical cell salts that are available to purchase are particularly helpful at providing balance of the 12 mineral tissue salts that our bodies require for health and I am providing a link at the end of this newsletter, where you can learn more about working with these tissue salts.

Without properly functioning Mitochondrial DNA we are unable to effectively generate new proteins for DNA synthesis or store the levels of ATP required to generate the light from our cells to embody our own descending higher spiritual consciousness. For many of us this mitochondrial DNA is impaired or severely lacking and our production of ATP is minimal. It is the mother that passes the mitochondrial DNA to the child. Therefore, energetically speaking, our mitochondrial DNA is directly connected to our Divine Mother, however our True Divine Mother was taken from this planet and replaced by a synthetic alien version of a Mother (a Dark Mother), so we have never truly had access to this part of our biology. This has been hidden from us of course and so we have lived with no knowledge that part our divine connection to our Mother has been missing from us all this time. We have not realised that our mitochondrial DNA has not been functioning correctly or optimally.

As our Mother principle is returned to the planet and energetic balance is restored we would expect that this will also support the individual’s ability to heal and restore their mitochondrial DNA. Initially at least this would require a consciousness intention to connect with the True Divine or Holy Mother frequencies coming on planet now.

When our Mitochondrial DNA is severely compromised we are at increased risk of many types of disease including auto immune diseases and cancer – our bodies age faster, we experience brain and neurological impairment and neurological degeneration increases as well as stunting of human development and spiritual growth. Mitochondrial DNA may become damaged in the same way as Nuclear DNA cells – both are important and play slightly different but absolutely crucial roles in health and protein coding sequencing for ascension.

Second only to DNA is ATP. adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the molecular energy currency behind all biological functions. Without ATP, life as we understand it could not exist. It is a perfectly-designed, intricate molecule that serves a critical role in providing the proper size energy packet for scores of thousands of classes of reactions that occur in all forms of life. ATP is the energy fuel of all cells, all tissues, and all organs and glands in the body. It is the fuel of the body, and governs the energy state of a person. Even minor reductions in ATP or ATP production and recycling will slow down the body and cause fatigue. Many leading medical doctors and scientists believe mitochondria dysfunction lies at the root of ME and many other illnesses involving fatigue.

When we take into consideration then, the importance upon our spiritual ascension process of both DNA, (mitochondrial and nuclear) and ATP we must take steps to both protect and preferably increase the strength and resilience of both of these aspects of our cellular biology as they are severely under attack, by design, in the world that we currently live in. This attack comes in the form of food, vaccination, medication, environmental pollution and toxins and as it has become clear that the food and communications industries, government and big pharma have their own negative agenda, we must become aware that many if not all of their products contain elements that destroy human dna/rna sequencing and ATP production. EMF radiation, chemotherapy and radiation, xrays, fluoride, GMO foods, MSG excito-toxins are just a few examples of how our DNA and ATP may be harmed and my personal recommendation would be do to everything we possibly can to avoid exposure to these things. There are many more to add to this list of course and we can each take responsibility to educate ourselves with this information as we make a serious commitment towards our health from this year onwards.

2016 onwards

In around 2009 we were informed that there would be a major window of opportunity for ascension between 2012-2017. As we are here now in 2016 we must give serious consideration to this, if we have not already done so. We have become aware of a serious agenda to prevent our spiritual awakening and ascension process and we now understand where many of the consciousness traps lie so with time ticking by to 2017 it is NOW that we must make a serious commitment to ourselves if we want to give ourselves the very best opportunity for spiritual advancement, sovereignty and freedom. This statement is not intended to invoke fear… it is intended to say “come on now, apply yourself to this project and let’s get the job done!”.

Many people make new years resolutions and I am challenging you to make this your best year ever in terms of your movement away from pain and suffering on any level and towards empowerment, sovereignty and freedom on every level!

Guidance has suggested that towards the end of 2017 a “reading” will be taken on the level of consciousness and awakening that is present on planet. Each of us will be at different levels but I would rather like to go for my personal best and I would encourage each of us to do the same. I am not completely clear at what we are looking at post 2017 but what I am sure about is that if I can raise my consciousness and vibration up even just one notch then I will have improved myself and I will have become a better person for my efforts. I know that if I spend my days stressing my body with bad food choices, no exercise, participating in low consciousness pastimes, engaging in toxic and harmful relationships, thinking negatively and harbouring Imposter Spirits through my behaviour choices that any “reading” that is taken of my personal level of spiritual attainment, it will not be very highly evolved. I also know that ultimately I have the power within me to change everything in my whole life and body that is out of alignment with the true essence of my soul and mission on this planet. I can be the best version of myself through my choices alone and I will reap the benefits of those choices in this lifetime and in all of my future lifetimes too. The added bonus is that all of the consciousness that I am able to access and embody whilst on this planet, through the technology of my lightbody and auric field will also benefit the whole of humanity – and this is the same for you too. Just image the difference we could make, if every person who reads this newsletter was committed enough to do the same! We, together, can affect critical mass and raise the consciousness of this planet through our awareness and commitment to our individual ascension process, safe in the knowledge that even by doing that one single thing we are assisting humanity. Perhaps we should declare 2017 as the Year of Commitment!

I encourage each of us to think in terms of betterment. It’s not a competition it’s a personal challenge… can each of us put in place the necessary changes in our lives to arrive at the end of the year in a better place than where we began and can we be consistent with those changes? Can we become more emotionally and spiritually evolved, physically healthier and happier, energetically stronger and more consciously connected by the end of this year? I challenge you to join me and let’s do this!

So… until next time stay strong in your commitment and connection to your inner Source Light.

With love



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