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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 14:36

Revolving Doors

August 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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When we look out at the world from the comfort of our own home we can see that things are changing out there. Some very unsettling things are happening but sometimes we might feel that they don’t really affect us too much as very few of us truly understand the meaning of “We are all one” - that what affects one of us affects all of us. In some ways we are force-fed the imagery that we see through the media and it can make us rather numb as to what is really happening to our human brothers and sisters. Indeed also to the animals that inhabit this planet with us.

Most of us are lucky enough not to know anyone caught up in air strikes, riots and natural disasters (but some of us do) and most of us also know someone who is facing major health challenges or times of absolute crisis in their lives. We might count our blessings that challenges like these have not come knocking at our door but the truth of it is that we never quite know for sure if one day they will.

Nobody is immune to challenges in their lives – in part that is how we learn and grow - and what may feel like an intense challenge to one person may not feel too difficult at all to another person. It’s very difficult to say for sure what is too much for one person to bear. Indeed what might appear bearable (and pales in comparison to what that person has already endured in their life) could be the final straw and enough to tip that person over the edge. If we could remember this then maybe we could have more compassion for ourselves and for others.

This last few weeks seem to have presented some challenging life situations to many people, although when we look more closely we can see that actually these situations didn’t quite happen out of the blue. More that things had been accumulating for some time and then it just all came to a head. The full moon in Aquarius and the mini lunar eclipse of a few days ago have worked their magic to make the unseen - seen and the unclear - clear. So many things have become illuminated of late and we could ask ourselves when everything is so clearly laid out in front of us, going forwards, what are we going to do with this? Some of the thoughts, feelings and realisations that have come of late, simply can’t be ignored.

For many us, things have occurred now that will change the course of the future as we know it. We might know things now that will affect the way we view our lives. We may have changed our minds about something. We might understand at a deeper level exactly what we were involved in or why we were there – we might have had the opportunity to see the bigger picture. And we might see the person that we thought we would spend the rest of our lives with through different eyes and know that it will no longer be that way. In fact whether we know it or not some of us were still wearing rose coloured glasses until only quite recently. For many of us these have been removed now and this process is still ongoing all around us as there are many people who are still yet to see.

When we go through a phase of having to look at things we didn’t really want to look at life can feel hard, but when certain outside influences force us to look, in time, we can usually see the positive side to this and know that somehow or other we were being moved into a better position for our future.

When we are able to see only the physical level of reality the rational mind will try to deal with things as best it can and sometimes it just will not be able to make sense of what it sees presented before it. Many times we will want things to carry on just as they always have as the mind can find it very difficult to move on with life through unexpected changes. Life can feel unfair and confusing and it could be what tips us over the edge. However if we are able to shift our consciousness and see life from more of a multidimensional perspective then everything in our reality begins to appear quite differently. It may not immediately take the confusion away but it does open things up to a much broader range of possibility as we may now be looking at the effects of timelines opening and closing, karma, the laws of cause and effect, superimposition, energetic parasitism and often all of these will be shown in a very symbolic way. If we choose to live a symbolic life, then life could get interesting again. We can lift out of a mundane 3D world and be catapulted into a multidimensional one and from there we can begin to see that there is so much more to the events in our lives that what first appears. Sometimes, most times, it is the unexpected changes that move us forwards and out of the revolving doors that have kept us going round and around repeatedly and unconsciously.

For those of us more spiritually aware, our lives are never mundane really because we can perceive the multidimensional timelines that are occurring in our lives and all around us. We can see this even in the simple things, and when we are able to take the time to pay attention we can begin to collate the pieces together and it can really bring to us, a sense of peace particularly when we have been going through challenging times, on a personal or collective level. I believe that almost everyone can develop the ability to see and understand the symbolism in their lives and really, that goes hand in hand with connecting in to our hearts and being inner guided and inner directed.

Mass Consciousness affects the way we think and feel

We can see that the people of this world are in collective turmoil. Did you know that currently 67 countries are involved in wars? The consciousness of all of these people in these countries, their fear and trauma, forms part of the mass consciousness of this planet and at a certain level we are a part of that consciousness too. It affects us to varying degrees whether we like it or not and if we are not aware of the “pull” that the mass consciousness can have upon us, we could find ourselves aligned to it, sucked in to it and completely affected by it.

Be in this world, not of it.

