In person sessions are available at my office in Avalon, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.
Distant Healing Sessions are available over the phone or skype/zoom.  



Here are my areas of speciality and how I can best work with you to overcome these feelings.

You might be feeling: anxiety, depression, lethargy, lack of confidence, feeling lost and directionless, unexplained sadness or fear, lack of motivation, lack of direction, menopausal issues, chronic fatigue, stress, niggling health problems that don’t seem to respond well to conventional treatment and just a general overall fear of what the future holds for you.

Here’s what you know: you feel stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated. You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works. You sense that there’s something more important you should be doing with your life but you don’t know what it is. You’re wondering if it’s an energetic thing that’s holding you back or perhaps it’s past life but either way you feel blocked and you want something to change because you’re ready to make it happen now.

You're ready to experience something better in your life and you're ready for abundance in relationships, health, business, money, travel, love or all of it - you just want life to feel better!

I can help you to:
- clear negative energy blocks, limiting patterns of belief in the subconscious mind and/or soul level of the body and help you to believe in yourself and your ability to create an abundant and fulfilling life;
- get to the root cause of the problem really quickly and release you from it;
- understand what your body is trying to tell you so that you can hear it and heal it;
- re-write your beliefs and thoughts into more positive ones that will rapidly increase your self confidence and your ability to create the life you really want.
- correct and re-align the body energetically in order to experience a sense of freedom that allows you to overcome that feeling of being stuck and limited, to have the courage to move forwards to reach their highest potential and to step in to the abundant flow of the Universe that is your divine birthright.

Here’s how you can work with me:

Option 1: 28 day Transformation Package - (AUD) $500 

This package includes:
4 x 1:1 sessions with me over the 28 day period.

1 x Pre-session consultation to pinpoint exactly what you want to achieve from this package and we discuss and decide upon the best way we can work together to help you achieve your goal.
1 x Transformation Session (approx. 2 hours)
(Options for your Transformation Session include using either Multidimensional Hypnotherapy, Quantum Field Energy Healing or Rapid Transformational Therapy).
2 x Transformational Coaching Sessions

PLUS A personalised Transformation Recording to gently re-programme the neural pathways of your mind to achieve the outcome you desire.

Online support during the whole process.

Option 2: 3 month Transformation Package - (AUD) $1400
This package offers you absolutely the best and most successful outcome to your problem and is my preferred way of working as an alternative or extension to Option 1 and for slightly more complex issues.

Option 3: Manifesting Abundance and Money Mindset Package - (AUD) $2500 
In this package I lead you through a personalised programme in which your energy blocks are addressed and cleared, you are guided to acquire an abundance mindset and given the tools to attract positive energy into any area of your life.
Read more here

Option 4: Specialist Spiritual Coaching 
This is a comprehensive and personalised coaching package conducted over a 6 week period and is available by application only. It is designed specifically for people experiencing energetic interference from spiritual groups or cults, NA implants, those under spiritual attack or crisis and for those Starseeds who are suffering from spiritual trauma.  Due to the nature of the work by necessity this package carries a high price tag. Sessions are conducted via Skype/Zoom only - no in person sessions are available. Please contact Karen directly to discuss your needs.

Please let me know if you are facing serious and genuine financial hardship.

Payment for sessions and packages is required within three days of setting an appointment time in order to secure your booking.
Packages that include 3 sessions must be completed within approximately nine weeks of the date of the first session for best results. No refunds are available should the client choose not to complete the three sessions within that time frame or for "no-shows" (excluding exceptional circumstances).
For short notice appointments (or from waiting list), then payment must be made prior to the commencement of the session.

Payments are to be made by Bank Transfer (Australian residents only) or by PayPal.  Extra fees and charges apply on all PayPal transactions.  These fees are charged in accordance with PayPal's current rates which you can read about here.