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Truth is Found Within

June 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Some time ago I made a commitment to deepen my spiritual practice. I had been feeling very stressed internally but I had been unable to source specifically where the stress was coming from, so as a long term meditator the natural thing for me to do was to increase my practice of going inwards in order to bring awareness to this stress, for greater understanding. I have always believed that all of the answers are within us, so obviously that was where I needed to go to find my answers.

As I have done several times in my life at key turning points, I declared with absolute intention, that I wanted to be shown the truth, in this case, the truth of the situation that was causing me stress. No matter how uncomfortable that truth may feel and no matter what changes I might need to make in my life as a result of having seen this truth, that didn’t matter to me – I wanted to know it and I was willing to go beyond all fear to see it! I truly believe that long-term feelings of stress in the body are caused when something is out of balance – or perhaps when something is seriously wrong. It is as if the soul or the inner self is crying out to be heard and there usually can be no healing until certain specific changes are made. For many people this is a major stumbling block to their healing process. Even when deep down they know they need to make some changes, because there usually are a multitude of blocks and cords that bind them to the life they are living, they often are simply not willing to make the necessary changes in their life.

I’m not like that though. If I need to make some changes then I will. The changes might not be immediate – sometimes they don’t need to be – but I do have the ability to change in an instant if something is proven to me to be seriously not supportive or healthy to me – my body, soul or consciousness. Some of the changes I have made in my life were not easy to go through – the proverbial steep rocky mountain path – but always they were worth it in terms of the personal growth and expansion that I acquired.

So as my deepening spiritual practice took me ever more inward, my connection with God/Source Light felt renewed in a way I had not experienced for some time. It felt a relief to withdraw from parts of my external world that had been taking up too much of my time – draining me actually. In my internal world I was not energetically impacted by what I had been exposed to on the Internet or TV – that all drifted away and I found stillness and peace once again. My jaw relaxed. My body relaxed. My breath relaxed. Even despite already having a regular meditation practice, through this re-commitment I remembered once again the benefits of a deep spiritual practice. When I asked to see the Truth of why my body had become so stressed, I became aware that my body was being held at a particular level – like a holding pattern or a pattern of resistance. I was shown that to go further, I had to go deeper. That to reach higher levels I had to break through another glass ceiling that had been keeping me locked in a certain level of perception and that it was now time to take down another spiritual veil of illusion.

Taking a breath… I again affirmed my commitment to see the Truth and then piece-by-piece everything started to unfold around me. Suddenly, I could see through the lies, the manipulations, and the power abuses that surrounded me in life. Behaviour patterns that I witnessed in people, and that I had actually been feeling uncomfortable with for a long time, suddenly became very repulsive to me – literally everything began to change. The bubble had indeed burst and I came to realise that the stress I was feeling in my body was directly related to my participation with a particular spiritual community and it’s group field.

It was shown to me to be unnecessary to make an immediate change – but to witness and observe for just a little while longer from this new vantage point. In a sense, to enable me to be absolutely sure as to what I was witnessing and to prevent me from acting in haste and making false assumptions. Some months later, I decided to visit a kinesiologist. Again I said I wanted to work on finding this internal stress and I wanted to double check through a neutral third party what I thought was the cause.

We began to access information directly from the mainframe of my body’s own bio-computer, which confirmed all of the knowing/sensing I had received in my meditation processes. This was the direct validation that I needed and now it was time to move on. That very night I left the spiritual community of which I had been a part for a very long time. I had now made the necessary changes that would release the stress from my body, free up my spirit and allow me to access the next level of consciousness available to me, that I had previously been denied via a very specific and highly sophisticated level of control mechanisms that were put in place and with which I had unconsciously aligned my energy to.

With a touch of sadness, I can share, that over the last month I have experienced a most extreme character assassination* and psychic attack at the hands of the spiritual ascension community that I have now left. Whilst not entirely surprised, as it is a pattern I have seen play out with others who have left before me, I am saddened. However, it has also validated to me another level of truth in this whole event.

* “Character assassination is a deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy the credibility and reputation of a person, institution, social group, or nation.[1] Agents of character assassinations employ a mix of open and covert methods to achieve their goals, such as raising false accusations, planting and fostering rumours, and manipulating information.

Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.”

At the end of the day, people can say all the right things and use all the right words but until they embody and integrate the teachings themselves and actually become what they say they are, then they simply are not that. We can talk about non-judgement, love, compassion and empathy. We can talk about having acquired advanced consciousness, spiritual connections or of being Krystic but the truth of it is that a Krystic person does not attack another person or make derogatory statements about them behind their back the moment they leave that community! A Krystic person doesn’t make false statements about that person or her partner and label him as lower consciousness or declare (in this case) that I have had to lower my consciousness in order for us to be able to sustain our relationship! They are talking about my partner here! The man I love whom incidentally meditates far longer each day than I do! – who is a healer and who fasts for days alone in the dessert on spiritual vision quests! The statement that he is of lower consciousness is a libellous statement and in fact all that has been said of us constitutes defamation of character. Instead of accepting us for who we are, these people seem to believe that they now have the right to judge us because we chose to leave a community for which we no longer felt any resonance!

Honestly, I feel some hurt for all that has been said about us but really what I feel the most is compassion for the people that have done this. The posts that were written in that community were meant to be kept private so that we would not know what has been said about us by the leader of the group there and all the others who have been drawn in to share their two cents worth. All those people who, over the years, have smiled at us and told us how much they love and appreciate us have either participated in this or stood back and watched it happen – it appears that nobody has stood up and openly pointed out the wrongness of all of this. These so-called private posts (and also other things shared in private letters and meetings) have all been forwarded to us by concerned members of that community who are confused as to what exactly they are now also witnessing. There is so much there that is incongruent.