When we feel overwhelmed by all of the atrocities that we see in the world around us we must take care not to let that heavy dense energy pull us down. We always want to maintain compassion but we must consciously choose to replace any heavy traumatic energies that come in to our body with things that bring beauty into our lives, that make us feel calm and peaceful. It is imperative that we hold our vibration high – at this time more than at any other time. We must hold love, compassion and hope for this world and humanity – like a torchbearer.

I could not say that we are “on the home run” – we still have a long way to go I think but I absolutely believe that holding low, heavy, stagnant energy in our body/mind is detrimental to us. If we are in a situation in our life where we feel controlled, unappreciated, victimised and suppressed or afraid to speak our truth, this is very detrimental to our state of wellbeing. In spiritual circles I see far too many people who feel this way constantly and yet they still do not remove themselves from groups or situations that make them feel that way. Instead they choose to believe that just by being there it will somehow magically assist their spiritual evolution. These types of situations are toxic to our body, mind and spirit and we need to move away from them if we wish to achieve a higher vibrational level of consciousness and state of being. I’m sure none of us want to live in states of negativity, fear and suppression and yet somehow we often fail to recognise them in our own lives. It is often only when we have moved some distance away that we can get to see where we really were. Sometimes we really can’t see the wood for the trees – meaning that we can't see the whole situation clearly because we're looking too closely at small details, or because we're too closely involved. We need to create some space between ourselves and others so that we can allow some clarity to come through and to know our own hearts again.

When we align with the values and common beliefs of any kind of group (even work colleagues or family groups) we can begin to think and feel the same way that they do. We can find that we have been gradually slotted in to a repeating pattern or particular timeline with no awareness of how or when that actually happened. We may feel quite comfortable there even though we may moan about it and we can believe that we are doing all the right things but gradually over time we will become less and less in control of our own thoughts and feelings as we are just going along with the crowd or doing things the way we have always done them, not wanting to rock the boat too much and not being aware that actually we are in the wrong place and we are losing our individuality and ability to be a free thinker. (We are in a revolving door).

Sometimes we have fallen back on to an old timeline or aligned ourselves to an artificial one. We may be involved in similar situations over and over as if something had us playing on a time looping system and we actually are looping even though we think we are moving ahead. If we look at the history of this planet much of it plays on a time loop – same behaviours, same outcome. Round and round again. When we find ourselves playing out the same timeline over and over, through awareness and personal accountability and focus we can actually shift off of that timeline and close it down – it’s good to close old timelines down! The most important thing is that we MUST retain (or acquire) our own mind and the ability to think for ourselves. We must have the courage to believe in ourselves and follow our own inner guidance. If we have a niggling thought that something is not right or that we are in the wrong place, then we must follow through with that thought. Our inner guidance did not give it to us for no reason! I do believe that a time will come (very soon actually) when if we don’t act upon these thoughts and feelings we will get stuck somewhere in the wrong place and the doors will close behind us and lock us in.

It has been suggested that we are moving through a period of time into 2017 where a “reading” will be taken on the level of consciousness that we have achieved as a collective as well as an individual. This is all part of lining us up to be in the best position to reach our highest potential in this lifetime as well as in future lifetime opportunities and it is why that it has been suggested many times over that we take control of our mental mind/ego and come more and more into our heart space. When we choose this path of self-development and enquire as to the truth in every situation, it is inevitable that some changes will need to occur. Some of these changes will be emotional, painful and difficult but as with everything we have the choice as to whether to make those changes or stay where we are.

Suggested meditation. Ask: Beloved God, what do I need to change within myself to reach my highest potential? What do I need to see?

Both collectively and individually, we are at this time now, where we are being asked to make the changes necessary to align ourselves to our highest potential. Some people will take off the rose coloured glasses and see what needs to be done to make the changes required and others will choose to keep the glasses on and live in the illusion even when they have been offered an opportunity to see things as they really are. As always, some people want to know the truth and some do not and even when something is completely clear to see for one person it can be completely clouded and unclear for another. This is both disturbing and fascinating and also a wonderful opportunity to keep our own ego in check lest we go into judgement of another person’s choices, or worse that we begin declaring that people have lowered their consciousness just because they choose a different path. I don’t believe that all paths lead to God and sure as eggs are eggs, if we are walking on a pathway that judges and attacks another person for their beliefs then I suspect that path is most certainly leading the people in a different direction.

