Wednesday, 01 September 2010 12:30

Call your power back!

September 2010 Newsletter

From mid August, if we were able to bring to completion a few remaining issues, we were able to step in to a new timeline that was presented to us. I did not foresee that this timeline shift was coming but I was aware that it had suddenly dropped in as I felt it, and I then began to hear the experiences of people around me and I realised that it was indeed so, which is very exciting. (If we were unable or unwilling to complete what was required and let go of trying to control, these few weeks may have been pretty bumpy for you …).

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Sunday, 09 May 2010 12:08

Cycles of change

May 2010 Newsletter

A change in the weather here in Sydney reminds me of the continuous cycle of life and death. Summer comes to an end with the arrival of Autumn and the falling of the leaves and a drop in temperature heeds the arrival of Winter. There always appears to me, to be a stillness about the Winter as nature rests itself, gathers its strength and optimistically emerges again with the first blooms of Spring.

This cycle of life and death has also been extremely active in my life in recent weeks both with the ending of teaching of this current run of meditation classes and also in the making of several other more personal decisions – these two things are for me representing Autumn, letting go, the falling of the leaves…

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