When people claim to be Krystic but act in ways that are clearly not– there is a major split in their consciousness. If this is the behaviour modelled by those in a leadership position there is a serious red flag here. Their behaviour shows what has truly been embodied and what has not and I have compassion for all of them because clearly something is very wrong there. When a person says one thing and then does another there is a lack of integrity and over time there will be a natural breakdown in trust of that person. When genuine people’s requests for transparency are met with diversions and attacks we surely must ask why?

I sincerely hope that these people will find the help that they need to bring these faulty aspects of themselves back into balance. The body and consciousness can only fully heal when we are in balance and something is way out of balance there. I know this is common in spiritual groups and cults and I have written about this in the past. I, however, did not ever expect to be personally on the receiving end of such hostility. Perhaps I am naïve… but why did my choice to leave this group become such a problem for them when they simply could have chosen to say “Thank you and Good Bye”? Why did it need to become such a drama?

That leads me to another question…

Why is the Truth so uncomfortable for people? Commonly people will make excuses and try to divert attention away from something, or hide what they don’t wish to discuss and interestingly this is also one of the traits of a narcissist.

Total Control of Victim’s Perceptions

Abusers may convince the victims that aspects of the victim’s character or behaviour are ‘wrong’ which takes the focus off what the narcissist is doing. Using isolation of the victim, the narcissist can then control what type of information and stimuli the victim has access to.

Constant Chaos

A narcissist may deliberately start arguments and be in continual conflict with others. They are often addicted to “drama” since it creates excitement.

Enforcing Trivial Demands

They will make a huge commotion over trivial matters in order to condition the victim into developing a habit of being compliant”.

Deepening my spiritual practice has brought me much personal revelation – I highly recommend that we each deepen our practice now as I feel we are at a very pivotal time in our personal evolutionary process. The choices, decisions and behaviours that we display now are directly aligned to our future potentials in this life and beyond – it is a direct reflection of our level of consciousness. Astrologically we are being supported in this process as the overall theme for months now has been all about finding our personal Truth. Recent Astrological alignments (Grand Trine in Earth) have brought in opportunities for abundance in money, personal growth, success, recognition or a feeling of expansion and has also enabled us to be grounded and stable – this is good with so many mutable signs around at the moment. Mutability in astrology is about having the ability to be flexible and make changes, sometimes rapid changes and this is always best done in a grounded way. The presence of Uranus and Eris currently helps to speeds things up – again expansion, shifts in personal consciousness – and the speed at which these things are happening for some of us right now can be pretty full on. We need to stay grounded, strong and connected as sometimes change is difficult and can upset things a little bit – if not for us, then for those around us who may not be quite so “on target” with current energetic influences.

On 4/5th June we have a new moon in Gemini. This is a powerful alignment as it forms the final 4th corner of a mutable Grand Cross. We may feel ourselves pulled in opposite directions between optimism and pessimism, between work and play, between freedom to take risks and the need to be more cautious with our choices. This year has been all about what’s real and what’s not, what can you trust and what not? We might feel overwhelmed by all of this, it’s a busy time but specifically right now in June it is a good time to find a practice that allows you to feel grounded, still and peaceful – a place from which you can calmly view all the individual pieces that are coming up to be assessed – which pieces should stay and which pieces we should let go of. Once you have found a practice that suits you and allows for this, then I would strongly encourage you to continue this practice beyond June and keep this as a staple in your life.

We are being asked to release control and let go of things, to be more fluid in life (perhaps letting go of rigid practises and techniques or rigid beliefs) and I believe that a practice that brings us to a place of quiet stillness within also brings us the ability to go with the flow of life’s journey. This new moon in Gemini is all about the mental mind – how we think about things, what mental looping thoughts we have and what we are able to let go of. Where we focus our attention our energy is flowing there. Where we focus our attention we are either sustained by it or drained by it. It is vitally important to become aware of our thoughts as so many of them are repetitive day after day after day. If we are attached to things that happened in the past (even other lifetimes) then we are limiting the amount of energy available to be in the present. Everything can be healed from this present moment and sometimes all that is required is that we choose to let go of something that is no longer serving us. Every thought carries a particular vibration and if these thoughts happen to be very negative thoughts – thoughts that frighten or disturb us – then it is as if we are continually being submerged in a bath of negativity and we are absorbing that through our skin. It is affecting our body. We need to remove these negative thoughts from our consciousness if we want to experience health and vibrancy. Literally, sometimes our life can depend on it!

It can be a huge relief to finally let go of something that has been stressing us and causing harm to our body and even within days the world reveals itself to be a brighter, happier place. When our body and mind lets go of the stress, the body begins to heal itself and life changes. The feelings of suppression and restriction are lifted. Our view of life expands and we are able to touch and connect with all the beauty of life again. When we release the chains that bind us, life indeed does becomes beautiful – sometimes in ways so vast that it is hard to wrap our heads around but it points towards our ability to self heal through awareness and the willingness to change and this in turn offers us, a deeper and stronger connection to God and to Life itself. This, to me, is Oneness. Christ Consciousness. Unity and Love.

When we change our mind, we change our life.

Until next time, please stay focused into the centre of your heart. Breath in life, Breath in Light.


© 2016, Karen AnTara

All rights reserved

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