People in general can be quite gullible, particularly when they are part of a group consciousness and some quite like the look of themselves with their rose coloured glasses on as they can get to choose what they want to believe and what they don’t, which I guess is true for all of us to some degree, but when we are very blinkered like this we will never see all of what we could see and we will never become all of what we could become. In order to reach our highest potential an element of surrender is required. There are some truths that we would prefer not to be true however they are true none the less. If we choose not to accept something as truth, even when it cannot be denied and is so clearly staring us in the face, then we are the losers in this. Our ego, dogma, fear or cognitive dissonance has won. Can we then, really still call ourselves a Defender and Warrior of Truth?

So at this time, the choices we make are of great importance to our future outcome. Be aware that sometimes things in our life can change in an instant. The dream that we have had for the longest time, just might need to be re-dreamed and re-created in this current timeline. If we are unable to let go of something because we feel we have invested so much time and effort into it that we will “fight” to keep it, just ponder the question: do I really want to fight everyday to hold on to something? am I getting stuck on a timeline that no longer serves me? And if I let this go, am I actually opening myself up to something greater than I could ever have dreamt was possible?

I’m throwing up the possibility for you to consider this… Einstein said: we cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. What if the dream you had for your future was created from a level of consciousness that you have now surpassed? What if it is time to dream bigger?

Astrological influences

As we prepare to move into September, again the astrology for this time is pretty huge and powerful. On 1st September we have a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses can feel like super powerful new moons – and often bring both endings and new beginnings. It’s a great time to start something new in your life so look out for some new beginnings. Eclipses are also a bit like portals – they intersect our inner and outer worlds and so at eclipse times we can find that some very unexpected situations appear out of nowhere. There is purpose to this – the intention is to jump start our future and get us on the right track but sometimes the speed at which this occurs can be quite shocking… but maybe also quite exciting. Eclipses are an interruption in the flow of light from the sun and this can create a type of re-calibration in our body. We can suddenly feel like a completely different person – it might feel really good but we can sometimes be a little taken aback at the speed at which our life has just changed.

We are still in a phase in which all around us, truth is revealing and in fact we have had the influence of the Saturn/Neptune square since around November last year, so we’ve had a period of almost 9 months where, for those that wish to see, the truth is being displayed beautifully. In fact we can sometimes almost laugh at ourselves as we ask: how did I never see that before? This square is coming up very strongly right now, through the influence of the solar eclipse and also because it is coming into it’s final square on 10th September before this alignment starts to move away again. As Saturn is connected with karmic debt and self undoing we may begin to see some houses of cards collapse, particularly if the leader of that house has been acting untruthfully in any way. With the American elections coming up this should be interesting but of course this is not limited only to politics. On a personal level we could be recognising truths about ourselves and others and we may also be facing endings again too – things that we thought would last for a long time into the future could suddenly no longer be in resonance for us. We can find that we no longer feel that we want to put energy there or our inner guidance is so strongly moving us away from certain things, that it is as if we have spun through 180 degrees and are heading in a totally new direction.

As Saturn is considered to be connected to density and 3D physical reality it is possible that these sudden changes could be related to the dense, mundane, physical structures in our lives – our homes or property or our support structures. The influence of Neptune in this square however is supporting us to keep our spirits lifted, keep our thoughts high and it will help us to not fall flat through any necessary changes. Mercury (the planet of communication) and Jupiter (the planet of wisdom)’s influence helps us to think BIG and to expand our horizons so that we can move on to bigger and better things. In some cases what is lined up for us is bigger and better than we could ever have imagined. In order to access this future potential for ourselves though we have to expand ourselves, let go of the things that could hold us back, stagnant or locked in to a way of being/living that no longer resonates for us. This can require letting go of the old timelines that we habitually repeat because we have been held in a sort of trap of our own consciousness or trapped in a revolving door.

Letting go of all that we know in order to become all that we truly are requires courage and discipline. My wish for you is that you find ample of both of these qualities to support you.

Until next time, stay in Truth, stay in the Light.


* A house of cards (also known as a card tower) is a structure created by stacking playing cards on top of each other. "House of cards" is also an expression that dates back to 1645[1] meaning a structure or argument built on a shaky foundation or one that will collapse if a necessary (but possibly overlooked or unappreciated) element is removed.

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All rights reserved

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  • Comment Link Lisa Monday, 29 August 2016 10:59 posted by Lisa

    Thanks for this Newsletter Karen, I have been reminding myself constantly of what it is exactly that I align myself to. God and Love. It has been a heck of a time, however the dust is settling a bit and I like what I see ?

    Love from Lisa


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