Tuesday, 01 December 2009 11:39

Riding the Waves of Ascension

December 2009 Newsletter

Well I seem to have completely skipped past the November newsletter – apologies for that. Time has been moving incredibly fast and I had been feeling the pressure of the work I had taken on but still was able to get through a huge amount of it.

Then came the shift on 8th November in to the sixth night on the Mayan Calender and for me it felt like everything came to a standstill. The flow came to an end and I was into integration time – which is of course what the nights of the Mayan Calender represent – it was a bit like watching the movie play with no sound – everything was happening but there was no emotional attachment, living in the now, completely in the flow. It was a breathing space when outside events stopped but the inside work began – having to go deeper and deeper into myself to find out what I was really seeing, feeling and experiencing.

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Saturday, 01 August 2009 11:00

Breaking through and finding Freedom!

August 2009 Newsletter

Straight off, into the first week of July – on the 7th to be exact – we experienced the first lunar eclipse of this triad. These energies came through extremely powerfully as they contained masses of ascension coding. For the Way Showers and those stepping more into Leadership roles this coding brought up for us a deep urgency to remember the reason that we came here – we already knew that we are always connected but the need to remember very clearly what we should be doing next was all consuming. The codes were also affecting those just beginning to awaken – just sharing the experience of the codes with some was enough to reduce them to tears.

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